College Coaches Don’t Pan Out In the NFL…Will Someone Please Say “Enough Already, It’s A Rumour”

Posted: January 7, 2011 in MLB, NBA, NFL

You know how sometimes there is a rumour out there and it just grows and grows and grows and grows? And nobody puts an end to it? It happens all the time. It happens in sports, politics – I mean, it happened with Obama saying that he was Muslim. So you get all these rumours flying around, and nobody will say “it’s not true”

Can I just put an end to something? I really want to end this whole thing…Jim Harbaugh is the hottest coaching prospect to come out of college football in a couple of years. Every few years we get these Jason Garrett’s or a John Gruden, Harbaugh is the guy right now. Miami has said they want to make him the highest paid coach in the world, like literally absurd money, he’s a very good football coach.

But can we please stop the “you know these college football coaches, they never pan out in the NFL” Umm, yeah they do! Jimmy Johnson, 2 Superbowls, John McKay took a horrible expansion team in Tampa and got them to the playoffs. Steve Mariucci with the 49’ers for 5 years, is better than Bill Parcell’s in all-time winning percentage. Tom Coughlin, college coach, succeeded both in Jacksonville and with the Giants. John Robinson, 6 playoffs, 9 years with the Rams. Bobby Ross, he got the Chargers to their only Superbowl. Barry Switzer won a Superbowl – now, he may have done it with Jimmy’s guys, but he still got there and won.

So yes! You can go from college to the NFL – there is this myth out there that “there has been a lot of failures” Yeah, Lou Holtz, miserable failure. Steve Spurrier, miserable failure. But I will tell you this though, Nick Saben would succeed in the NFL, no questions asked! Nick Saben got hozzed by Nick Sabens’ medical staff. The staff said “pass on Drew Breeze go with Culpepper, he’s healthier” If they get Drew Breeze and not Culpepper in Miami, Saben is not coaching at Alabama, he’s winning in the NFL.

Saben – I’d argue – is your classic NFL coach. No social life, head down, workaholic, film room all day, no personality…he is an NFL coach, hence why he is a widely respected coach in both college and the NFL. For the record, he coached in the NFL – I believe he was under Bill Belicheck in Cleveland in the very early stages.

So Harbaugh as well can win anywhere. The dude took Stanford, with massive academic restrictions – you can’t get guys into Stanford very easily. Yet now they’re 12-1 and crushing people. By the way, one bad quarter from playing for the National Championships…they basically outplayed Oregon for 2 ½ quarters and then just fell apart physically at the end and Oregon went nuts in the 4th quarter. So come on people, please, let’s get over that.

The other thing is – and I saw this today – something I love, something you don’t… something you love, something I don’t. Let me give you something that you love, that I don’t. Generally speaking, you and I, we agree on almost everything – I mean, I like Mark Sanchez more than you, but we all agree on who’s the best QB and who’s not. I mean, if you read my rants…I’m not contrarian, 90% of the stuff we agree with.

But here is something that you love, that I don’t. The playoffs this year – keep your eye on it in the NFL – we’ve got a new rule! Remember? You forgot about it…didn’t you! Peyton Manning acknowledged  that he forgot about it. We have a new playoff overtime rule. Peyton Manning said “ I forgot about it” He had to be reminded by his head coach Jim Caldwell. Under the new rule, which starts this weekend, the team that receives the first overtime kick-off would win the game on that possession only with a touchdown. If they get a field goal, the other team gets the football. If they other team gets a field goal, then…you can win with a score of any kind! Field goal, safety, touchdown…whatever.

What does that mean? One of these games is going into overtime, there are a lot of overtime games in football and, by the way, the overtime is going to be long. Think about this…playoff football, you’re going to have overtime and a long overtime. You know what that means? You’re going to lose the following week.

Fans love long overtime’s “yeah!!! It’s more football…its fairness, ultimate fairness”  Okay fine, but take the Washington Redskins for example. They had 4 overtime games this year…how did they do the next week? 0-4! The very good Kansas City Chiefs had 2 overtime games…how did they do the following week? 0-2! The Houston Texans had 2 overtime games…how did they do the following week? 0-2! Now, the Ravens had 3 and went 3-0, but all 3 were at home and 2 of the 3 were against horrible teams and one of them, Buffalo, at home, after an overtime game, they had to go to overtime to beat and they are twice the team Buffalo is.

So imagine a 3 score overtime game against teams like the Steelers or Bears…like a physical football team, an extra quarter. Remember, in a lot of NFL games, you lead 28-7 in the 4th and for the last 4 series, you’ve mailed in your starters. So in order, by its very nature, to get to the playoffs…you’re talking about a super intense, physically exhausting 4 quarters. Now, add another quarter …good luck! Then, playing on a short week – a Saturday – the following week, that’s spells “L” for Lost.

So, you fans love that…but I’ve said it before, the NBA – what do they do in overtime? Fast! Get it over with. I’ve never bought into the whole fairness and overtime argument. If you go to overtime – you’ve had 12 or 13 possessions, and I’ll tell you this, my theory on overtime has always been this. In overtime in the NFL, the road team should always get the ball first…ALWAYS! Since everything in football favours the home team. You have the crowd…that’s big in football. You don’t have to travel. The road team often has to travel cross-country, loses a day of practise, the crowd is to your advantage.

My thing is – if you as a home team, in 13 possessions, if you can’t beat a road team… they get the ball first in overtime…first score wins! That, to me, is incredibly fair. I mean, even Vegas acknowledges, that home field is worth 3 – 4 points. So the score at the beginng of the game is really 4-0 favouring the home team…. the road team trails. Home field – everything in football – is built so that the locker rooms are better. I mean, everything is better, the locker rooms; you don’t have to travel, along with the support from the crowd. You can’t beat me in 13 possessions; I get the ball first in overtime! “Well Andrew, it’s not fair…”

You find me anywhere in sports that it’s fair. Yankee’s payroll and Marlin’s payroll…is that fair? Glamour teams in the NBA…is that fair? Is it fair that I get Belicheck and your head coach was Tom Kaper a couple of years ago….is that fair? Nothing is fair!! Is it fair that most free agent stars would rather play in states with no state tax, warm weather, great coaches and QB’s? So I’ve never bought into that argument “it’s only fair that both teams get…” alright!!!!  you’re going to get what you wanted, but you’re going to get a long overtime and an exhausted team, that will go belly up the following week.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I agree with your feeling that college coaches can’t have success in the NFL. It’s just not true.

    Anyway, while the new OT rules can make for a longer game, I don’t think it means the team is going to lose the following week. Last post-season, teams were 1-1 following OT wins. The Cards lost to the Saints following their win against GB, and the Saints won the SB after edging GB in OT.

    • You bring up a valid point, but I just don’t know how this new ruling will really pan out. Those stats I included in the rant were merely one’s to sorta provide a context for these rules. I did also make the mention that Baltimore totally threw my argument out the door! It’ll be interesting to see what side of the fence I’ll be on after the next two weeks, should be great football nonetheless!

      • DerekMayo says:

        As a PAC-10 guy, i am happy that he left Stanford. Now USC can get quality recruits in cuz the dude was killing us, him and Kelly. However, i don;t think he will be good in the NFL. I think Andrew Luck played a huge role in his success. Luck is a special QB and this is coming from a Matt Barkley die hard fan. I hope he does well but I just don’t see that soon. Maybe he might wait next year and draft Andrew Luck?

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