Why The NFL Is Such A Good Product On Television!

Posted: January 21, 2011 in NFL

I saw this on Monday, the New England/Jets game got a 26 rating – I know most of you don’t care about that, but that’s a gigantic number! That’s like 4 World Series games; it’s just absolutely incredible what the NFL is doing. Now there has been this question tossed around “Why has the NFL become so popular?” Some people claim that it’s “all about the violence”…well hasn’t it always been violent? “Well its all been about the betting” you can really bet on anything can’t you? “Well it’s about fantasy football”…well, there is fantasy baseball, fantasy golf, fantasy motor sports…there is fantasy everything!

I think one of the reasons football – and the numbers keep going up and up and there is this insatiable appetite for it because heck, it’s a hell of a television product while baseball isn’t. Baseball has never evolved as a television product and football sees itself as a television show first and a league second.

Monday night is a prime example, so I turned on the television Monday night – I’m an early 20ish guy, I’m not a television critic,  I’m just looking for reasonably informative television – sowhat educational, where I can learn something. You know, I tend to watch the History channel, politics and sports, channels where I can learn something. So Monday night, I turn on the television – and basically, here is how you get a television show on in North America. Do you have mality or an emotional issue that we can exploit? If you have one, we’ll give you a television show.

Monday night, ABC has the “Bachelor” – that’s woman with low-self esteem and then A&E has “Intervention” – selfish, undisciplined mama’s boys who can’t regulate their life and then Bravo has “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” pfft, that’s a real treat! The Discovery channel had “Junior vs. Senior American Chopper” – where you’ve honestly never seen angrier television. TLC has “ Hoarding: Buried Alive” – these are some real winners, people who collect cardboard boxes from the 60’s and can’t put them in the garbage. MTV had “Jersey Shore” even National Geographic’s’ new series is called “Drugged” – basically people high on cocaine and ecstasy …sure as heck would like to watch that one with my parents!

Heck, even if you’re in your 30’s and 40’s and have any discernment, you and I are probably just looking for television our IQ doesn’t erode nor disintegrate. Even the Animal Planet, their newest series “Infested” – houses infested with roaches and raccoon’s…like really? I want to watch that?

So I think one of the reasons why the NFL is going through the roof – by the way, cable television is going through the roof along with some of these political shows.  Sports and Politics ratings are way up! Why?  Because you can learn something, they are not exploiting people who have like mality’s and problems. You just go from dial to dial and your going from losers to losers to losers to losers…heck, Snorky is now a star! This is honestly depressing to see because it’s just a bunch of losers all over television and it’s like – even when you think they are winners like on the “Bachelor” because they are good looking, it’s just low self esteem girls who need a hug. It’s honestly unbelievable! Like you watch it for 5 minutes and you’re like “can somebody bring back the Soprano’s?” – Guys being guys who are wacking people for not listening to them…now that was good television!

Now it’s gotten to the point where they are even putting radio shows on television. Do you know why? Because it’s better than half the stuff out there. It’s really bad the stuff that’s out there where you have them exploiting poor people, people with mality’s and people with issues and hoarders and drug users and now Regis Philbin is retiring. So get somebody from “Intervention” put them next to Rippa and you’ll get big ratings!


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