Cecil & Cam Newton: The Father & Son Relationship In The Midst of NCAA Infractions

Posted: December 21, 2010 in NCAA Football

It’s one of those days where I’m not exactly sure what I want to lead off with, I thought about my dad randomly and thought I’d lead with this. Cam Newton won the Heizman Trophy, arguably the biggest landslide victory in a while. He says that he and his dad have not discussed the recruiting money situation. He had an interview with ESPN a couple of weeks ago and the reporter asked him if he had held any private conversation with his father about the allegations and he said “Honestly, we haven’t and that’s not something I’m trying to get clarity of, because I really don’t care. You know at the end of the day, I can look him in his eye and he can look me in my eye and I can know that he has my best interest”

I have to be honest with you people…I buy it! And nobody else does. Think about this, Bernard Madoff’s sons worked in their dad’s firm, experts in finance. But were unaware – reportedly – that their dad was ripping off a third of New York. They were shocked at what their dad did. Dads keep secrets from son’s no? I mean, I’m 21 and I’m in college, middle of a season, classes and girls, football and social life. I don’t want to know about some controversy! Ignorance is bliss. Cam Newton is not Mike Wallace, he’s not a journalist, he’s just a dude, he’s a kid, and he’s having fun and throwing touchdowns.

I probably would’ve said to my dad at some point “hey dad, everything okay?” he’d go “yes son, don’t worry about what you read” and I would say “what’s for dinner? How’s mom doing?”  Like is that un-realistic? Ask yourself this, would you be comfortable asking your dad about a controversy? I certainly wouldn’t be.

“Dad, about those embezzlement charges…I thought you and I would sit down and break it down.” Or say something like “hey dad, word has it that your making out with Roxie, your secretary, I’d like to get some more explicit details about that…” Cam Newton is pretty much telling us that he hasn’t talked about it at all with his dad. Now, when you live the life, you don’t have to talk about stuff because you live the life!

Somebody once asked, can’t remember who it was – there was a book about somebody and somebody said, I think it was Oprah’s book and somebody asked her “did you read the un-authorized biography about you?” and she said “No, because I live the life! Why would I read it, I live the life…what do I care what people think my life is like, I’m living my life”

Do dads tell their son’s about affairs? Do dads tell their son’s that the electricity may get shut off tomorrow because dad’s broke? Men don’t communicate!!! Do you realize – I was watching a doctor on Good Morning America once, I think the doctor’s named Dr. Nancy Silverman really talented individual.  She was talking about how men have about 2,000 words a day in them and women have 6,000 words.

That’s why women often say “You don’t talk to me when you get home from work!!” Well, it’s because we already used 1800 words at work; we’ve got 200 words left!! Men probably use the 200 to say “what’s for dinner? Wanna make out?  And the game is on later” hahaha. I mean, we men have 2000 words, we’re not like you women, we don’t like to communicate. We grunt all the time.

It doesn’t surprise me that Cecil Newton (Cam’s father) didn’t say “hey son, listen I’m shaking down half the SEC (South Eastern Conference)…Auburn is giving me this; Mississippi State is giving me that. Let me break it down on a Ross Perrot chart for you son, because I’m shaking down half of the SEC” NO! it just doesn’t work that way people.

Now clearly Cam was going to where Cam wanted to, saying “I had no dealing with nobody at Mississippi State, during the time that I came to Auburn. But Mississippi State knows what was happening between Mississippi State and Auburn, and if you’ve been following this, it’s no secret. But I felt that as a whole, Auburn possessed what was best for Cam Newton and that’s why I decided to go there, on my decision”

I have nothing to argue with him about that. Auburn is a better football program, he ultimately – despite all the rumors of Mississippi State throwing tons of money at him; ultimately he wanted to go to Auburn. By the way, his dad did talk to him, his dad was in his ear, when Cam said in the interview that “during the recruitment process, he pointed out key things that I really didn’t see until he said them, like the proximity from home. I was in a place in junior college where I couldn’t see my family for a long time and I didn’t think of it at the time because I was too young at the time. He also pointed out the great coaching staff, he pointed out the senior leadership there, and he pointed out so many things, like the fan support. So there were a lot of things that we talked about, because he was bringing up a lot of decisions and a lot of situations, but at the end of the day, I was still the one that was making the decision.” 

Folks, dads don’t tell sons everything, they especially don’t tell their sons unethical things when they’re preachers!! (In the case of Cam’s dad). You think a conservative preacher in the south, you know that in the south, kids are seen but not heard? Conservative preacher in the south tells his son “Son, you don’t worry about it” I don’t think he’s detailing all the stuff to his son, I think he’d be embarrassed at some level; he’s embarrassed of all this stuff.

So I think Cam Newton knows he’s great and I think Cam Newton knows all of them – I mean, players aren’t stupid. They know there is cash exchanging hands in the SEC and other major conferences, it’s out there. But my gut feeling is that, Reggie Busch knew a lot more about his dad than Cam Newton does of his dad. I mean, Reggie Busch’s dad had a new car, new house, was flying to games…really hard not to know. Cam’s dad, a preacher, doesn’t have a new house, doesn’t have a new car, really hard to know especially when 5 of the SEC schools are like 90mins from Atlanta

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, I would think it’d depend on the type of relationship the son had with his father. Some people’s relationship is like a best friend relationship, where the son would be willing to ask anything of and say anything to his father. Whereas some are more of the traditional paternalistic relationship, where you can’t really ask/say anything you want.

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