Carmelo Anthony…Not To The Lakers!

Posted: February 11, 2011 in NBA

So I have two things to say today – I’m all worked today, it must’ve been the fact that I had 2 midterms yesterday and had to run to Biology 2 building to hand in my assignment right at 12:30pm today, so I’m worked up about a whole bunch of stuff today.

Let me just start with the Carmelo deal, okay so you all know what I have said about this deal, I’m rooting for him to land in New York – not LA, because I think it’s better for the NBA and I like the NBA and I wish for the NBA to be even more popular, because I like talking about it. If hockey is the most popular sport in North America, I’m doing general rants on everything you could think off…haha, okay?

When the NFL, college football and the NBA are popular, my rant readership does well. So, selfishly I want the NBA to be popular and I really think New York needs to be relevant. I think the NBA ratings would instantly get a 20 – 25% ratings pop, if New York is relevant – Lakers have their stars. So I think it’s better for the league if Melo goes to New York – and that’s my gut feeling on what’s going to happen, because now, the owner of the Knicks is involved – and owners don’t get involved very often.

So when owners say “I’m going to pick up the phone and get involved”  cause since owners own lots of stuff, but James Doan of the Knicks says “I gotta make a call to that Stan guy who owns the Nuggets” stuff, usually gets done. Rich guys play golf; they have a cocktail, lot of business deals get done at the bar and on the golf course. So my gut feeling is that those guys right now, the Knicks owner wants to get it done, so that’s the first thing.

TJ Simers, a controversial columnist who writes for the LA Times – but I like reading guys like that. Wednesday morning, he comes out and says “don’t make the move” and if you read his article (,0,2941174.column) I don’t disagree (double negative) with his argument. His argument – I’ll just take a couple of samples, he says listen, Phil Jackson makes mention of size and the considerable advantage of the Lakers “it has bought us championships” Jackson said by phone from Boston on Tuesday. Says Simers “that’s why I argue that Bynum is the single biggest reason why the Lakers are favourites to win it all again” Stop right there!!

They are NOT the favourites to win it right now, the Lakers are not the best team in the league – and I’m a guy who gives the Lakers, grew up watching them with my dad who is a huge Laker fan, I give them the benefit of the doubt. The Celtics to me are the best team in the league, and it’s not just about now, but it’s about the future. Kobe is getting older; I’m not in love with Carmelo Anthony… I’m seriously not. He is a soldier, not a general and generals win championships and not soldiers. What do I mean by that?

There is a big difference in the name between great leaders and great talents. Carmelo is a great talent, so is Amare Stodumire, Vince Carter and Derek Rose, so was Glen Robinson and Allan Iverson and T-Mac. They are great talents. But Magic, Bird, MJ, Kobe, Rick Barry, D-wade, Rondo and Garnett are LEADERS and great players, there is a difference. You watch Rondo on the court; he’s not half the talent of Derek Rose.

But he’s politicking, arguing with refs and convincing teammates and pointing fingers. He is authentic and real and confrontational. Derek Rose, Melo, Vince Carter, T-Mac are all passive aggressive. Great leaders, are never passive aggressive, look it up in your psychology book. Melo is an elite scorer and the NBA is becoming a wing league, not a centre league. Yes Bynum is nice, but when the Celtics – and their about ready to close that window on this team. Shaq, Jermaine O’Neil, KG….they’re not long for the NBA, and when they close that window, there are no centers on the horizon, except D-Howard

So I don’t love Melo’s, but I get Carmelo, he is 30 on the wing. And when you’ve got these young teams like Oklahoma City and the Knicks and all these other…he’s a young guy on the wings that can drop 28pts. With Gasol, with Kobe, there is real value there. So that’s where I start the ranting for the weekend today. I don’t love Carmelo, but I get the move. It’s a bigger picture, Kobe is eroding a little, Melo has got 4 prime years left, Gasol has got about 2 ½ prime years left.

You know your kinda building – your gonna get rid of Odom and Artest and you’re going to need some points! And Bynum doesn’t give you any points, he just gives you length. But you’re not even sure if he gives you length every night, because he is hurt often. So I’m going to keep pounding on this, where Melo is consistent and Bynum is not. But TJ Simers’ argument is about the length. I am the biggest advocate of length that there is, but I do believe that the league is evolving and size is wonderful, but guess what?

Your really good bigs are 6’9 ½ and they play a lot like Blake Griffin, they don’t play like Greg Odon. Jarred Sullinger over at Ohio State is the next great big in this league. He plays a lot more like Griffin than he does Greg Odon. He gets up and down the floor. So it’s a wing/guard league and that’s what I like

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Great point about talented players (guys who seem to be happy to be in the league and achieve individual success) and the leaders who want to build legacies.

    I’m not well-versed in the NBA, however, so I can’t speak too much on whether the Lakers should get Melo.

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