NFL coaches vs. MLB managers, Why Not Treat Them The Same? Jeff Fischer Is A Great Coach!

Posted: January 30, 2011 in MLB, NFL

Let’s talk about that Jeff Fischer thing in Tennessee – it’s very funny because, in North America, we tend to be more demanding of our football coaches than of our baseball managers. Baseball managers, we tend to treat like university professors. They get tenure and then they’re untouchable. I mean Bobby Cox, managing in the sport for 30 years, had the best staff in the game for 15 straight years and only won 1 title. “You can’t fire him; he’s a good baseball man” that’s like saying “he’s a good psychology professor…you can’t fire him!”

We never treat football coaches like that…you know what we treat them like? Like politicians! The economy goes south “get them outta there!” you vote them in, you vote them out. But it’s not his fault that he inherited a bad economy “you gotta get him outta there!” Yeah, but the QB is not very good, the economy …”gotta get them outta there…it’s time!” It’s funny how we never say that with baseball managers “it’s probably time for a change.” In football, we always treat them like politicians – and if you’re really bad as a football coach, you’re a real screw up like a Nixon or Wade Philips, we’ll impeach you mid-term. “Let’s get this guy outta here now!” We never do that in baseball, especially with great guys like Jeff Fischer.

I got emails on Friday – and it cracks me up. Whenever it comes to Jeff Fischer, I always tend to get this email and it drives me crazy. The writer says “Well come on, I mean he’s got a losing playoff record and he’s barely above .500…”

Do you know how Warren Buffet has become the 3rd richest human on the planet? By buying value stocks! He’s a value investor. What does that mean? He buys really good companies that are beat up. They are a $60 stock, but they’re selling at $22. You have to realize that Jeff Fischer has had to go against Peyton Manning for a decade, while he’s had Bill Volick, Vince Young and a 6th wonderlick score, Steve McNair – by the way, I’m mentioning the good ones. Kerry Collins, a cheap owner, he’s never had one star receiver in the last decade of the NFL becoming a passing league.

Peyton Manning has had great receivers, Peyton Manning has had better ownership, better drafting and yet Jeff Fischer occasionally can get to the playoffs, wins a bunch of football games. Did you read what the players said about Jeff Fischer leaving? Said defensive end Jason Babin “I love Jeff Fischer”, said Linebacker Gerald McRath “My jaw is on the floor, and I love the guy” Every player came to his defence. They weren’t doing that with Wade Philips, they’re not doing that with Norf Turner or Tom Cable.

If you’re going to look at a coaches record – it’s amazing, I mean Bobby Cox haf the best staff in baseball for 15 years and he gets 1 title and he is labelled as “un-fireable” To even question Lou Pinella “you don’t get baseball, it’s a very cerebral game, you’re too stupid” Yeah, Grady Little got to an ALCS, it’s for scientists only. I mean, seriously?

But in the NFL, Tom Coughlin– who has built up two organizations, who won a Superbowl as an underdog in every game, on the road…he’s on a year-to -year basis, he’s a politician.  I mean Tom Coughlin every year “yeah, I think we should let him go” Heck, half the fan base wants him out. We are so tough on football coaches …its brutal! Even when football coaches win like Mike Tomlin, when he wins a Superbowl, “Yeah, he’s doing it with Bill Cowher’s guys” Les Miles at LSU, all he does is win big games at LSU and people say “yeah, he’s doing it with Saben’s guys” The man has been there for 7 years! Nobody there is a Saben guy anymore. We are absolutely brutal on football coaches. I mean, in Philadelphia – and they got a lot of meatball fans. If you ask Philadelphia about Andy Reid, who is like 8-2 in 1st round playoff games and who has never lost after a bye, yet his star QB in a passing league was Donovan McNabb, half the fans in Philly would vote him out! Are you kidding me?

He took Donovan McNabb and a guy who just got out of prison and he keeps getting to the playoffs…you’re kidding me right? Jeff Fischer, step back and stop going to the internet and looking up records, I’ve never read any of the NFL analysts at ESPN, Fox Sports,, who didn’t say “Fischer is great!” Schematically great, players love him, nobody plays harder, and nobody works the margins better. By the way, Jeff Fischer regularly/annually has to face organizations like New England, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Indy – which are much more efficiently run, that have better owners and better infrastructure.

He has to go against Roethliesberger, Brady, Manning, the Joe Flacco’s…and what’s he got to work with? Kerry Collins, Vince Young, Billy Volick….are you kidding me? Somebody out there needs to be a Warren Buffet, a value investor. This guy [Jeff Fischer] is excellent! And everybody in this world stares at win/loss records. “Omg, blah blah blah blah blah” Like if Mike McCarthy loses the Superbowl, he’s less of a coach? Mike McCarthy had 16 of the players, half of the players, miss the season and they are in the Superbowl, I mean…that is coaching! It’s what you overcome.

So anybody questioning Jeff Fischer – in a passing league, look at what he’s had at wide receiver, ownership, QB…that’s pretty much everything in this league. He’s been below average at all of them and they are always viable and they are always a tough out. But I will get posts today saying “well his playoff record…” Tony Dungy had Peyton Manning, look at his playoff record…with Peyton Manning! I mean Bill Cowher’s playoff record….with the Rooney’s! Bill Belicheck has been one and done in the last 2 years…you do get that it’s the NFL right?

We are brutal on football coaches and we give baseball managers a complete pass because “that’s a good baseball man!” pfft what does that mean? It’s just unbelievable and Fischer will continue to get nothing but heat for the next week or so.

Like Dan Marino and Charles Barkley never won a title…yet they were unbelievable stars! Arnold Palmer never won much either. Are they not all still legends? This is an interesting topic today because if I was the Knicks, I’d get Carmelo – even though I believe that Carmelo would never bring a championship to New York. There is nothing wrong with being # 2. Pepsi and Target have been #2 forever, it’s a great place to be and work! You don’t have to go out and advertise yourself as “we’re #2”

But the idea that you’re not a good football coach – it’s like Marty Schottenheimer rebuilt 4 pro organizations, 4 dogs with fleeces, he re-built all of them. “Yeah, but he never won” really? And the guys who call radio shows…look at their lives! If we judged the people who called radio shows as harshly as we do to NFL coaches, can you imagine what kind of names the callers would get?

Like “Marty Schottenheimer is not great coach” pfft, he’s an unbelievable coach. Andy Reid is unbelievable, Tom Coughlin …these guys are the best in the world at what they do. Are you even the best…at your job? In your office? Jeff Fischer is a great coach, who has been saddled with a below average owner, weak QB, he’s never been given one star receiver; the guy is a great coach!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I agree, it’s a results based world. People were clamouring for Bill Cowher to be fired until the Steelers went on that hot streak in 2005. He missed the playoffs three straight years, never won a road playoff game in his first 13 years as coach, and lost the AFC title games in 1994, 1997, 2001, and 2004, all at home. Now, because of the one year where his team went all the way, he’s seen as a sure-fire success for a team needing a new head coach.

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