The Greatness of Phil Jackson As A Coach…Firestarter!

Posted: November 29, 2010 in NBA, NHL

…there are a lot of different styles of coaches, you got the guy at Kansas State who is breaking clipboards over his knee, you got coaches yelling and screaming. I personally like Belicheck and Phil Jackson style…cerebral, smart, and respectful, they’ll poke you in the ribs at times.

Phil Jackson this past week was on Chicago radio and he was poking Lebron and the Heat in the ribs. Saying “You know the scenario that sits kinda behind the scene is that you’ll eventually see these guys that were recruited, Bosh and James, by Pat Riley and the owner are going to come in and say you know, we feel like you could do a better job coaching the team you know, we came here on the hopes that this would work or whatever…I don’t know, that’s just my take on it. Eventually if things don’t straighten out soon, you could sorta see the Van Gundy thing all over again”

Oh Phil Jackson, he’s stirring the pot. Is he stirring the pot? Absolutely! Remember what he said on November 11th of this year? Somebody asked Phil Jackson, Lakers coach, “are you going to win 70 games?” and he goes “oh it’s not going to happen for us, the schedule is too tough, the travel, the conference is tough, time zone changes…” which by the way, he is absolutely right! But then he goes “I think Miami can do that, I think Miami is talented enough to do that. Everything has to break perfect for you, you have to be very talented and I think Miami could do it!”  haha

By the way, he is right about the travel. In the Eastern Conference time zone, Boston, DC, New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey…they are like 40 minute flights from each other and a lot of easy W’s. Out West, the Lakers have to go to New Orleans, which is like 4 hours, Minnesota at 3 ½ hours, Dallas/Houston/San Antonio is like 3 hours…it’s just more difficult in the West.

Remember when Wayne Gretzky went to the New York Rangers? Wayne played in Edmonton and LA and the he goes to the Rangers – and Gretzky never liked to fly anyways, Gretzky said “this is incredible! God I could’ve saved 8 years on my legs and my back” Because in the NHL, the Bruins, the Devils, the Flyers, the Islanders, the Caps, the Penguins, the Whalers (at the time) they’re all like 40 minute flights from each other. You don’t get that out West. You’ve got much more space, much longer flights, it wears out on players. So Phil Jackson is right about that, but he’s tweaking the Heat in the ribs

By the way, he’s been doing this for years. Do you remember what Phil Jackson did with Kevin Durant? Right before the playoff series, he was asked about Kevin Durant and he said “boy! As far as the calls he gets on the floor, he gets to the line a lot. I’ll tell you, there are a couple of plays in that last game where I was pretty curious on how he got to the line. He gets a lot of ref’s treating him like a superstar. Boy, he gets to the line easy and often”

Kevin Durant, next day, reacts to it and goes out and stinks in Game 1, 7 for 24, 1 for 8 in 3 balls, 4 turnovers and then in Game 2 he’s gets 8 turnovers. He totally manipulated Kevin Durant and got right into his coconut. He did it with Steve Nash as well, remember the Steve Nash quotes? Right before the Phoenix series. Somebody had asked him “How do you simulate the Suns’ Steve Nash in practice?” and Phil is like “Well, you can’t carry the ball like he does, in practice. You can’t pick that ball up and run with it like Steve Nash does” hahaha, seriously…Phil Jackson is great!!!

Now there’s different styles of coaching, there’s the Mark Mangeno at Kansas “I’m going to explode unless I eat a salad and I scream at people” way of coaching. You got the Frank Martin at Kansas State who is just absurdly ridiculous. You’ve got Bull Pullini getting in guys faces’ and then you’ve got my favourite guy, the cool , sophisticated,  cerebral, sarcastic, poke the other guys in the ribs…Phil Jackson. He’s my very favourite coach in pro sports; Belicheck and Phil Jackson are my favourite coaches. Re-read that quote I posted earlier in this rant about the Heat. You can just read into how he’s poking Lebron and the Heat in the ribs.

By the way, the Lakers beat the Bulls earlier in the week and Derek Rose had like a million points and some great highlights, but as I’ve said before, I don’t want my point guard scoring that many points! Lakers just look so good, they are just absolutely philthy!


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