Even The Greatest Athletes, Including Michael Jordan, Show They Can’t Always Get It Right!

Posted: December 31, 2010 in NBA

…it’s interesting; Michael Jordan has shown yet again his terrible eye for talent. Larry Brown is out the door in Charlotte, but to me the bigger story here is Michael Jordan’s inefficiency as a general manager and owner then it is about Larry Brown, who always bounces around anyways. Remember Jordan, got rid of Tyson Chandler and Raymond Phelps and got basically nothing in return.

Raymond Felton has gone onto become a very good point guard for the New York Knicks and has helped revitalize that franchise along with Amare Stoudemire. Remember, MJ drafted Kwame Brown 1st overall – disaster – Adam Morrison over both Rudy Gayer and Brandon Roy, Kyle Weaver over Brook Lopez.

I’ve always felt that MJ is too busy being MJ, he’s too busy golfing and being MJ and doing his real estate thing. It’s why I think – you know – great players rarely make great GM’s and head coaches. Reason being is that lesser players on the bench are always watching actively, paying attention to detail, have this grinder mentality, being a good teammate and seeing the big picture.

Whereas stars, in any business, are basically self absorbed, it’s about them, the attention to detail is not great because they never had to worry about the attention to detail because they simply had more talent. Magic Johnson bombs as a head coach, MJ’s bombed, Isaiah Thomas has bombed as both head coach and GM, and Wayne Gretzky I believe has bombed as a head coach in hockey as well.

But you have coaches like Doc Rivers, Pat Riley, Jerry Sloan and Phil Jackson, who were more marginal players, turn out to be great head coaches. So the sports media slobbers over MJ – and nobody will acknowledge it – because you know, every time I see him now, he’s sort of a blowded, blood shot eyes, steakhouse owning, cigar smoking, black jack playing former superstar who can’t, for the life of him, get his act together as a GM, he’s arguably the worst in the sport!

But, for whatever reason, we’ve idolized him; he’s an iconic figure…maybe even in our society. There is just something off about Jordan, since he retired, he lacks a certain dignity. His hall of fame speech, when you see his appearance and the stories he tells…there’s just something not quite there for me. But I think Magic has it, I don’t think Michael Jordan does…in terms of the dignity thing. He’s sort of awkward and stand offish and there really isn’t any charisma and I thought the hall of fame speech was pathetic and bitter and small [If you haven’t had the chance to hear it, check it out at this link, right click and open in another tab http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owbYN3XstVQ ]

But America loves MJ, though I’m sure they’re willing to admit that he’s a bad GM and – I mean – he doesn’t even do his homework. The Tyson Chandler thing, as John Hollinger on ESPN radio said when the Larry Brown firing story broke out, he said Jordan basically gave him [Chandler] away and got virtually nothing for him, he didn’t save any money. Raymond Felton now for the New York Knicks is an 18 and 8 point guard and is really a key member to the turnaround for the Knicks, he’ll probably be there for 7 or 8 more years and will lead them to another level, entirely.

So MJ, please, quit golfing and spend more time watching tape and going over to Slovakia and watching players because it’s just not working for you at the present with the way you’re running things in charlotte. Now Larry Brown, its funny, was the coach and he basically didn’t get along with MJ or at least he didn’t agree with the way MJ built this team so Larry Brown got wacked. So I thought I’d play a game with you called Larry Brown Vagabond Trivia!

Now, it should be noted that Larry Brown travelled more than any other coach in the NBA and college history. So I’m going to ask you 3 or 4 Larry Brown trivia questions

Answers:     Question # 1: Toronto Raptors,    Question # 2: 76’ers,    Question # 3:  All of the above     Question # 4: Lenny Wilkens & Don Nelson      Question # 5:  1989 Spurs with a .289 winning percentage

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, greatness from one area of a sport doesn’t necessarily translate to greatness in another area. Some guys can do it (Jerry West, Ozzie Newsome), but I guess it takes special people to do it. Like you said, those great players often don’t see the game a way a coach/GM needs to/Those players probably didn’t utilize/appreciate coaching as well as a marginal player would, simply because the great ones didn’t require it as much. Their games were more artful, and it’s hard to teach someone how to be a great artist.

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