The Arrogance of Derek Jeter, The Humbleness of Votto

Posted: December 1, 2010 in MLB

A hardy congratulation goes out to Joey Votto, on winning the NL MVP, by the way Derek Jeter’s 2010 salary was $22.6 million and Joey’s was $550,000. Think about this, Derek Jeter by the end of Spring Training made more money than Joey Votto did last season and Jeter is complaining along with his agents about the 3 year, $45 million dollar offer…. think about that, Jeter and his agent are complaining about that.

Joey Votto – think about this, Skate borders make more money than Joey Votto, Wedding Planners, in big cities like New York, Chicago, LA or Dallas make more than Joey Votto. Lawyers, a good sales guy, Bronson Arroyo makes 22x what Joey Votto did, his team mate Aaron Harrang makes 24x, Mike Lincoln makes 5x what Joey Votto did.

Derek Jeter makes like 46x what Joey Votto did, Votto is going to do very well in salary arbitration and it’s great! I mean, he deserves it. I’m looking at – and it is funny when you’re looking at Joey Votto’s salary and find out that he’s the 13th highest paid Cincinnati Red’s player.

It’s just incredible. Now they have guys like Scott Rolen, who is a veteran guy and Scott’s gonna make money because he’s been around for so long, but it’s just mind boggling that Joey is one of the lowest paid guys. He’s making Jay Bruce and Homer Bailey money. Good for Joey Votto, though he said he “cried” when he won, you honestly have to root for this guy.

I seriously had not even heard of Joey Votto halfway through this year. When a guy cares as much as Joey Votto did because he cried, you gotta like a guy like that. It was funny because I saw the interview on ESPN.

Earlier this season, I had some Cincinnati fans all worked up because I was like “Joey Votto? who is Joey Votto?” Well listen, I’m not paid to do these rants or to keep up with Cincinnati Reds baseball because they’ve virtually been irrelevant in the sport for like 20 years. Then you start watching Votto, and he hits as well at home as he did on the road – though Cincinnati is a hitter’s park

But when guys go out and say “I cried when I won the award” that is honestly unbelievable! You just don’t get that in sports anymore. So, good for Joey Votto, totally deserves it. He massively deserves a pay increase and for Derek Jeter – and I gotta tell you something.

It is unbelievable, listening and reading New York media – they have turned on Jeter! They have turned on Jeter. And, though I haven’t turned on him yet, I only suggested like 2 months ago that its absurd, in this economy, in a sport that is losing in attendance, losing in ratings, for a guy that is not flashy, doesn’t sell a ton of tickets outside of New York…they are offering him a lot.

Now, Baltimore could offer him big dough, but let’s face it, he’s not going there and they are irrelevant. Jeter would love for a big time team to go after him so he can meet the Yankee’s in the playoffs. But he’s going to sign with the Yankee’s; it’s going to get done.

But think about it, Jeter makes more money by the end of Spring Training than Joey Votto does in an entire season, as the MVP of the National League! Jeter never won an MVP. He won an All-Star game MVP; he won a World Series MVP, has never won an MVP during the regular season. I mean, All-Star MVP is basically just one at-bat and you win it. You hit a double with the bases loaded, you win it!


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