The 3 Things That Stick Out To Me, For The Upcoming NFL Playoffs!

Posted: January 5, 2011 in NFL

…so here we have all these teams, and I’m looking this morning – and I could go on and on about Brady, but I’ll do that later, but the one thing that jumps out to me is that – if you look at all the NFC seeds. Atlanta is your #1 seed, Bear # 2, Eagles, Seahawks, Saints and Packers, then in the AFC its Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Chiefs, Ravens and Jets.

 If I had to rank all the teams, in terms of power rankings, I’d go #1 New England, #2 Pittsburgh/Atlanta, #4 Baltimore, # 5 Saints, #6 Eagles, # 7 Packers, #8 Jets, # 9 Bears, # 10 Colts, # 11 Kansas City, #12 Seahawks…I am a complete seller on the Colts, I am an absolute seller on them. They are 4 sacks away from being 30th in the NFL in sacks, they can’t stop anyone against the run, they are next to last in interceptions…what does this all mean? They don’t make QB’s uncomfortable. The teams in these playoffs that will advance make the other QB uncomfortable and because of that, I’m a huge seller on the Colts.

The other two things that jump out to me in these playoffs…The New Orlean Saints, if you like to gamble on football, is a pretty good dark horse team. They are going to go to Seattle, and let’s be honest here. In Seattle, in the Seattle Times, fans were asked “would you rather lose the game to the Rams and get a better draft pick or win the game and go to a playoff game at home” The fans of Seattle voted “we’d rather lose the game” In the history of the NFL, no fan base has ever gone and voted “we’d rather lose and not get a home playoff game”

So the Saints are going to win that game and win it comfortably. Then they go home and probably play, in the South at least if not at home,  they’ll go to Atlanta and play the falcons, two field goal games…first two games, you [New Orleans] know they’re personnel…they are a very good dark horse team. Atlanta is my pick, since pre-season, to get to the Superbowl and I’m going to stick with that.  I took Atlanta, nobody else would, but New Orleans is a very interesting dark horse team.

So the first thing that jumps out at me, I’m a total seller on the Colts and the second thing being – keep your eyes on the Saints and the third thing that jumps out at me, once again Aaron Rogers, who I’ve been told by many is unbelievable and a hall of famer, is every bit as good as Tom Brady….once again, we’re looking at Aaron Rogers…one and done! He’s becoming the Luke Olson of NFL QB’s…one and done!

I don’t think Green Bay is going to Philadelphia and winning that football game. Andy Reid….unbelievable!  Opening game of playoffs and bye weeks…he’s the best coach in the NFL, next to Belicheck on opening playoff games and bye weeks. So Aaron Rogers, once again, I’m told he’s great, his fantasy numbers are amazing….one and done! At some point Aaron, you’ve gotta win a playoff game….if you want to be compared to Manning, Breeze, Big Ben and Brady…you gotta win a playoff game.

So, I’m a seller on teh  Colts, I’m a little bit of a dark horse fan of the Saints, and are we – 4 days from today, going to be saying “Aaron Rogers, once again, is one and done in the playoffs” When for 5 years, I’ve been lectured on “he’s the next Tom Brady”

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I actually think Seattle is going to win the game. It seems illogical, I know, especially since New Orleans won their matchup earlier (although it was in NO) but I think the combo of Qwest Field and Drew Brees’ current tendency to turn the ball over when pressured will do the Saints in. Add in the absences Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, and the potential absence of Malcolm Jenkins and Jimmy Graham and the Saints could be very undermanned on Saturday. I think the Seahawks will play very conservatively on offense, and won’t be worried about the Saints run game (which was 8th in the league in their SB year, and has dipped to the high 20s this season), and will pressure Brees into making more mistakes than the Seahawks O will.

    Another thing. A lot of people like the Saints, but I feel they’ve played both up to and down to their competition levels. They’ve beaten the likes of the Steelers and Falcons, but they’ve been defeated by the Browns and Cardinals. What’s interesting is that in the defeats to the Browns and Cards, the opposing QB didn’t have to do that much. Defensive plays were the keys to those games. So I don’t think it’s imperative that Charlie Whitehurst (who I believe will start, probably because he’s likely more suited to evade the blitzes Gregg Williams will throw at) or Matt Hasselbeck win the game for the Seahawks.

    The GB-PHI game is intriguing. The Eagles, despite being very good throughout the year, seem to be fading down the stretch. Their team looks beat up. They remind me of the Packers in ’02, who were great for most of the year, but became increasingly more injured as the year went on and lost their home playoff game to Michael Vick. For some reason, I feel the Aaron Rodgers-led Packers will do the same to the present Vick. The Packers look to have the best D in the league. They played extremely well against the Patriots (keeping them to 24 offensive points, not forgetting the fact that one of the Pats TDs was aided by a 73 yard kick return jaunt by a 310 lb man). They also have defensive backs that can run and/or rough up the Eagles small, fast receivers. Also, there seems to be unrest with the Eagles right now. I’ve heard that Andy Reid was upset with Vick’s blitz recognition recently, and during the lead up to week 17, asked Vick to forgo practice in order watch film of the Packers 3-4 D….Maybe that extra film study will help the Eagles to win? I dunno. This is a tough game to call, but I like the Packers D right now, and I also think the Eagles’ hurting D will not be able to keep with GREG JENNINGS and co

    • With the Playoff’s being a totally different animal, I certainly don’t discredit your opinion that Seattle might win the game, but I just really think their strengths really far outway their inefficiencies. Breese’ tendancy to turn the ball over might become a problem, but I don’t think Seattle would even be able to take advantage of it, given their talent pool and Saints’ defense.

      I didn’t realize it, but your absolutely right! The Saints have shown to play to the level of their competition. The defeat to Cleveland and the Cardinals really lead to me question their Superbowl credentials, though the Falcons and Steeler victories also affirmed them. I’m thinking that the Saints, knowing that it’s the playoffs, will see their competition – not based on their regular season record, but as legit team, since they’re in the big dance…but that might not be the case when you know your playing the first team to win a division sub .500.

      The Packers/Eagles game is arguably the best one of the weekend. I honestly think, as I’ve said in some of my rants, this has got to be the year where Aaron Rogers elevates himself to that class of Brady, Manning, Breese, etc should he win a playoff game. If he fails too, it certainly will hurt his credibility as a QB in the playoff (regular season only guy) and may weed himself out as being a “choke” when the game matters most.

      Based on Andy Reid’s credentials and success in at this stage, I think he’s like 8-0, which really speaks volumes of him as a coach…knowing when to put his game face on, when it’s on the line. The Packers’ D though is the one that the Eagles certainly did not want to see. But the dynamics of Vick will make it diffcult…it’s a toss up, but i’d call the Eagles to win it by a hair!

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