The Unusual Race To Finish Last In The NFL…The Andrew Luck Sweepstakes!

Posted: December 1, 2010 in NFL

Let me start off by making a prediction. Leslie Frazier took over for Brad Childress a couple of Mondays ago; I’ll tell you this…Leslie Frazier is going to get that job permanently! He stood at the podium and owned the room, kinda looked and sounded like the part and is a very well respected individual. Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys…he’s going to get that job as well. Now both are respected, competent and very smart. Leslie Frazier, smart guy, well respected and Jason Garrett went to Princeton and is respected.

You know in life, sometimes good is bad and bad is good. The bad news for the Vikings and Cowboys is that they’re going to be good for the rest of the year because they have the coaches who are going to be their head coaches for the foreseeable future. Remember, with a collective bargaining agreement coming up, Zygi Wilf (who owns the Vikings) and Jerry Jones (who owns the Cowboys), they’re not going out and spending a fortune on a coach, we might not even have football next year! That’s why nobody is going to get a contract extension next year.

The bottom line is that they’d rather pay half to Leslie Frazer and Jason Garrett then what they would pay for Gruden or Cowher. So, I can tell you right now, Leslie Frazier is going to be the head coach of the Vikings, you can stop looking….he’s the guy.

In a league, looking for more African American candidates, he is overly qualified, extremely respected and on Mon, Nov 22, 2010, he owned the room. Leslie Frazier – your watching him and you’re like “oh yeah, that guy is gonna be a good head coach, he owned the room” and that’s the coach, now that’s the good news. Minnesota, you’ve got a coach, he’s good and he’s respected.

Here is the bad news; you’re going to win games this year…same for you Cowboy fans. Why is that bad news you ask? Because both the Vikings and Cowboys have found their coaches and they’re going to play inspired football and players are going to be playing for contracts and jobs. Here’s why it’s bad news…because generally speaking, nobody wants the #1 draft pick in the NFL anymore…EXCEPT THIS YEAR!

Andrew Luck, Stanford QB, is the first player since John Elway, where everybody in the league acknowledges “yeah, he’s gonna be super good in the NFL” Not an “Alex Smith gonna be super good in the NFL” type, but one who really has the praise of scouts from all 32 teams. He’s got a super high IQ, great work ethic, gigantic arm, extremely mobile, he is Elway from 25 years ago. By the way, they both are products of Stanford. Dad is in the NFL, has a great head coach in Jim Harbaugh. So the bad news for the Vikings and the Cowboys is – and the Vikings could desperately use a QB, you’re not getting that #1 pick and Andrew Luck is a home run, and I’m extremely fascinated by this story.

So I start looking at all the bad teams in the NFL – Dallas 3-8, Carolina 1-10, Buffalo 2-9, Cinncy 2-9, Detroit 2-9. Let’s eliminate Detroit, they’ve got their QB Matt Stafford, he may be hurt, but they’ve already spent a fortune on him, they’re not picking a QB. They’ve got too many other needs, so they’re not getting a QB.

Folks, you know who is going to get Andrew Luck? It’s going to come down to Carolina, Buffalo and Cincinnati. But remember, Buffalo is competent at QB, Buffalo is still playing hard and Buffalo has got winnable games. @ Miami, home to Cleveland and Buffalo plays my Jets in the last week and the Jets may rest starters, because they’re in the playoffs. Buffalo has got winnable games, they’re playing their butt off, they’re getting solid QB play and the Jets could rest starters.

Cincinnati’s schedule is brutal! New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, San Diego, Baltimore…but, they’ve already got one more win then Carolina and they’re at least competent at QB. Not so for Carolina! 1-10, dreadful at QB, injury plagued, lame duck coach and a brutal remaining schedule: @ Atlanta, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, cross country to Seattle, Arizona at home.

So it’s very interesting to me because when you look – this is the one year, everybody wants the 1st pick. Cincinnati, Carolina, Buffalo are playing for Andrew Luck and what’s very interesting here is that Eli, dad was an NFL QB, told San Diego “No thank you, I won’t play there” John Elway, from a strong coaching family told Baltimore “No thanks!” Andrew Luck…would he go to Cincinnati? Ownership issues, laughably cheap, not a great history. My gut feeling here is that Harbaugh and Andrew Luck are going to go to Carolina…that’s just my gut feeling! I gotta tell you something, I’m fascinated by this story

Now, you’ll say to yourself “Well they drafted Jimmy Clausen” Am I the only person that thinks this….have you watched Jimmie Clausen? Is it me or does he look tiny? Is it me or does he not look like the part? Just my opinion

NFL owners are not going to spend $7 million dollars on a head coach, not when you’re going into a potential lockout. You’re not going to see contract extensions and there is no way in Minnesota, you are going to pass up on Leslie Frazier, who is over qualified, owned the room during his press conference, is really liked by players and has some nice talent assembled…he’s going to win some games here at the end of the year. With just getting Childress out of that locker room, you’re going to win some games.

Similarly with Jason Garrett, an offensive guy, Cowboys have been a different offense since he arrived. You’re going to win some games and you’ve got some really winnable games.

  1. DerekMayo says:

    I don’ think the Bills should take a QB….Fitz is playing well. They need to improve their O-line before drafting a QB, but this is Buffalo we are talking about. They can’t draft (Aaron Maybin, C.J Spiller etc…)

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