Give Jay Cutler a Break! He Couldn’t Plant His Foot!!

Posted: January 28, 2011 in NFL

Let me say this, I’m going to officially rename Monday’s for my rant to “Absolute Monday’s” every email/post that I got Monday morning is saying something along the lines of “…this will never happen, Sanchez will never be good” or “…Aaron Rogers will always be #1”. Like listen to these words, “never, ever, always” …it’s honestly “Absolute Monday’s” on my sports blog since everything just seems to be an absolute. I guess that’s just the case, since Monday is the most emotional day for football fans. We’re crazy – well you are, I’m not. As you know on my rants, I try to take perspective seriously; I try to take the emotion out of it.

There I was on a Monday – and you should read the emails on Jay Cutler. Now for the record, I’ve never been a Jay Cutler guy, I’m very critical of Jay Cutler – not my kind of QB. But all of you, who have never played a down of football in your life at that level, were calling him a “wimp” Here is a guy who was sacked 57 times this year. A guy with Type 1 diabetes, a guy who has been tossed like a ragged doll, knocked out of games. But this past Sunday, he’s just suddenly a “wimp”? He clearly showed up on Sunday and said “I just don’t wanna play, I just don’t even like football” really??

Let’s go back to Sunday’s game; the Chicago Bears couldn’t move the ball. His elbow was bleeding and nobody could figure out why. He came off the field limping – he couldn’t plant his foot. Have you ever tried to throw a football down the field, especially against the Packers’ defence when you can’t plant your foot? He tried to; after hobbling of the field, came back on and short-hopped a receiver who was 6 feet in front of him…he couldn’t get it to him! And because of this….now he’s a “wimp”? Absolute Monday’s on my sports blog!

 “Never, always, terrible, great, awful, unbelievable” Last week, Aaron Rogers was being hailed as the best human on the planet….I just ask for a little perspective! Let’s go see him against a good defence.

Let me say this about Jay Cutler though because what hurts Jay Cutler – his body language stinks when he’s good, Jay Cutler has got terrible body language, he looks indifferent and sullen…and that’s when he’s winning 26-7. He’s got the worse body language in the league, he looks disinterested – but he looks disinterested….ALWAYS! Be it leading or trailing. Now when you combine Jay Cutler’s horrible body language with that moment they had on Sunday, it ticks you off , it ticks me off…it ticks everybody off!

I got an email Monday morning, and this is so perfect, because it proves my point. The sender says “…there was no shots of him [Cutler] cheering, no images of him clapping and rallying his team” and that is what everybody else is saying…that ticks you off! If Jay Cutler is on the sidelines on Sunday – and Aaron Rogers is like one of those guys like Philip Rivers, where he’s pumping his fist when he’s in the game and you see Aaron Rogers jumping up and down on the sidelines. Aaron Rogers is our kind of guy, we like Aaron Rogers. He dates supermodels, he’s a gamer, he plays hurt…it’s why we also like Big Ben when he plays with a broken nose. But I mean Aaron Rogers is one of those guys who is just pumping his fist, he’s jumping on teammates, he’s giving high fives, yet that’s what we the fans like!

But that’s not who Jay Cutler is and he’s never been that way. But don’t hold Jay’s personality – which is sullen and indifferent, against him here. The dude was a rag doll this year, the crappiest offensive line in the league. He and Matt Forte had to carry the football team offensively – and for the record, whatever level that offense is, and it’s awful, it’s the worst offense I’ve ever seen in a championship game in the NFC or AFC, Jay Cutler had to carry it all year. Knocked out of the game against the Giants, 57 sacks, elbow is bleeding and now all of a sudden he’s a weenie….really?

 His teammates are defending him just like Olin Kreutz, his offensive linemen, who is quoted in the Chicago paper, let me transcribe it for you, he said “ People are stupid, I saw Cutler’s knee shaking and swinging, moving his hands back and forth…I didn’t even think he was going to finish the half! Then he came out and tried to throw the ball…that amazed me” Urlacher was furious with those who banged on Cutler saying “Jay was hurt, I don’t question his toughness, he’s one of the toughest…he’s tough as hell, he’s one of the toughest guys on our football team, he doesn’t [bleep], he doesn’t complain when he gets hit, he goes out there and play [bleep] tough every single Sunday, he practises every single day, so no…we don’t question his toughness”

The dude has got diabetes, he’s got diabetes. I’ve worked with people, during some of my co-op placements, who have diabetes. They can’t perform at the level that other people can sometimes, their diet is different, their blood sugar levels…it limits what they can do, yet Cutler is playing the NFL QB position and is asked to carry his team all year. Remember, I’m not a Jay Cutler guy – it would be very easy for me to rant about him and rip him rant after rant after rant, but I think people are being absolutely ridiculous.

The same thing happened to Ladainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers years ago. Ladainian was the best player in the league for like 7 years, he was absolutely ridiculous. He and Ray Lewis were like the best players for like 8 years. He gets hurt in a game, goes to the bench and it drove people crazy. Why? Because he sat on the bench, withdrawn and with his head down…and we later found out that his knee was all screwed up – and for the record, he was never the same player, he was never the same player, but I think people are being totally unfair.

Listen, I’m like you, I want my QB to play like Big Ben with a broken nose, Philip Rivers played with a torn ACL…but Jay Cutler literally couldn’t plant his foot, Type 1 diabetes, taking shots from NFL players all year, and now fans are like “ahhh this guy’s a weenie” really? He’s suddenly a wimp on Sunday, I’m sorry but I just can’t buy that! I just want to add a little perspective here. Yes it drove me crazy, but you thought they were going to win anyway? Did you watch that football game? Did you ever think for a second that Chicago was as good as Green Bay? For one minute, did you think Green Bay was the inferior team? God no!!!!

That was one of those games, like Auburn vs. Oregon, where the score stayed the same for like 2 hours and you kept thinking to yourself “shouldn’t Green Bay and Auburn be winning this game by 20 points?” Jay Cutler is a convenient guy to blame, because we don’t like him and he’s sullen and I think we are massively over-reacting on this kid. Were really being completely unfair – and for the record, like I’ve said, I’m not a Cutler guy. Given the option of every QB in this league I can have, he’s one of my bottom 5! I’m seriously not a fan of this guy, but don’t bang on him for his personality, have some perspective people.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I agree, people were talking too much smack about him not staying the game. It’s hard to gauge how much someone is hurting. I was surprised Neon Deion was talking smack, considering he wasn’t known as a tough player. He shied away from tackling.

    I have to apologize though, I was saying Cutler should have been “rallying his troops”, but you make a good point, he’s just not that kind of guy, even when things are good. Also, good note about the Type 1 Diabetes. It’s tough to even play with it, and he did it a couple of years ago with undiagnosed Diabetes and lost 30 lbs during the year.

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