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Five Ohio State football players, five of them – Terrelle Pryor, star QB included. DeVier Posey, star wide receiver included, Daniel Harron included, will all sit out the first 5 games of Ohio States’ football season next year. To me, this is absolutely brutal because two of those games are @ Miami and against Michigan State, really good teams next year that return a lot of their players from this season. Then in Week 6, when Pryor and all those guys come back, they’re going to travel to Nebraska, and Nebraska should be pretty good next year.

@ Miami, Miami without Al Goldman is going to be a much better team next year. For the record, Miami has tons of returning talent; they might see it as a payback to what Ohio State did to them this year. Michigan State will be good and then @ Lincoln, Nebraska, and this is assuming that those suspended players can still at least practise.

But when they go to Nebraska in Week 6, that will be their first game, Nebraska’s QB is going to have 6 games under his belt so….good luck with that!

There you go though, bad news for Ohio State next year, I guess you can take them out of the National Championship talk. There is just no way you are going to get over that kind of a distraction to your football team, losing star players, and not think it’s going to affect you. For a couple of these guys, why not go to the NFL? Why go to the program?

Between the NCAA hovering over Auburn and dismantling USC’s program, they are getting harsh man! And what’s funny is that everybody has always thought that “well, the NCAA protects certain schools” They certainly aren’t protecting Ohio State, they are ruining next year! It kills me to say this as a Buckeye fan, but you can’t face Miami, Michigan State and Nebraska and not think you’re going to lose guys to the NFL.

But this changes everything for Ohio States’ season and basically some of you are saying “what happened Andrew?” Well, basically 5 football players from Ohio State – they can play in the upcoming bowl game mind you, it’ll be disruptive, and it’s not going to do Ohio State any favours in the bowl game. But basically they must sit out the 1st 5 games next year for selling awards, gifts, and university apparel and receiving improper benefits in 2009

So you can kind of see that the NCAA has been sitting on this for a couple of years. So the athletes – Mike Adams, Daniel Harron, DeVier Posey (the receiver), Terrelle Pryor and Solomon Thomas, they also have to repay money and benefits, ranging from $1000 – $2500. The bigger picture here is if you’re a Buckeye fan like me, next year spells absolutely big trouble!

You’re going to have controversy all year, it’s going to potentially pull the team a part, you’re not going to have your starting QB for 5 games and then by the 6th game…good luck going to Nebraska with that team next year, this is definite bad news. Jim Tressel doesn’t have a lot of stains, he certainly has one now!

Not to defend USC, but I’ve said this before, college basketball coaches have 12 people to watch and they’ve got 4 assistants. You almost have a coach for every 3 players. But in college football, you’ve got 85 guys and 20 walk on’s and 15 trainers and 15 coaches, it is hard, especially at these high profile programs, to keep a watchful eye on these kids. Until we enact legislation, where boosters are sued or boosters can face jail time, you are kidding yourself if you think that every single player on that campus is going to run it by the law and be ethical…no way! you can’t do it! Can’t do it at Texas, Can’t do it at Oklahoma, Can’t do it at Ohio State, Can’t do it at USC, Can’t do it at Virginia Tech…You just can’t!

Especially in Columbus, Miami, Los Angeles, where you’ve got sexy cities and you’ve got more money. It’s one thing in Ames, Iowa or Blacksburg, Virginia. But you get into these cities, LA or Miami or Austin, Texas….good luck! You know, there is a real social cache in some of these cities where it’s cool to be “a part of the program, and give guys money, and your there ‘boy'”

It’s very funny about Terrelle Pryor though, I was never a fan of Pryor – and  I’ve said it before – he doesn’t look like an NFL QB, Cam Newton looks like an NFL QB, but with Pryor it was always about immaturity wasn’t it? He was immature in high school; he’s been immature at Ohio State. I always say this about QB’s; that it’s not about the athlete, it’s about the judgement. By the way Ohio State, Terrelle has never won you a National Championship and now he sabotages 2011. There is your 5 star, All American that you laughed at Michigan and Penn State for sneaking him away.

Now Penn State and Michigan aren’t any great shakes either, but in the end, Terrelle Pryor at Ohio State, his legacy? No BCS National Championship, he didn’t win enough big games, got beat at home by a freshman Matt Barkley from USC…in the end, what are Pryor’s 5 star legacies? Bad Judgement!! You recruited him, you knew it…and that’s what you got! You got exactly what you recruited. It’s why QB in the NFL and QB in college are not about the athlete.

Michael Vick is no better an athlete today than 7 years ago; he’s got better judgement today. Make’s fewer mistakes today, hangs out with better people. Tom Brady is not the best athlete, but he’s got the best judgement. That’s why he doesn’t throw picks, is highly intelligent. It’s funny, look at Terrelle Pryor…and I’ll tell you what, say what you want, this does Ohio State no favours in the bowl game because this is obviously going to be the driving story for the next 8 – 10 days in Ohio. So Pryor is going to be getting crushed, it’s going to pull the team a part.

Now these players can play in the bowl game, but it’s certainly a huge distraction. With that said though, Auburn has that distraction this year; it didn’t bother them at all! Auburn – heck, I don’t know how they did it – Auburn overcame major controversy and seemed to play better the last 4 weeks. Maybe Ohio State is inspired by this…I can’t figure out how Auburn kept their focus because Auburn played its best game of the year, in the last 4 or 5 games under tremendous scrutiny, heck they were better under scrutiny!!

College Bowl Picks

Michigan State vs. Alabama

A lot of people say “oh the SEC always kills the Big 10” don’t believe it folks! Since 2003, of the 18 bowl games between SEC and Big 10 teams, its 9-9, the SEC’s best blows out the Big 10’s best. I will tell you this though, BJ Cunningham is the only good receiver that Michigan State had…and he’s out! They are a running team via Edwin Baker. That’s pretty much all they do now and I’ve got news for you, you can’t run on Alabama! They give up 33 yards a game on the ground. I seriously don’t know how Michigan State moves the football in this game…I’m going to take Alabama at -10, it’s a big number, but Nick Saben has had enough time to prepare. I just honestly don’t know how Michigan State moves the football.

Auburn vs. Oregon

These SEC teams I tell you, let me give you the last 4 times an SEC team has played in the National Championship: 37-21, 24-14,38-24,41-14…translation? the SEC is 4-0 with 4 covers. When you give these SEC teams time to get healthy and out of the conference match ups, different teams show up. LSU, Florida, Alabama…they weren’t necessarily brilliant offensive teams, but they just all literally shifted gears in the bowl games. So I’m going to take these big SEC teams when they have time to heal, really explosive at the top. I just honestly think that Auburn, from Week 7 and onwards, was the best team in the country and Oregon from Week 1 – Week 6 was the best team in the country, but I think Oregon is much easier to stop than Auburn is.


…it’s interesting; Michael Jordan has shown yet again his terrible eye for talent. Larry Brown is out the door in Charlotte, but to me the bigger story here is Michael Jordan’s inefficiency as a general manager and owner then it is about Larry Brown, who always bounces around anyways. Remember Jordan, got rid of Tyson Chandler and Raymond Phelps and got basically nothing in return.

Raymond Felton has gone onto become a very good point guard for the New York Knicks and has helped revitalize that franchise along with Amare Stoudemire. Remember, MJ drafted Kwame Brown 1st overall – disaster – Adam Morrison over both Rudy Gayer and Brandon Roy, Kyle Weaver over Brook Lopez.

I’ve always felt that MJ is too busy being MJ, he’s too busy golfing and being MJ and doing his real estate thing. It’s why I think – you know – great players rarely make great GM’s and head coaches. Reason being is that lesser players on the bench are always watching actively, paying attention to detail, have this grinder mentality, being a good teammate and seeing the big picture.

Whereas stars, in any business, are basically self absorbed, it’s about them, the attention to detail is not great because they never had to worry about the attention to detail because they simply had more talent. Magic Johnson bombs as a head coach, MJ’s bombed, Isaiah Thomas has bombed as both head coach and GM, and Wayne Gretzky I believe has bombed as a head coach in hockey as well.

But you have coaches like Doc Rivers, Pat Riley, Jerry Sloan and Phil Jackson, who were more marginal players, turn out to be great head coaches. So the sports media slobbers over MJ – and nobody will acknowledge it – because you know, every time I see him now, he’s sort of a blowded, blood shot eyes, steakhouse owning, cigar smoking, black jack playing former superstar who can’t, for the life of him, get his act together as a GM, he’s arguably the worst in the sport!

But, for whatever reason, we’ve idolized him; he’s an iconic figure…maybe even in our society. There is just something off about Jordan, since he retired, he lacks a certain dignity. His hall of fame speech, when you see his appearance and the stories he tells…there’s just something not quite there for me. But I think Magic has it, I don’t think Michael Jordan does…in terms of the dignity thing. He’s sort of awkward and stand offish and there really isn’t any charisma and I thought the hall of fame speech was pathetic and bitter and small [If you haven’t had the chance to hear it, check it out at this link, right click and open in another tab ]

But America loves MJ, though I’m sure they’re willing to admit that he’s a bad GM and – I mean – he doesn’t even do his homework. The Tyson Chandler thing, as John Hollinger on ESPN radio said when the Larry Brown firing story broke out, he said Jordan basically gave him [Chandler] away and got virtually nothing for him, he didn’t save any money. Raymond Felton now for the New York Knicks is an 18 and 8 point guard and is really a key member to the turnaround for the Knicks, he’ll probably be there for 7 or 8 more years and will lead them to another level, entirely.

So MJ, please, quit golfing and spend more time watching tape and going over to Slovakia and watching players because it’s just not working for you at the present with the way you’re running things in charlotte. Now Larry Brown, its funny, was the coach and he basically didn’t get along with MJ or at least he didn’t agree with the way MJ built this team so Larry Brown got wacked. So I thought I’d play a game with you called Larry Brown Vagabond Trivia!

Now, it should be noted that Larry Brown travelled more than any other coach in the NBA and college history. So I’m going to ask you 3 or 4 Larry Brown trivia questions

Answers:     Question # 1: Toronto Raptors,    Question # 2: 76’ers,    Question # 3:  All of the above     Question # 4: Lenny Wilkens & Don Nelson      Question # 5:  1989 Spurs with a .289 winning percentage

There is a sense from a lot of players in the NFL, if you look at the numbers, it’s pretty interesting but, these players who have decided to speak against the league, it’s amazing how many struggle to gain employment…Don’t kid yourself. Last week, Jets owner Woody Johnson, said that 18 games for a regular season, is going to happen.  Right now, I will tell you, that is the deal breaker for the players; they don’t want it, unless there are huge concessions.

I think the NFL makes too much money and that we’re not going to go on a strike. I will tell you this though, there are a couple of big things happening, and one of them being that the NFL is going to Los Angeles within the next 2 years. 18 games for me is great, selfishly, its more NFL rants for me to entertain you with on my blog, and keeps me busy. The way my blog works now, August 15th – February 15th a period of 6 months, heavy NFL talk, the ratings the NFL ranting gets on my blog…it’s the reason why I continue writing them.

If they add 2 games, they are not going to put them in the snow, they are going to chop off the pre-season and add them in August or early September. That means now, I get to talk NFL a couple of weeks earlier and the NFL with 18 games and the owners are saying “it is a done deal, we won’t back down” The NFL just stole 2-3 more weeks of talk and real estate from baseball.

Now, I’ll give you a little inside information here, NBA ratings this season are up 35% with Lebron James going to Miami. With Lebron, the Knicks are getting tasty, Boston and Los Angeles are playing well…big market teams, I will talk NBA until June 15th this coming year and it pays off. I prolonged my rants about the NBA up to the very end of the championships; my readership was up 34%.

Baseball has now been marginalized, to talk about it after the NBA finals are over, which is around June 16th until July 17/18, which would be the start of my NFL talk if the NFL goes to an 18 game schedule…think about that, 4 weeks of baseball talk. To make matters worse, one of those weeks, they take it off for the All-Star Break.

Baseball is frost on your window in the morning and the NFL and NBA are the heaters, it is evaporating fast! Throw this in…the Los Angeles Dodgers are a mess. So a very solid baseball market that the NFL is looking to go into, spelling huge trouble for baseball. The Dodgers right now, have all the money of a Triple A franchise. They’re slowly becoming an uninteresting mess, the sell off will continue.

In New York, because of the Cliff Lee signing to Philadelphia, the Mets aren’t even viable and the Knicks are getting better. By the way, I get emails on this all the time. With the emergence of the NBA and the Lebron deal, the NBA ratings are through the roof, the NFL is a monster. Basically, baseball’s real estate is June 15th – July 15th if an 18 game NFL schedule gets put through, don’t kid yourself, it matters a lot.

Combine that with the fact that I read on ESPN that every single sports’ coverage at their network was up last year, except baseball. Every show was up, except the one’s talking baseball. I hope Bud Selig, commissioner of MLB, is paying attention, I hope Bud Selig is paying attention because this 18 game schedule is another piece of real estate, ocean front real estate, being stolen from baseball. The NBA couldn’t care less; nobody talks about NBA August, September, October, November and December.

I personally wouldn’t be surprised if pre-season games get wacked and we go right into the NFL season. It’ll be like a Brett Favre situation, where Favre shows up August 18th and Favre says “I’m ready to play” The players aren’t going to give you pre-season games, they don’t even care, especially the veteran guys, the representative for teams, they won’t give you preseason games. They don’t even want to play those things anyways because they don’t want to get hurt.

The NFL has a big understanding that it is a television product , games in wind, snow, rain…there’s a reason why the Superbowl is held generally in warm weather, even small southern cities like Jacksonville, because you get a good football game. So where is the NFL going to add these two games? It would be moronic to me, to add them in December because you’re going up against college bowl games, its Christmas time, your television numbers go down, and a lot of advertisers pull back in December and January.

The Cliff hanger is over, and he’s a Philly! Shocked? Surprised?  But did Cliff Lee work the system brilliantly or not? I have some many thoughts on this – but good for Cliff Lee! He did something, by the way, in the history of free agents I’ve never seen duplicated…and I’ll get to that later. But didn’t Cliff Lee, the night before he agreed to terms with the Phillies, do EXACTLY what Lebron James did? “I’m going to take less money, to play with much better guys, with a franchise, with a history of attracting elite free agents?”

Now, Cliff Lee didn’t hold a press conference, but we destroyed Lebron James saying “he’s not a leader, he doesn’t want to be THE MAN”  No, Lebron wants to be THE MAN, be just doesn’t want to be THE ONLY MAN. If you’re a top engineer, sales person, doctor, lawyer and athlete, it’s not an indictment but rather intelligence, if you want to surround by the best. Lebron smartly went to a franchise and a city, able to attract free agents annually. Cleveland can’t, Miami can.

Cliff Lee goes to the Phillies, a history of World Series titles, with top stars, financially elite. They can have four $50- 100million dollar pitchers on the same staff. The Rangers history?  One great season, some limitations financially and has never been a free agent hot zone.

Just because an athlete wants to be surrounded by other great players, doesn’t mean he’s not a leader! Kobe Bryant threatens to leave the Lakers if they didn’t get him a running mate. Go ask Charles Barkley what it’s like to be the only great player on a team, go ask Dan Marino. Guys like Lebron and Cliff Lee want rings…they want rings! And you can’t get them on an island.

By the way, there was a great quote in the Philadelphia Inquirer. So after Philadelphia traded Lee last December, Cliff Lee spoke fondly of his ex-Philly teammates during a conference call with reporters “ they’re a lot of guys who step up, who like being under pressure, who like being in a big spot…and they step up, those guys are the real deal in Philly, it was a true team and I can’t say enough about those guys” Cliff Lee chose Philadelphia because in Philadelphia, unlike Texas, he’s not just The Man, he’s a Man among other great Men, elite playoff arms.

He also knows that in Texas, his salary limits the franchise financially down the road. You just shouldn’t be criticized for wanting to play with other elite people. That criticism of Lebron was moronic from the first time it was mentioned. You can rip Lebron for the decision, go look at the Cav’s roster right now, arguably the 2nd or 3rd worst team in the NBA. Go look at Miami, lost only once (last night) in 13 games.

Cliff Lee and Lebron, both, are going to win championships because they were smart and willing. I mean, aren’t you sort of insecure if you have to be the only guy? I would say it’s more than indictment if Lebron refused to leave Cleveland, stuck in a city that can’t attract free agents, because he’s so insecure, he has to be the only guy who can close.

There are so many layers to this story and I thought it was interesting, because I got an email from a family friend in New Jersey, die hard Yankee fan, he wrote saying “I can’t help but think Andrew, that the glob of saliva that Cliff Lee’s wife got spit on in New York created some anxiety” I honestly don’t think that played any part at all. Listen, if civil fans were a priority for Cliff Lee, you really think he goes to Philadelphia? Haha.

That’s like saying “I want to stop drinking and lose weight; I’m going to move to the French quarter in New Orleans.” Or “I’m going to give up gambling, I think I’m moving to Reno” that spitting incident gets lots of press, but Cliff Lee isn’t letting some Vinny decide his professional future.

I mean, there is a lot of reason why he went to Philadelphia and this is what is the most remarkable part to me, this is absolutely remarkable. I went and looked – I got a list of the last 20 major free agent signings in baseball: Alex Rodriguez, Joe Mauer, C.C. Sabathia, Troy Tulowitzki, Johan Santana, Alfonso Soriano, Vernon Wells, Jayson Werth, Ken Griffey Jr. You know what they all had in common? Enormous money and enormous pressure to deliver all-star stats! Cliff Lee of the last 20 players signed, gets all the money and VERY LITTLE OF THE PRESSURE. He is one of 4 guys on the Phillies staff, who is considered an ace and all 4 have been dominate at times in the post season.

If Cliff Lee stays in Texas for that money, he better win 19 games, if he goes to New York for that money, he better win 18 or 19. If he goes to Philadelphia and goes 13-9 and wins one huge postseason game…nobody complains. You’ve got Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels. I’ve never seen this…ever! Cliff Lee brilliantly worked the system. He gets all the dough without all the pressure. Even Mauer in civil Minnesota, the guy has got to put up 30 home runs, hit .308 and throw runners out or he’ll hear it! In civil, well mannered Minnesota. Cliff Lee can win 13 games and one huge postseason game…and nobody will complain.

I thought it was great! Cliff Lee worked the system…good for Cliff Lee! I am for the employee not the employer in this case, athletes have a very short time to make it and Lee and his agent deserve a pat on the back. He literally did a Lebron, without a negative press conference!!

It’s one of those days where I’m not exactly sure what I want to lead off with, I thought about my dad randomly and thought I’d lead with this. Cam Newton won the Heizman Trophy, arguably the biggest landslide victory in a while. He says that he and his dad have not discussed the recruiting money situation. He had an interview with ESPN a couple of weeks ago and the reporter asked him if he had held any private conversation with his father about the allegations and he said “Honestly, we haven’t and that’s not something I’m trying to get clarity of, because I really don’t care. You know at the end of the day, I can look him in his eye and he can look me in my eye and I can know that he has my best interest”

I have to be honest with you people…I buy it! And nobody else does. Think about this, Bernard Madoff’s sons worked in their dad’s firm, experts in finance. But were unaware – reportedly – that their dad was ripping off a third of New York. They were shocked at what their dad did. Dads keep secrets from son’s no? I mean, I’m 21 and I’m in college, middle of a season, classes and girls, football and social life. I don’t want to know about some controversy! Ignorance is bliss. Cam Newton is not Mike Wallace, he’s not a journalist, he’s just a dude, he’s a kid, and he’s having fun and throwing touchdowns.

I probably would’ve said to my dad at some point “hey dad, everything okay?” he’d go “yes son, don’t worry about what you read” and I would say “what’s for dinner? How’s mom doing?”  Like is that un-realistic? Ask yourself this, would you be comfortable asking your dad about a controversy? I certainly wouldn’t be.

“Dad, about those embezzlement charges…I thought you and I would sit down and break it down.” Or say something like “hey dad, word has it that your making out with Roxie, your secretary, I’d like to get some more explicit details about that…” Cam Newton is pretty much telling us that he hasn’t talked about it at all with his dad. Now, when you live the life, you don’t have to talk about stuff because you live the life!

Somebody once asked, can’t remember who it was – there was a book about somebody and somebody said, I think it was Oprah’s book and somebody asked her “did you read the un-authorized biography about you?” and she said “No, because I live the life! Why would I read it, I live the life…what do I care what people think my life is like, I’m living my life”

Do dads tell their son’s about affairs? Do dads tell their son’s that the electricity may get shut off tomorrow because dad’s broke? Men don’t communicate!!! Do you realize – I was watching a doctor on Good Morning America once, I think the doctor’s named Dr. Nancy Silverman really talented individual.  She was talking about how men have about 2,000 words a day in them and women have 6,000 words.

That’s why women often say “You don’t talk to me when you get home from work!!” Well, it’s because we already used 1800 words at work; we’ve got 200 words left!! Men probably use the 200 to say “what’s for dinner? Wanna make out?  And the game is on later” hahaha. I mean, we men have 2000 words, we’re not like you women, we don’t like to communicate. We grunt all the time.

It doesn’t surprise me that Cecil Newton (Cam’s father) didn’t say “hey son, listen I’m shaking down half the SEC (South Eastern Conference)…Auburn is giving me this; Mississippi State is giving me that. Let me break it down on a Ross Perrot chart for you son, because I’m shaking down half of the SEC” NO! it just doesn’t work that way people.

Now clearly Cam was going to where Cam wanted to, saying “I had no dealing with nobody at Mississippi State, during the time that I came to Auburn. But Mississippi State knows what was happening between Mississippi State and Auburn, and if you’ve been following this, it’s no secret. But I felt that as a whole, Auburn possessed what was best for Cam Newton and that’s why I decided to go there, on my decision”

I have nothing to argue with him about that. Auburn is a better football program, he ultimately – despite all the rumors of Mississippi State throwing tons of money at him; ultimately he wanted to go to Auburn. By the way, his dad did talk to him, his dad was in his ear, when Cam said in the interview that “during the recruitment process, he pointed out key things that I really didn’t see until he said them, like the proximity from home. I was in a place in junior college where I couldn’t see my family for a long time and I didn’t think of it at the time because I was too young at the time. He also pointed out the great coaching staff, he pointed out the senior leadership there, and he pointed out so many things, like the fan support. So there were a lot of things that we talked about, because he was bringing up a lot of decisions and a lot of situations, but at the end of the day, I was still the one that was making the decision.” 

Folks, dads don’t tell sons everything, they especially don’t tell their sons unethical things when they’re preachers!! (In the case of Cam’s dad). You think a conservative preacher in the south, you know that in the south, kids are seen but not heard? Conservative preacher in the south tells his son “Son, you don’t worry about it” I don’t think he’s detailing all the stuff to his son, I think he’d be embarrassed at some level; he’s embarrassed of all this stuff.

So I think Cam Newton knows he’s great and I think Cam Newton knows all of them – I mean, players aren’t stupid. They know there is cash exchanging hands in the SEC and other major conferences, it’s out there. But my gut feeling is that, Reggie Busch knew a lot more about his dad than Cam Newton does of his dad. I mean, Reggie Busch’s dad had a new car, new house, was flying to games…really hard not to know. Cam’s dad, a preacher, doesn’t have a new house, doesn’t have a new car, really hard to know especially when 5 of the SEC schools are like 90mins from Atlanta

I saw this story last week, I usually don’t rant about stuff like this, as it stands right now, it is an NFL world in the fall and into the winter I lead in with NFL as well, but this is beyond the sport that I will be talking about today. You know how I have feel about purist…I believe that they kill their respective sports…they are killing baseball, they kill boxing, they are hurting the NHL. Purists – you own them, don’t worry about them, don’t placate, don’t appease them, die hard baseball fan that’s 70 years old is not going anywhere….grow the sport! Create instant replay.

Well listen to this story, Mike Tyson will controversially be inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame. Also joining him, Sylvester Stallone – who wrote and created the Rocky movie back in 76’. The nomination for the Hollywood Stallone “threatens the credibility of the Hall of Fame and is already diving an opinion among boxing officianatos” The credibility? of the Boxing Hall of Fame? Haha…there actually is one?

Folks, once again the “don’t get it crowd” is staring us right in the face. Dick Vitale is in the College Basketball Hall of Fame. Not because of his coaching, but because of his service to the sport. The two biggest names in college basketball today? Mike Krzyzewski # 1 and Dick Vitale #2.

The Rocky movie won “Best Picture”; it glamorized a soon to be dying sport. Is Sylvester Stallone a Hall of Famer? Are you kidding me??? Because of Sylvester Stallone, Hollywood was able to finance Cinderella Man, Raging Bull, Million Dollar Baby, Rocky 1,2,3,4 and 5. Kids went to gyms because of that movie. Kids who were lost in their life and would’ve ended up in the streets went to a gym. He helped the economy! They erected a statue in Philadelphia for a fictional character, he globalized the word “Yo” and you’re asking if he’s a hall of famer?

Never forget this – first of all, it’s not like putting Tom Cruise in the Racing Hall of Fame because of “Days of Thunder” But I would put Tom Cruise in the Navy Hall of Fame. You think that’s outrageous? Really? Tom Cruise gave them a $500 million dollar cheque. Tom Cruise, in the movie “Top Gun” there is pal papal evidence; it’s called the “Top Gun Effect” increased enrollment in the Navy for a decade…for a decade! And you’re about to say that he doesn’t deserve…? Does everybody who is in a Hall of Fame actually have to win a basketball game or hit a jumper? You can’t serve a sport? Are you going to tell me that Peter Ueberroth – he didn’t throw a Javelin, he didn’t run the 220! But he sure as heck saved the Olympics! They were dead! Peter Ueberroth saved the Olympics in Los Angeles, without him – because of Jimmy Carter, the Olympics are dead! If there is an Olympic Hall of Fame, Peter Ueberroth – who never ran the 220, should be at the head of the class to get in.

Come on people! Karate Kid created a karate boom! You gotta put that movie in some wing of the Hall of Fame! Think about this…think about this with Top Gun and what Tom Cruise did to the Navy. In one particular sequence of the film they were taping it, the commander of the ship was filming it and he moved the ship. The director, Tony Scotts said “when the planes take off from the aircraft carrier, we want them to be lit, the sunlight to be seen on camera, lit from behind” and the commander of the Navy ship was like “that would cost $25,000” Tony Scott, the director, took out his cheque book and was like “he’s $25,000…turn the ship around…this will make you $500 million dollars”

Sometimes folks, you jump over a $5 dollar bill to get to a $20. You either see the big picture in life or you don’t. American Idol opened up the door for all these other talent shows. [Before you continue reading this rant, go to this website,, and play the music as you continue reading this rant] Anyways, think about this, in the history of American music, has there ever been another song, that without hearing a lyric, you think of a thought…to me, nothing says rags to riches, American hope, blue collar getting a shot like those horns, no lyrics, you don’t hear anything, you don’t hear a single word…yet it speaks of America, rags to riches, blue collar to Wall Street.

In the history of cinema, has there ever been a movie – by the way, filmed in 28 days, made for a million dollars, it grossed $255 million in 76’, greatest grossing movie that year. The only other song that speaks to life in America without a lyric is the song by Jefferson Aeroplane “White Rabbit”, , and that speaks to Americans, it says that everyone in the room listening is stoned outta their mind.

I mean it’s amazing! If you look at the history of America and what makes America so great – this doesn’t happen in England, Russia or even here in Canada, that a guy from Arkansas with an alcoholic father and a mother who bets the ponny’s becomes president of the United States. Barack Obama can become president. You can’t do that in countries with royalty. What America is all about is portrayed in the movie “Rocky” He opened the door for hundreds of other boxing movies.

I mean, it’s just…these boxing purist are worried about “the credibility of the boxing hall of fame?” You’re a sport that was run by Don King! Hahaha, like seriously!

I am a full pledged Jets-o-holic, have been since the Testaverde era, but as hard as it was to watch that shellacking on Monday. It was hard to remind myself that I’m in the “macro, big picture, what’s my take away” business with this blog, not the “reactionary, emotional, after the game ranting” Hence why I took 4 days to write this rant. It’s why they tell you to cool off after an argument and only ask you to come back when you’ve got your senses. The further away you are, the more reasonable and objective you’ll be. Same was the case with this pathetic game. So instead of ripping my Jets, we’ll play the “give credit where it’s due” game.

I’ve always been impressed with Brady and Belicheck’s grownup manifesto, they’re lifestyle. I’m going to give you something that I don’t think any of you have heard before, and I’m not sure how many of you who read my blogs on a daily basis, have thought about this, but I want this to soak into you head.

Let’s go look this year at the three games, both the Jets and the Patriots, have had extra time to prepare for…let this soak in. The opening game of the year, extra time, New England routes a Cincinnati Bengal team, with high hopes. Second game, off a bye week, the Patriots beat a red hot Baltimore Ravens team. Third game, with extra time and thanks to Thanksgiving Day, they crushed my Jets this past Monday. Belicheck, historically of bye’s, 8-0, 3-1 in Superbowl’s (he would be 4-0, but a guy’s helmet made a catch)

Let’s look at my New York Jets with extra time. Opening game, with extra time…brutal! Worst offensive performance of the week in the NFL, lost 10-9. They’re coming off a bye week and are at home against the Packers…shut out! With extra time, Monday night against the Pats because of thanksgiving game, 45-3.

In each instance, the Patriots with extra time – the grownups, elevate their game by 25%. The New York Jets with extra time…the tough talking, big talking, big guy “how you doing” type…are worse offensively. The Jets’ three worst offensive performances of the year… ALL WITH EXTRA TIME TO PREPARE!!

What does that tell you about the maturity and leadership level of the locker room? We know Brady is better than Sanchez…I think that tells you how much better Belicheck is, from the trash talking Rex Ryan, they are both in different leagues. Extra time for the Patriots means elevation of offense, smartest kid in the room, put’s a few more plays into the playbook. What does Rex Ryan do? TALKS! Think about that. Tell your buddies that, sound smart at a bar tonight. Go look at what my Jets have done with extra time….they’ve wasted it and have been side tracked, too busy talking.

The Patriots though are human beings; they are vulnerable just like all of us. I mean, they got wacked by Cleveland this year. They were feeling pretty good about themselves, they’re on the road, and young team, little cocky…and they get crushed! But there is a focus with Brady and Belicheck that is hard not to be impressed with. There are so many things for Brady to be side tracked with. The celebrity, supermodel wife, endorsements, he does global endorsements; everyone wants a piece of Tom. But there is no nightclub incident, no controversy; he’s just a grownup with a no frizzle’s life style.

There are so many exit ramps for Tom Brady to take, but yet he works HARDER THE MORE SUCCESSFUL HE IS! The better he is, the better he gets! The more he can rest, the harder he works. Brady the man, Brady the grownup…is far more impressive to me, than Brady the quarterback.

The difference between a regular cop and a great cop is that a great cop – after he runs through an alley, to chase down a creep. Hand cuffs him, arrests him, running on adrenaline….he doesn’t go out that night and get blitzed with the boys. He doesn’t celebrate and tells you how great he is. You know what a great cop does? He goes back to the station; fills out the necessary paperwork, gets back into his car to find another creep. The average cop is too busy with his boys bragging all night, hung-over the next day. One great moment in the alley is two bad days at work to follow. That’s the difference between the haves and the have not’s. Remember this quote if nothing else in this rant makes sense…”Celebrate rarely, focus often!”

All these exit ramps for Brady and Belicheck. Did you hear Belicheck after the game? He was asked “What did you think of the win?” and he was like “it’s nice, but I gotta go look at film” Bill Belicheck by the way, he does have a glass of wine, it’s called the “off season” Even Brady on Monday night, after the game said “the win was great, I thought we executed well, it was a big win because we’re playing a damn good team , but umm it was one win,  there is a lot more big games for us down the stretch so,  none bigger than Chicago this weekend. “ There you go! Just a great cop back on his feet and back in the squad car looking for another dirt bag down an alley road…great cop! “back to the station, get the paperwork done, let’s get back in the squad car and get some work done!” CELEBRATE RARELY, FOCUS OFTEN and nobody is better at this then Bill Belicheck. What does Belicheck always say? “Talk very little when you win, talk less when you lose”

We live in this culture of celebratory, kardashian, bling, gotta show everybody this and that. Yet Belicheck and Brady are just bottom line, get it done, keep quiet, wrap it up, win games, very few quotes, back to the film room and win! That just totally impresses me. What’s the word for that lifestyle? They always talk about North Dakota and how they, economically, are in very good shape and how the average North Dakotan has more – even though they make less than everybody else, they have more money in their 401K than most of America, I think it’s called an Agrarian lifestyle. Almost nobody lives that lifestyle in Canada or the US, but it’s a very humble lifestyle; it’s really the way we should all live.

Quit buying the SUV’s , know what I mean? Put some money away…buy something for your kids or family members and I personally love that lifestyle. Maybe it’s because that’s my dad, that’s the lifestyle I was raised with, but I love it! It’s just great. Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck are just unbelievable! So Monday night was…wow, like let’s be honest, New England is not going to play that well against Chicago this coming Sunday, that was honestly a special thing that they did this past Monday to my Jets.