18 Game Season In The NFL, It’s Becoming A Reality And Baseball Is Losing Real Estate

Posted: December 21, 2010 in MLB, NBA, NFL

There is a sense from a lot of players in the NFL, if you look at the numbers, it’s pretty interesting but, these players who have decided to speak against the league, it’s amazing how many struggle to gain employment…Don’t kid yourself. Last week, Jets owner Woody Johnson, said that 18 games for a regular season, is going to happen.  Right now, I will tell you, that is the deal breaker for the players; they don’t want it, unless there are huge concessions.

I think the NFL makes too much money and that we’re not going to go on a strike. I will tell you this though, there are a couple of big things happening, and one of them being that the NFL is going to Los Angeles within the next 2 years. 18 games for me is great, selfishly, its more NFL rants for me to entertain you with on my blog, and keeps me busy. The way my blog works now, August 15th – February 15th a period of 6 months, heavy NFL talk, the ratings the NFL ranting gets on my blog…it’s the reason why I continue writing them.

If they add 2 games, they are not going to put them in the snow, they are going to chop off the pre-season and add them in August or early September. That means now, I get to talk NFL a couple of weeks earlier and the NFL with 18 games and the owners are saying “it is a done deal, we won’t back down” The NFL just stole 2-3 more weeks of talk and real estate from baseball.

Now, I’ll give you a little inside information here, NBA ratings this season are up 35% with Lebron James going to Miami. With Lebron, the Knicks are getting tasty, Boston and Los Angeles are playing well…big market teams, I will talk NBA until June 15th this coming year and it pays off. I prolonged my rants about the NBA up to the very end of the championships; my readership was up 34%.

Baseball has now been marginalized, to talk about it after the NBA finals are over, which is around June 16th until July 17/18, which would be the start of my NFL talk if the NFL goes to an 18 game schedule…think about that, 4 weeks of baseball talk. To make matters worse, one of those weeks, they take it off for the All-Star Break.

Baseball is frost on your window in the morning and the NFL and NBA are the heaters, it is evaporating fast! Throw this in…the Los Angeles Dodgers are a mess. So a very solid baseball market that the NFL is looking to go into, spelling huge trouble for baseball. The Dodgers right now, have all the money of a Triple A franchise. They’re slowly becoming an uninteresting mess, the sell off will continue.

In New York, because of the Cliff Lee signing to Philadelphia, the Mets aren’t even viable and the Knicks are getting better. By the way, I get emails on this all the time. With the emergence of the NBA and the Lebron deal, the NBA ratings are through the roof, the NFL is a monster. Basically, baseball’s real estate is June 15th – July 15th if an 18 game NFL schedule gets put through, don’t kid yourself, it matters a lot.

Combine that with the fact that I read on ESPN that every single sports’ coverage at their network was up last year, except baseball. Every show was up, except the one’s talking baseball. I hope Bud Selig, commissioner of MLB, is paying attention, I hope Bud Selig is paying attention because this 18 game schedule is another piece of real estate, ocean front real estate, being stolen from baseball. The NBA couldn’t care less; nobody talks about NBA August, September, October, November and December.

I personally wouldn’t be surprised if pre-season games get wacked and we go right into the NFL season. It’ll be like a Brett Favre situation, where Favre shows up August 18th and Favre says “I’m ready to play” The players aren’t going to give you pre-season games, they don’t even care, especially the veteran guys, the representative for teams, they won’t give you preseason games. They don’t even want to play those things anyways because they don’t want to get hurt.

The NFL has a big understanding that it is a television product , games in wind, snow, rain…there’s a reason why the Superbowl is held generally in warm weather, even small southern cities like Jacksonville, because you get a good football game. So where is the NFL going to add these two games? It would be moronic to me, to add them in December because you’re going up against college bowl games, its Christmas time, your television numbers go down, and a lot of advertisers pull back in December and January.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I think they would never fully do away with pre-season games, because the coaches like them to evaluate talent/make roster cuts. I know the owners would probably want to do away with them, because they’d rather not spend money on opening their stadium doors for games that don’t sell-out.

    Anyway, I love to watch football, but I hope they stick with 16 games. The league is pushing player safety with these new rule emphases, but they seem to be going in the opposite direction with regard to the cumulative toll players will take with an extended regular season. It’s all about the Benjamins for the league, though.

    Anyway, I’ve heard that if the league did extend the season, they would likely start the regular season at its usual week, and play the Super in late February. Late February is one of the “TV ratings sweeps” periods, and the NFL would love to have its biggest game played there.

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