The Day Both Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb Will Never Forget!

Posted: November 17, 2010 in NFL

…first of all, the Michael Vick performance yesterday was great! But it was only the 2nd most shocking thing last night in D.C. Donovan McNabb’s new contract blows away Vick in the shocking department…unbelievable! It comes 15 days after coach Shanahan controversial benching of McNabb and Snyder does what Snyder does. Massively overpay’s for somebody past their prime. Their offensively line needs to be massively re-built, you have no skilled players…so let’s get a 34-year-old player who is past him prime and pay him too much! 
By the way, the NFL owners – you know these days they’re all claiming poverty. They’re working on a new labour deal and then Dan Snyder goes out there and just drops $78 million to Donovan McNabb….I’m sure that’s going to go over really well with NFL owners!


Even T.O, who is pretty non-sensical made sense “how do you justify 78 to a guy in this type of performance” that was T.O. on his twitter. Here’s the thing that is interesting to me about this, I mean MIchael Vick – I’ll get to that later on. Great performance by Vick, but I still don’t like my quarterbacks running around that much. But Vick is exciting, he is exhilarating, he’s a great American redemption story and I’ll get to that.

But the story with the Shanahan/McNabb deal is just classic Dan Snyder. Brilliant, creative business guy, but horrible football guy , and I’ll tell you why at the end of this. They’ve been working on this deal, both Shanahan and McNabb, since early October. Then, in the last 2 weeks, they’ve got real differences. It’s not going to get better any time soon and he [Shanahan] humiliated McNabb. Well my thing is, I don’t care if you’ve planned a marriage for 3 years, if a month out you realize you have faith-based issues – so like real hurdles, you call the wedding off!

Now I’m no expert on marriage, but when your going into a relationship – Shanahan is not going anywhere, he’s got a lock tight contract, he has huge issues. In one of the insider subscriptions that pay up for on a bi-monthly basis – they were claiming that Shanahan is NOT happy with McNabb nor his progress…this is not a great relationship. McNabb’s people are not in love with Shanahan either claims this insider podcast.

It’s incredible to me when – because now you’ve locked both of them at the hip and it makes no sense to me. Basically Redskins owner Dan Snyder proved once again that just because you’re a brilliant guy it doesn’t make you a brilliant NFL owner. I mean, nobody in league history has signed this many players past their prime. Like Haynesworth, Sperrior, McNabb, Clinton Portess, Bruce Smith, Dion Sanders. If you look at this league, the teams that are winning in this league every year like the Colts, Patriots and Steelers, what do they do? They are frugal!

They get rid of guys, the Eagle’s do this very well too. Your thirty and your gone! By the way, your gone and sent over to the Redskins, haha. They are doing business the exact opposite way of the Colts, Patriots and Steelers have over the last decade, they are the winningest teams in the NFL. You turn thirty-two and your done in Philly, your done in New England, its incredible.

It’s interesting because the NFL is a league that rarely overpays its players, except the Redskins. Here is what’s very interesting to me. In the NFL, Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones are the two flashiest owners. That worked in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s when it was a growing league that needed showman. It is no longer the flashy owners and the funny coaches’ league. The coaches that win are dry, sarcastic, poor communicators and have nothing to say. They are grumpy and they don’t like the media. They don’t mess around and they don’t wear cowboy hats.

The owners that win in this league are not flashy. That’s the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s NFL. Now guys in Harvard are all through this league, it’s a nuts and bolts, cerebral thinking man’s league. Frugal wins, accountants win, Harvard guy wins, high IQ wins. If you say “hey let’s overpay for that great past his prime player” I’m sorry, it doesn’t win in the NFL anymore. That’s why Jerry and Snyder are, combined, have only won one playoff win in a decade!

So this is not science, I’m not breaking new ground here. Go look at who wins in the league! Frugal, smart owner, who you don’t even know how they look like. Giants owner, Eagle’s owner. Outside of New York and Philly nobody knows what they look like. Flashy owners and goofy coaching don’t win anymore.

Now onto Michael Vick – this story is just unbelievable! I was texting back and forth with a buddy early this morning on my way to work and what Vick reminds me a bit off – You know when your driving with your wife, friend, sister, acquaintance, date and a guy goes by on one of those – they call them “crochrockets” those motorcycles. A former co-worker of my dad’s use to have one, he’s a motorcycle guy. And he goes past you at a 100km an hour on the highway and you and whoever your with are like “Wowwww!!! look at that….ohhhh, that’s not going to end well”

I still don’t want my quarterback running all over the field. It doesn’t – long-term – work in this league. Twice last night, Vick almost got decapitated. You cannot run like that, long-term, in this league. Michael Vick is brilliant, is exciting, is dramatic…but he won’t slide! They are going to fine him. So you get off the highway and you see that guy go 100km past you on that motorcycle and your first thing is “unbelievable! I want one of those!” and then you say “ohhh brother that’s not going to end well”

Are you really going to be surprised in four weeks if this is the headline ” Vick gets injured, Out for six weeks!” Heck, you can’t run as a Qb like how he’s doing in this league, you just can’t do it! Vince Young is significantly bigger than Vick and he’s always hurt.
  1. Mike Crack says:

    I agree, the Redskins haven’t learned from their big spending ways. In this salary cap era (even though this year is capless), it’s not the best method to just try to buy championships, especially when your team isn’t good. It’s alright to augment an already good team with some talent (e.g. 2007 Pats), but to start from what is essentially scratch is unwise.

    Jerry Jones hasn’t been frugal, but he hasn’t spent big money on free agents as of late. The only big move he made was the Roy Williams trade, which hasn’t gone that well for him. But other than that, the Cowboys haven’t made big splashes in free agency. They’ve gotten a lot of their good players through the draft or UDFA (Ratliff, Ware, Spencer, Newman, Austin, Bryant, Witten, Romo etc.)

    I agree, I’m wondering if Vick, a player who hasn’t been durable through his career, can hold up. Hopefully, with all those weapons at his disposal, he can hang around in the pocket and then slide when he does take what the defense gives him and runs. He’s definitely a different player than before, and I’d love to keep watching him.

  2. DerekMayo says:

    You can teach pocket presence but you can’t teach natural talent. I am sorry but am a die hard Vick fan so my opinion is bias. I am pretty loyal to my favourite players.

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