The Intangibles That Make Brady and Belicheck Absolutely Great!

Posted: December 10, 2010 in NFL

I am a full pledged Jets-o-holic, have been since the Testaverde era, but as hard as it was to watch that shellacking on Monday. It was hard to remind myself that I’m in the “macro, big picture, what’s my take away” business with this blog, not the “reactionary, emotional, after the game ranting” Hence why I took 4 days to write this rant. It’s why they tell you to cool off after an argument and only ask you to come back when you’ve got your senses. The further away you are, the more reasonable and objective you’ll be. Same was the case with this pathetic game. So instead of ripping my Jets, we’ll play the “give credit where it’s due” game.

I’ve always been impressed with Brady and Belicheck’s grownup manifesto, they’re lifestyle. I’m going to give you something that I don’t think any of you have heard before, and I’m not sure how many of you who read my blogs on a daily basis, have thought about this, but I want this to soak into you head.

Let’s go look this year at the three games, both the Jets and the Patriots, have had extra time to prepare for…let this soak in. The opening game of the year, extra time, New England routes a Cincinnati Bengal team, with high hopes. Second game, off a bye week, the Patriots beat a red hot Baltimore Ravens team. Third game, with extra time and thanks to Thanksgiving Day, they crushed my Jets this past Monday. Belicheck, historically of bye’s, 8-0, 3-1 in Superbowl’s (he would be 4-0, but a guy’s helmet made a catch)

Let’s look at my New York Jets with extra time. Opening game, with extra time…brutal! Worst offensive performance of the week in the NFL, lost 10-9. They’re coming off a bye week and are at home against the Packers…shut out! With extra time, Monday night against the Pats because of thanksgiving game, 45-3.

In each instance, the Patriots with extra time – the grownups, elevate their game by 25%. The New York Jets with extra time…the tough talking, big talking, big guy “how you doing” type…are worse offensively. The Jets’ three worst offensive performances of the year… ALL WITH EXTRA TIME TO PREPARE!!

What does that tell you about the maturity and leadership level of the locker room? We know Brady is better than Sanchez…I think that tells you how much better Belicheck is, from the trash talking Rex Ryan, they are both in different leagues. Extra time for the Patriots means elevation of offense, smartest kid in the room, put’s a few more plays into the playbook. What does Rex Ryan do? TALKS! Think about that. Tell your buddies that, sound smart at a bar tonight. Go look at what my Jets have done with extra time….they’ve wasted it and have been side tracked, too busy talking.

The Patriots though are human beings; they are vulnerable just like all of us. I mean, they got wacked by Cleveland this year. They were feeling pretty good about themselves, they’re on the road, and young team, little cocky…and they get crushed! But there is a focus with Brady and Belicheck that is hard not to be impressed with. There are so many things for Brady to be side tracked with. The celebrity, supermodel wife, endorsements, he does global endorsements; everyone wants a piece of Tom. But there is no nightclub incident, no controversy; he’s just a grownup with a no frizzle’s life style.

There are so many exit ramps for Tom Brady to take, but yet he works HARDER THE MORE SUCCESSFUL HE IS! The better he is, the better he gets! The more he can rest, the harder he works. Brady the man, Brady the grownup…is far more impressive to me, than Brady the quarterback.

The difference between a regular cop and a great cop is that a great cop – after he runs through an alley, to chase down a creep. Hand cuffs him, arrests him, running on adrenaline….he doesn’t go out that night and get blitzed with the boys. He doesn’t celebrate and tells you how great he is. You know what a great cop does? He goes back to the station; fills out the necessary paperwork, gets back into his car to find another creep. The average cop is too busy with his boys bragging all night, hung-over the next day. One great moment in the alley is two bad days at work to follow. That’s the difference between the haves and the have not’s. Remember this quote if nothing else in this rant makes sense…”Celebrate rarely, focus often!”

All these exit ramps for Brady and Belicheck. Did you hear Belicheck after the game? He was asked “What did you think of the win?” and he was like “it’s nice, but I gotta go look at film” Bill Belicheck by the way, he does have a glass of wine, it’s called the “off season” Even Brady on Monday night, after the game said “the win was great, I thought we executed well, it was a big win because we’re playing a damn good team , but umm it was one win,  there is a lot more big games for us down the stretch so,  none bigger than Chicago this weekend. “ There you go! Just a great cop back on his feet and back in the squad car looking for another dirt bag down an alley road…great cop! “back to the station, get the paperwork done, let’s get back in the squad car and get some work done!” CELEBRATE RARELY, FOCUS OFTEN and nobody is better at this then Bill Belicheck. What does Belicheck always say? “Talk very little when you win, talk less when you lose”

We live in this culture of celebratory, kardashian, bling, gotta show everybody this and that. Yet Belicheck and Brady are just bottom line, get it done, keep quiet, wrap it up, win games, very few quotes, back to the film room and win! That just totally impresses me. What’s the word for that lifestyle? They always talk about North Dakota and how they, economically, are in very good shape and how the average North Dakotan has more – even though they make less than everybody else, they have more money in their 401K than most of America, I think it’s called an Agrarian lifestyle. Almost nobody lives that lifestyle in Canada or the US, but it’s a very humble lifestyle; it’s really the way we should all live.

Quit buying the SUV’s , know what I mean? Put some money away…buy something for your kids or family members and I personally love that lifestyle. Maybe it’s because that’s my dad, that’s the lifestyle I was raised with, but I love it! It’s just great. Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck are just unbelievable! So Monday night was…wow, like let’s be honest, New England is not going to play that well against Chicago this coming Sunday, that was honestly a special thing that they did this past Monday to my Jets.

  1. DerekMayo says:

    I totally agree with you on this one. I don’t know how you can lose a talent like Moss and keep dominating like that. Look at how they demolished your Jets. But one thing i don’t like is when they refer to white QB’s as “intelligent” whereas black QBs are known to be more “athletic”. Usually when Tom Brady does well, they attribute his success to hard-work, preparation, his intelligence etc. I have yet to hear commentators say that about black QBs like McNabb or David G or even Vick.

  2. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, the Pats are an extremely well-run organization. As a Bills fan, it’s annoying to watch that everywhere. It’s not just Brady, but pretty much everyone in their organization. They don’t give much bulletin board material…Except, surprisingly, Tom Brady prior to Super Bowl XLII. “We’re only gonna score 17 points? Hahahahahah. Okay!”. Michael Strahan said that resonated with him and the rest of the Football Giants. I’m glad it did.

    Yeah, they’re doing really well without Randy, getting back to their old ways. I think the Pats players are underrated. Gronk and Hernandez are very good players. Some people had Gronkowksi with a 1st round grade, and Hernandez was a very good tight end in Florida’s spread…Danny Woodhead, although not highly regarded coming out, is that annoying player that never seems to go down on the first hit…

    Da Bears will beat them on Sunday, though. I think their Tampa 2 scheme matches up well with the Pats quick hit offense. The Bears generally tackle well, which is something the Jets did not do. Also, the Bears can usually get to the QB with just their front four, and if they can do that well tomorrow, they should have success. The Pats offense did a lot of damage when the Jets blitzed, or when they showed blitz and got caught trying to get back into coverage [e.g. the play where Gronkowksi beat Eric Smith and Smith had to PI Gronk’, despite the ball being underthrown (Smith had his back turned, so he had to knock Gronk’ down)]

    Yeah, I agree with you Derek. You often hear that the white QBs are so cerebral, make great decisions etc., and then when some of them don’t make great decisions and just throw the ball up, it’s just them having a “gunslinger’s mentality” e.g. Brett Favre, Philip Rivers. Also, you often hear commentators say (white player) is such a high motor, high effort player, and pay no attention to his athletic ability. e.g. Bills DT Kyle Williams. He’s an explosive player at the defensive tackle position, but all you hear is “what a never quit player”, “he makes the most of his abilities”. James Harrison isn’t the most athletic player, in fact, he was cut a few times by the Ravens and Steelers, but he rarely gets tackled about as a “high effort, high motor” guy.

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