Ohio States’ 5 Player Suspension For The 2011-2012 College Football Season….Count Them Out Of The National Championship? I Think So!!!

Posted: December 31, 2010 in NCAA Football

Five Ohio State football players, five of them – Terrelle Pryor, star QB included. DeVier Posey, star wide receiver included, Daniel Harron included, will all sit out the first 5 games of Ohio States’ football season next year. To me, this is absolutely brutal because two of those games are @ Miami and against Michigan State, really good teams next year that return a lot of their players from this season. Then in Week 6, when Pryor and all those guys come back, they’re going to travel to Nebraska, and Nebraska should be pretty good next year.

@ Miami, Miami without Al Goldman is going to be a much better team next year. For the record, Miami has tons of returning talent; they might see it as a payback to what Ohio State did to them this year. Michigan State will be good and then @ Lincoln, Nebraska, and this is assuming that those suspended players can still at least practise.

But when they go to Nebraska in Week 6, that will be their first game, Nebraska’s QB is going to have 6 games under his belt so….good luck with that!

There you go though, bad news for Ohio State next year, I guess you can take them out of the National Championship talk. There is just no way you are going to get over that kind of a distraction to your football team, losing star players, and not think it’s going to affect you. For a couple of these guys, why not go to the NFL? Why go to the program?

Between the NCAA hovering over Auburn and dismantling USC’s program, they are getting harsh man! And what’s funny is that everybody has always thought that “well, the NCAA protects certain schools” They certainly aren’t protecting Ohio State, they are ruining next year! It kills me to say this as a Buckeye fan, but you can’t face Miami, Michigan State and Nebraska and not think you’re going to lose guys to the NFL.

But this changes everything for Ohio States’ season and basically some of you are saying “what happened Andrew?” Well, basically 5 football players from Ohio State – they can play in the upcoming bowl game mind you, it’ll be disruptive, and it’s not going to do Ohio State any favours in the bowl game. But basically they must sit out the 1st 5 games next year for selling awards, gifts, and university apparel and receiving improper benefits in 2009

So you can kind of see that the NCAA has been sitting on this for a couple of years. So the athletes – Mike Adams, Daniel Harron, DeVier Posey (the receiver), Terrelle Pryor and Solomon Thomas, they also have to repay money and benefits, ranging from $1000 – $2500. The bigger picture here is if you’re a Buckeye fan like me, next year spells absolutely big trouble!

You’re going to have controversy all year, it’s going to potentially pull the team a part, you’re not going to have your starting QB for 5 games and then by the 6th game…good luck going to Nebraska with that team next year, this is definite bad news. Jim Tressel doesn’t have a lot of stains, he certainly has one now!

Not to defend USC, but I’ve said this before, college basketball coaches have 12 people to watch and they’ve got 4 assistants. You almost have a coach for every 3 players. But in college football, you’ve got 85 guys and 20 walk on’s and 15 trainers and 15 coaches, it is hard, especially at these high profile programs, to keep a watchful eye on these kids. Until we enact legislation, where boosters are sued or boosters can face jail time, you are kidding yourself if you think that every single player on that campus is going to run it by the law and be ethical…no way! you can’t do it! Can’t do it at Texas, Can’t do it at Oklahoma, Can’t do it at Ohio State, Can’t do it at USC, Can’t do it at Virginia Tech…You just can’t!

Especially in Columbus, Miami, Los Angeles, where you’ve got sexy cities and you’ve got more money. It’s one thing in Ames, Iowa or Blacksburg, Virginia. But you get into these cities, LA or Miami or Austin, Texas….good luck! You know, there is a real social cache in some of these cities where it’s cool to be “a part of the program, and give guys money, and your there ‘boy'”

It’s very funny about Terrelle Pryor though, I was never a fan of Pryor – and  I’ve said it before – he doesn’t look like an NFL QB, Cam Newton looks like an NFL QB, but with Pryor it was always about immaturity wasn’t it? He was immature in high school; he’s been immature at Ohio State. I always say this about QB’s; that it’s not about the athlete, it’s about the judgement. By the way Ohio State, Terrelle has never won you a National Championship and now he sabotages 2011. There is your 5 star, All American that you laughed at Michigan and Penn State for sneaking him away.

Now Penn State and Michigan aren’t any great shakes either, but in the end, Terrelle Pryor at Ohio State, his legacy? No BCS National Championship, he didn’t win enough big games, got beat at home by a freshman Matt Barkley from USC…in the end, what are Pryor’s 5 star legacies? Bad Judgement!! You recruited him, you knew it…and that’s what you got! You got exactly what you recruited. It’s why QB in the NFL and QB in college are not about the athlete.

Michael Vick is no better an athlete today than 7 years ago; he’s got better judgement today. Make’s fewer mistakes today, hangs out with better people. Tom Brady is not the best athlete, but he’s got the best judgement. That’s why he doesn’t throw picks, is highly intelligent. It’s funny, look at Terrelle Pryor…and I’ll tell you what, say what you want, this does Ohio State no favours in the bowl game because this is obviously going to be the driving story for the next 8 – 10 days in Ohio. So Pryor is going to be getting crushed, it’s going to pull the team a part.

Now these players can play in the bowl game, but it’s certainly a huge distraction. With that said though, Auburn has that distraction this year; it didn’t bother them at all! Auburn – heck, I don’t know how they did it – Auburn overcame major controversy and seemed to play better the last 4 weeks. Maybe Ohio State is inspired by this…I can’t figure out how Auburn kept their focus because Auburn played its best game of the year, in the last 4 or 5 games under tremendous scrutiny, heck they were better under scrutiny!!

College Bowl Picks

Michigan State vs. Alabama

A lot of people say “oh the SEC always kills the Big 10” don’t believe it folks! Since 2003, of the 18 bowl games between SEC and Big 10 teams, its 9-9, the SEC’s best blows out the Big 10’s best. I will tell you this though, BJ Cunningham is the only good receiver that Michigan State had…and he’s out! They are a running team via Edwin Baker. That’s pretty much all they do now and I’ve got news for you, you can’t run on Alabama! They give up 33 yards a game on the ground. I seriously don’t know how Michigan State moves the football in this game…I’m going to take Alabama at -10, it’s a big number, but Nick Saben has had enough time to prepare. I just honestly don’t know how Michigan State moves the football.

Auburn vs. Oregon

These SEC teams I tell you, let me give you the last 4 times an SEC team has played in the National Championship: 37-21, 24-14,38-24,41-14…translation? the SEC is 4-0 with 4 covers. When you give these SEC teams time to get healthy and out of the conference match ups, different teams show up. LSU, Florida, Alabama…they weren’t necessarily brilliant offensive teams, but they just all literally shifted gears in the bowl games. So I’m going to take these big SEC teams when they have time to heal, really explosive at the top. I just honestly think that Auburn, from Week 7 and onwards, was the best team in the country and Oregon from Week 1 – Week 6 was the best team in the country, but I think Oregon is much easier to stop than Auburn is.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Big blow to OSU, but it goes to show you how powerful the dollar is. Why not suspend these guys for the Bowl Game? Ratings! I think that’s the reason Cam Newton hasn’t been suspended/deemed ineligible. Auburn is a lot worse without Newton, and the BCS title game ratings would be significantly lower if Newton weren’t in the lineup, so it makes sense to let Newton play now….He will likely be deemed ineligible when the NCAA can’t gain any more money from him (sort of like Reggie Bush, now)

    Anyway, I think Alabama will roll over MSU, and Auburn will win by a single possession in the title game.

    • It certainly is a big blow for OSU next year. They did manage to save the Big 10 the embarassment of getting ripped by the SEC and that was only because these 5 players were allowed to play.

      I also asked myself that same question…why let these players play in the bowl game? Would the cry to “suspend” them for the bowl been louder had OSU been schedule to play in the National Championship? As a Buckeye homer, thank god they didn’t suspend them for that…but when your trying to instill fairness and integrity to the game, rule must apply to all…with no exceptions!

      They certainly weren’t taking care of OSU, certainly shut’s up the argument that the NCAA “take’s care of its better school’s” No question though that Cam Newton’s absence would hurt ratings, but as I previously said, you can’t make any exceptions. I guess they’re not willing to take as big of a risk in sitting Newton for the biggest game in college football…sponosrs, advertisers, promoters, television contracts, ratings etc all have to be accounted for as well.

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