Aaron Rogers, Welcome To the Club!!

Posted: February 9, 2011 in NFL

So I thought it was a good game and there was lots of drama – despite the fact that it was a sloppy and poorly officiated game. I thought it was a great game with drama, especially for fans with no rooting interest. Big names, a hot team, traditional franchises, a lot of big plays. I thought the Steeler touchdown before half, heightened the tension because it felt like for a second there – about 5 minutes “uh oh, we’ve got a blow out, it’s going to get ugly” then the Steelers got in close.

I’m surprised that it was a good game for a lot of reasons and one of them was that it was the most predictable Superbowls ever! Not just by me, but by you!!! I looked at some of my previous texts/emails and bbm messages. The #1 thing everybody said last week, almost everyone that contacted me – even Steeler fan. “Pittsburgh above average, Green Bay has above average wide receivers, Pittsburgh below average corners…that’s going to be a real problem” You all predicted it and you were right! Most of you were close to predicting the score. I personally predicted 31-27 and that’s pretty much what it was.

We all felt that Green Bay would win, but knew that Pittsburgh would battle them because the Steelers are the Steelers. We all felt – many of us did, many of you did, that Green bay would go to the shotgun or pretty much bail on the run – and they only rushed it 13 times, a Superbowl record low. Most of you predicted that Aaron Rogers was the most probable to win the MVP and he was! Most of us thought that the Steelers losing their centre before the Superbowl would hurt the m – and if you watched them, they looked a little sloppy, a little out of sorts, didn’t run good or as consistently as usual, the protection wasn’t great.

The game played out exactly as you predicted. So for a predictable game, I thought it was pretty good drama. I said last week – I don’t think these were great teams. Green Bay couldn’t put away Pittsburgh, 6 or 7 drops, most of them tee spots, they have no running game, no balance and average special teams. Pittsburgh has got a shaky offensive line, limited playmakers offensively, not a great pass rush, rare for the Steelers, unless they blitz and they too have average special teams.

With free agency and salary caps, the NFL produces good to very good teams. And when that good to very good team (i.e Green Bay) gets hot? They win the Superbowl!! The New York Giants, Green Bay, New Orlean Saints, very good teams who got hot. But hot doesn’t beat dynasties. It doesn’t beat the 70’s Steelers, the 80’s 49’ers or the 90’s Cowboys. Those teams often won Superbowls against “hot” teams and they won them by 40 points. Steve Young once had 6 TD’s and no picks and it wasn’t an exhibition game…it was a Superbowl.

All the hatred on me, whether on my blog, emails, bbm’s, wall posts etc has been centered on one thing…Aaron Rogers. “Andrew, you were wrong! This must hurt, this is terrible…” I knew Friday that I would be writing this rant late Tuesday night, with Aaron Rogers as MVP and the Packers as Superbowl champs. Folks, I heard an interview on the Scott Van Pelt Show on ESPN radio last week and he was interviewing Drew Breese. In one of his answer’s Drew Breese said “if your gonna put a guy into the elite QB club” and Drew Breese said he considered himself a notch below Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.” If you’re going to put a guy in there with us, you gotta have some hardware if you’ve only got 3 years of stats. You gotta give me something” And Drew Breese loves Aaron Rogers, he thinks he’s great! Dan Marino is elite and he doesn’t have a ring, but he’s got MVP’s and 16 years.

Aaron Rogers, before January started, had like a really cool QB rating and no playoff wins! For the record, do you know how over-rated QB rating is? Of the five highest QB ratings in the history of the Superbowl, only 2 QB’s – less than half, have even won the Superbowl. All I did with Aaron Rogers is that I was basically a very discerning doorman in a very exclusive club. I only let people in, who are going to stay in.

All of you emailed and commented, after Michael Vick’s Monday Night Football game saying “Let him in the club!” I never let Michael Vick in. “Michael Vick for MVP” Naw, I’ll go with Brady. Aaron Rogers – until the playoffs, had stats only. I couldn’t count him in with Manning,  Breese, Big Ben or Brady. All I am doing is hosting this blog and in my blog – since I author it, the VIP club and the Velvet rope are absolute tight. Aaron Rogers, with only 3 years, needed some hardware if I was going to count him as Drew Breese’s equal, it’s called standards.

Gordon Ramsey is a British superstar chef; he talks about it all the time on his show. He says that if you go into a kitchen, you quickly notice that little by little they start to lower standards. Two months later, your restaurant sucks…standards! You’re not a hater just because you won’t follow the mob mentality, its standards you adhere to.

Aaron Rogers, as of Monday morning, now joins the club. You can frame me as “ant-Vince Young” and I’m guilty as charged! You can frame me as “anti-Tebow” guilty as charged! I was never anti –Aaron Rogers, I always liked him. But I wasn’t going to say he was Brady and Breese, Manning, Big Bens’ equal until he had hardware. Aaron – at least at my club, welcome in! And it should be noted, I’ve never kicked anybody out! Because I’m super picky on whom I let in.

I like to root for great QB’s, believe me, because there are so few of them. Personally, I’m an offensive guy and not a defensive guy, so why would I ever root against greatness? I thought it was a poorly officiated game, I thought all the calls went against Green Bay and they still won – and as of Monday morning, I believed that Green Bay was absolutely the better team. Better teams dominate early and dominate late and that’s exactly what they did. Green Bay was hosed 2 ½ times.

First, there was a face mask that wasn’t a face mask. Secondly, there was that ridiculous bald spot, when Emmanuel Sanders of the Steelers caught it for a 1st down, then moved behind the first down because he was trying to get more yards, was then touched for the first time and they gave him the 1st down. Then later, there was that bizarre Bret swing/catch/no catch/fumble, I can’t tell because what has happen to the NFL is that it’s been made it into our tax system. So many layers, so confusing…I can’t tell! You’re either getting ripped off or ripping off the government.

Literally on Fox, they bring in the former head of officials, they show it to him in slow motion from 9 angles and he still can’t tell!! What ever happen to “I have the ball and my feet are down, give me a catch” It was a disastrous weekend in Dallas because of the weather, so don’t blame the great people of Dallas. Christina Aguilera butchered it – blame her, the half time show – the mic’s didn’t work – blame Dallas for that. The officials, in my opinion, weren’t good – blame them! But don’t blame Dallas for trying; apparently they don’t have shovels down there. But Monday Morning, Aaron Rogers – to me, joins the club….Congratulations dude!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    It was an interesting game, not magical, but good enough, I agree.

    I think Pitt’s o-line did pretty well. They had some issues early on, and the pressure got to Big Ben and resulted in a pick six, but they settled down later. Overall, they did a great job and the Packers weren’t controlling the line of scrimmage at all, later in the game. Ben had tons of time to throw.

    Anyway, I’m not a big fan of elevating or depressing QBs because of their “wins” or “losses”. Aaron played a great game, and was hindered by some drops…Yet, the Steelers still had the ball, down 6, with a chance to drive on a GB D that had a tough time getting off the field late in the game (barring the forced fumble on Mendenhall, in GB territory). The Packers D held, but had they not, it wouldn’t have meant Aaron was a worse QB or played a worse game. He had no control over what the D did, so I don’t think it’s proper to elevate or devalue his performance based on what the D did late in the game. But I guess we live in a sports culture that gives QBs too much credit when they win, and too little when they lose.

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