From “The Decision” to “The Validation” Lebron James Serves Up A Facial To Cleveland!

Posted: December 3, 2010 in NBA

So I turned on the game last night, at about 7:45pm Eastern – and I gotta tell you something, I couldn’t turn it off! The Heat were up by 30 points and I was riveted! I couldn’t turn it off! The game and the commentary… for the record, Reggie Miller is so anti-Lebron, it’s comical! Dude, he’s not going to apologize. He did what he did, he gave a $ 5 million dollar cheque to kids, and he’s not apologizing to you Reggie. A buddy was texting me on my way to work this morning and was telling me how excited he was for last night’s game. He was so excited, that he turned on TNT – the network the game was on last night – an hour early and watched an hour episode of Bones, haha

I seriously haven’t rooted like that for a player since I was 8 years old. Angry, bitter, rust belt, and never evolved guy served a facial on whole grain bread, by Lebron James. The loud mouth guy at the bar got knocked out with one punch! It was just fantastic. For the record, here is what it sounded like when Lebron was introduced, this is a classic

Well, here’s my basic thought. When Lebron left, it was called “The Decision”; last night was the “Validation” Lebron James showed all of us, me included, why he left. He spent 7 years around those guys…they are quitters! Did you notice that? You kept chanting  that “Lebron quits” no, the “Cav’s quit” a quarter and a half into that basketball game. That’s all the fight they had in them.

How poorly did Cleveland come to the table – and I always say this, you can tell effort by defense. Cleveland allowed Miami to shoot + 50%, Lebron was around those guys for 7 years, he knew their character, he knew their flaws and weaknesses and last night, for the first time, he put them on display for the rest of us.

The Cav’s don’t lack talent, oh they do, but they really lack heart. I bet 90% of you were thinking the same thing I was, how in the world did Lebron James win 60 games with this team? 7 years in Cleveland…and that’s what they surrounded him with?  That’s it! Best player in the world, he goes to Miami, in 15minutes he’s got Bosh, Wade, Haslim and Miller, all taking pay cuts. 7 years in Cleveland, and that’s what they got him!

It felt like, to me, like a springboard for Miami, as in like they found themselves. You ever put a puzzle together? It’s Christmas, the holidays and you’ve got that puzzle on the coffee table. After an hour, you look at it and nothing comes to mind. Then you add like a piece or two and you go “oh there is the tree, oh there is the elf,oh I see what it is!”

Last night, “ohhh I see how good Miami can be” more than anything to me though, it was the validation “ohh, that’s why Lebron left” 7 years and those are the pieces Dan Gilbert, worth $400 million dollars, bought for him. By the way, Lebron after the game was asked if it was as emotionally draining as he thought it would be “I’m tired right now, I’m very very exhausted, I didn’t get much sleep last night and didn’t get much sleep today either, like how I usually do in my usual routine. But I’m glad that we played well as a team. We all showed up and to have two guys like this, out on the court also, make it a lot easier for myself to just go out there and play basketball and not worry about anything else.”

I thought it was great! Lebron smiled, it probably drove Cav fans crazy, the Cav players were joking and laughing with him, but Lebron James said – he says it right here, he talks about smiling through it and having fun and just being Lebron “…you know, I just tried to keep a clear head about it, it’s nothing personal for myself to these fans, it won’t be…ever. Like I said, 7 great years, I’ve got a lot of great memories from here, have the utmost respect for the fans here, because they came out every night I was here and they supported us and all we try to do as players is to try and give them back that same energy that they gave to us. So I understand the frustration, I understand that things could’ve been a little bit different this summer for both sides. But you know, I’m moving on, and I’m happy in the position that I am”

Good for you! No reason to apologize, you gave a $5 million dollar cheque, the single biggest individual donations in America this year to the Boys and Girls Club. No reason to apologize, nobody is perfect, you made a decision and last night the decision became the validation, dude you were right!!!


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