Derek Jeter, Please Just Take The Yankee Money and Sit Down!

Posted: November 29, 2010 in MLB, NFL

…in no other profession, I can’t think of another profession where you are rewarded for yesterday’s scores like in baseball. In the NFL, with the salary cap, you’ll get cut as a good player just like Baby LT by the San Diego Chargers.

In the NBA, they’re not giving anyone 5 year deals past their prime, but in baseball – because it’s so driven by tradition and history, is that there is this sense that you’ve got to pay a player because he used to be great! That is idiotic as a business model and I am here to defend the New York Yankees, which is not to say that Jeter doesn’t have value – although he has almost none at short. I mean, him winning a Gold Glove is laugh out loud ridiculous!

Think about it this way, I got an email from my former baseball coach in middle school, die hard Jeter fan. “Andrew, it happens all the time, look at Donovan McNothing, McNothing get’s $80 million dollars” Coach, only $3.6 million of it is guaranteed! Pay attention please… that is not what he’s getting. He’s getting $3.6 million of it and will be screwed if he doesn’t get it at the end of this season.

I have to tell you something, during the baseball season, I tend to pay close attention to the baseball ratings for every game. The Yankees are the only – heck, forget Red Sox Nation, the Yankees are the only franchise that moves the meter. Texas, San Francisco…hell, nobody watched in baseball crazy Boston.

The Yankee’s don’t need anybody. Joe Torre left, their attendance went up. “Well Jeter funnels money back Andrew!” yes, I think he does, perhaps $7 million a year, I’m sure the Yankee’s have done a study, or maybe $8 million. I’d say to Jeter “here’s $24 million dollars AND you’re moving positions!”

But if you think Jeter’s got more power than the Yankees, you are nuts!! Let me ask you this, Jeter doesn’t talk much, he’s not real flashy, he’s not a home run hitter, he’s not going to draw any fans anywhere. Ken Griffey Jr. at his peak could draw fans, Mark McGuire drew fans, Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens…guys who throw 100mph, Stephen Strasburg as well, and they all have this freak show quality to them.

Jeter is not fast, not stealing bases, doesn’t hit for power, not a big personality, very reluctant to talk, he’s not moving the turnstile, so I got news for you. Go look at these other Yankee’s that left…they disappeared! Bobby Abreu had a good year yet you didn’t see him play. Matsui…you didn’t see him play either.

You leave the Yankees in this sport; you pretty much fall of the face of the earth! And I see the ratings; you pretty much fall of the face of the earth when you’re done with the Yankees. So I just don’t buy into this, “oh the Yankee’s better watch out on how they treat Jeter…” why do you think they have done studies?  Why do you think they’re playing hard ball folks? They’ve clearly done their homework.

They know what he’s worth and it’s not $21 million for 6 years. When you make the Yankee’s money, they do their research; they know every jersey that sold every single one of them. They know what Jeter is worth. I think the best thing Jeter has got going for him…there is no other shortstop on the market.

If Hanley Ramirez was available, Jeter is done! But he’s not, so the problem is that if you replace Jeter and you bring in somebody who is average…brutal! It’s like replacing Howard Stern; it probably makes the situation worse. So you have to bring in someone to replace Derek,  so that’s why when they let Torre go they brought someone in like Joe Girardi, who’s a bottom line tough guy, and a year or two later he wins the World Series with them and nobody cares about Joe Torre anymore

But this idea that the Yankee’s will fold and the stadiums will be empty without Jeter is a joke! Young people, such as myself, like Cano! Cano is probably the best player they’ve got by a mile. And some people are just like “I’ll never go to another game ever again” really? Seriously? You freakin live in Queens! What are you going to do when it’s August? They’re playing the Red Sox’s! What are you going to do? Go to a Mets game? Come on!!!


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