Black Monday Gave Us 8 Pink Slips…Top 8 Job’s In The Country, Which One Should Jim Harbough Take?

Posted: January 7, 2011 in NFL

…there are 8 job openings in the NFL that we know as of this morning. So the 8 jobs are, let’s go West to East: Oakland, San Francisco, Denver, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Miami, Tennessee and Carolina….that’s your 8 jobs.

So right now I’m going to tell you, in my opinion, Jim Harbough could have any of these jobs, I would hire Jim Harbough. I will tell you – and give you the reasons why, in what order, would I want the job. Now #8 of the 8 job openings – remember, Minnesota is keeping their coach, Dallas is probably keeping their coach, the Giants are absolutely right in keeping Tom Coughlin, inexplicably San Diego is keeping Norf Turner, it looks like Houston is keeping theirs…so I’m not counting these. I’m counting, Cleveland, Cinncy, Carolina, Oakland, San Francisco, Denver, Tennessee, Miami.

So # 8, the 8th of the 8 teams I would want to be the coach off is Oakland. You don’t have the right QB, you’ve got a bizarre owner, and you’re not going to get any power…no thank you! The #7 job would be Denver. I like the owner, you’ve got some skilled people I like – there are some pieces there, but I’d have to play Tebow and the rest of the team is not that talented. The # 6 job I would like, probably going with Cincinnati. Bengals ownership – not very good, Mike Brown’s ownership not very good, an organization that you hear a lot of stories about, frugal to the point of being cheap. A lot of divas, that’s got an aging QB with divas on the outside. So I would say Oakland at #8, Denver #7, Cinncy #6.

At #5 – and I actually think the list starts turning now and it gets more attractive, and that team is Cleveland. I get Mike Holmgren – who is a leader, Colt McCoy showed real signs this season. I think Cleveland, I don’t like the division they’re in, but they’re about 3 players away. Perhaps a defensive end along with a receiver and a guard, from being pretty good…they remind me of the Lions, not that far off, they‘re a good draft away

#4 is Tennessee, very good offensive and defensive lines; I’ve got a couple of superstars, though not enough for my liking on the outside especially after Kenny Brit. I don’t like the QB situation; I don’t want to inherit Vince Young or Kerry Collins as my starter …so that’s the 4th best job.

#3, now the list gets tasty. I think Miami is the 3rd best job, I think Chad Henne has potential, he and the offensive coordinator Dan Henning did not get along, they’ve got a superstar wide receiver, the pieces are in place, outside of the patriots…it’s a winnable division, I get Buffalo a couple of times, the Jets are beatable. I like the Miami job….though don’t love it, but I like, so if Harbaugh comes there, better relationship with Chad Henne, this could be a really good football team.

#2 job is the Carolina Panthers. If I’m Harbaugh and the Panthers have the # 1 pick…I get Andrew Luck! That is really nice. Now there are some real limitations on the outside offensively and I don’t love their personnel. But  I get Luck, and remember that in that division, the last place team has always bounced back the following year to be formidable, if not, win the division.

And the #1 job that I like is San Francisco, I don’t have to move my family, my wife’s just had a baby, I really like they’re talent.  There are reports that Harbaugh and San Francisco, that there is some potential there. There are reports that Harbaugh and Michigan, over the years, eroded has him going back to his home.

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  1. Mike Crack says:

    The Dolphins and Bengals have retained their coaches.

    As of now, it looks like Andrew Luck is staying in school, so that hurts the Panthers shot. Also, they probably wouldn’t even get Harbaugh because Harbaugh will likely command a lot of money, more than Jerry Richardson wants to pay.

    I agree, SF is probably the best job. Like you pointed out, location is key. Not to mention, the NFC West hasn’t been a powerhouse division in awhile. In fact, the NFC West winner has not won more than 10 games since 2005, when the Seahawks won 14. In ’06, the winner won 9, ’07 it was 10, ’08 it was 9, ’09 it was 9, and this year, the much talked about Seahawks won only 7. The 49ers won 6 games this year. I know every year is different, but it’s amazing to think that a 3-4 game turnaround may be enough for the division crown next year.

    The 49ers are also pretty talented. They were a trendy pre-season pick to win the division (I was one of the people who was duped), and they have some good players on their front 7, as well as some raw talent on the offensive line and a few talented pass catchers.

    I guess one drawback is the 9ers hired a GM who looks like he’ll have a decent amount of control over personnel moves, so Harbaugh won’t be in a situation like a Bill Belichick or Josh McDaniels in his old role in Denver.

    Still, SF looks like a good spot.

    • Yes Mike, during the drafting of this, I had a strong inkling that Bengals and Miami would dismiss their coaches, but it quickly turned on me…my mistake!

      That is also another story that broke well into the drafting of this rant. Andrew Luck will be staying to finishing his degree and play another year of football. Good on both front…academic wise and football development. Though I’d argue, unless World World 3 starts, Stanford – the academic institution will still be there after he retires. But I guess he’s playing it old school, wants to develop himself better for the draft and finish what he started, school wise.

      And It’s official…he’s signed with the 49’ers, he took the best job out there!

  2. DerekMayo says:

    Yea the NFC West hasn’t been a powerhouse in the last 6 years but with Pete now with the Seahawks, you think things might be different? I mean i am still pissed that the guy left USC but one thing he is good at is motivating his players to play at a high level every game.
    I actually think Harbaugh would be better off if he had more control over personnel moves as much as he had at Stanford. After replacing Walt Harris in 2006, he pretty much revamped the whole personnel at Stanford, but it will be interesting to see him and Carroll in the NFC West because I know him and Pete Carroll had their own “beef” in 2007.

    He praised the Trojans in 2007, stating “There is no question in my mind that USC is the best team in the country and may be the best team in the history of college football.” Later in the season, Stanford defeated #1 USC 24–23 with a touchdown in the final minute. I know him, Chip Kelly and Bill Snyder are the only coaches to have a winning record against Carroll while he was at USC. You think this trend will continue in the NFL? I hope so. Maybe Pete will come back to SC?

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