NFL’s Collective Bargaining Talks…Why You Should Side With The Owners!!

Posted: February 21, 2011 in NFL

I saw this story…listen, we all love football and you know I’ll talk about ratings from time to time on my rants because YOUR the ratings! So to disrespect ratings is to disrespect my audience, you’re the ratings, and I can’t fill out a rating book…that’s what you do. So when I talk about ratings, I’m just talking about you. You love football, there is no way of getting around it, it just unbelievably popular amongst my readers.

In case you don’t know, we are on the verge of a work stoppage, which bums everybody out. From you to me to bar owners to every fan in the country. I’ve said it before; if you’re a fan….you should be siding with the owners. And the reason you should be siding with them is because it means nothing to you if you’re running back makes more money.

It means a lot to you if your owner is more solvent financially and can get another wide receiver or another defensive end. The players basically want 60% of the revenue’s – I honestly don’t know of any industry anywhere, be it music, technology, media…anywhere, where the employee’s get 60% of the revenue, because the owners are the ones who take all the capital risks.

Now, I do believe that the owners can be greedy; I do believe that the players should NOT be forced into playing an 18 game season. But as a fan, you get nothing out of a wide receiver having more money. You get a lot more if you’re the Packers – from an ownership group, that has 60% more money or another $9 million dollars a year….you are the winner! Because Green Bay is really good team, it’s a small market, you need every penny that you can get. But I thought this was an interesting story.

Back on February 5th, the player representatives, you know…the Peyton Manning’s, Drew Breese….the big dogs, met with some of the owners. So they both sat down – and these are high profile players in many instances like Manning and Breese, it was on Feb 5th – about three weeks ago. Apparently Jerry Richardson, Carolina Panthers owner – for the record, is the only owner who was drafted in the NFL. He was drafted like 40 years ago or something. Apparently Jerry Richardson was condescending and confrontational with both Peyton Manning and Drew Breese.

At one point, when Peyton was talking about player safety, Jerry Richardson interrupted him and said “what do you know about player safety?” Now, any time you get this situation, you’re going to get some confrontation in any negotiation…people are unhappy. What is very interesting is that – according to Michael Silva of Yahoo Sports, Jerry Richardson was heard saying “ we signed a [expletive] deal last time” meaning crappy  “and were going to stick together and take back our league and [expletive] doing something about it.

So it seems to me – where the players are ripping Jay Cutler on Twitter – which doesn’t feel like a very strong union to me, the owners are in this baby to win it! They are ticked off; they’re going after the players. So I will say this as a fan – the players winning this does nothing for you. Here is another reason why I tend to lean toward the league and the owners and the commissioner, but not the players – though I do think the players deserve some things.

There is a lawyer now representing some several hundred fans who went to the Superbowl and did not have a ticket when they got there because of a screw up. Now, the NFL let them on the field and has offered each one $7500 worth of Superbowl stuff at any Superbowl choice in the future. I mean the NFL has gone above and beyond what you have to do – and listen, when you travel in life, stuff happens. Bags are lost, flights are cancelled, flights are bumped, people lose tickets, and there is counterfeit stuff. As long as the people who hozed you, feel like they are earnest and genuine in meeting your needs or some resolution to the indignity or the process, I don’t think you should file a lawsuit.

In this instance, the NFL is basically offering them about 4x as much as the fans lost and yet many are still filing a class action lawsuit. Why do I side with the owners than the players? Does Peyton Manning get sued? Does Drew Breese get sued? Does a player get sued?….no!! The owners have to take all the capital risk. Mark Cuban, who was featured on the Scott Van Pelt Show on ESPN in December, the owners take all the capital risk. When you are big like the NFL is, there is always a fan in every stadium, in every Sunday that falls down and he wants to sue the team and the league.

Mark Cuban was asked “what’s the downside to being Mark Cuban the billionaire?” and he said “Extortionist! There is always someone trying to sue me for nonsense and so I never thought I’d have like…I don’t even know how many lawyers I have working for me right now, that I pay for when someone makes a ridiculous attempt to extort through the legal system. So that’s probably the only negative in being me, other than that, I’m the luckiest guy in the world. So when I die, I wanna come back as me…I wanna do it over again the same way”

But, what did he say? “Extortionist, I need a team of lawyers” You don’t think the NFL faces the same thing? Constant lawsuits…players don’t have to pay for any of those, players aren’t getting sued.

Antonio Cromartie of the Jets has 9 kids from 8 women in 6 different states and the Jets are loaning him, their giving him money to clean up his screwy social life. You wanna know why I side with the owners on this? You as a fan don’t get anything if a running back gets more money because players don’t get sued. These fans, who’ve been given 4x what they lost, still file a class action lawsuit, which requires the NFL to spend like $15 million bucks on this lawsuit. Do the players consider that? Do the players pay into that?

That’s why the owners want more money because they’ve become a huge target as has the NFL. Jerry Jones. It’s known that he has a team of lawyers and that’s from Dallas fans who love the Cowboys! He’s constantly fighting off stuff. Once you’re big like Mark Cuban or Jerry Jones, you’re a big target!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Although the NFL is offering a lot of concessions to the fans who had a poor experience at the SB, they initially claimed that everything went smoothly. They are seemingly trying to save face now, to avoid bad PR and a lawsuit, after the truth has come to light. If they had been up front right away, their gesture would seem more noble and genuine.

    Also, while it’s true that the owners have to take on the capital risk, the players have to take on the physical risk of playing. Additionally, the players only have so long to play the game. The average NFL career is short, and while you hear of the big name stars making money, there are many players who are on the cusp on being in the league/being out of the league. The owners, on the other hand, can own until they die (See Ralph Wilson Jr, 92 years old, owner for the Bills since their inception in 1960, or Al Davis, who has been a part of the Raiders organization for nearly four decades). So while they take on a big financial risk at the start, they have a long timespan for moneymaking opportunity. Additionally, the NFL is a cash cow and is the only league where every team consistently turns annual profits.

    I do agree with you that the owners are more unified and will likely show more resolve. As I said before, they have a longer “lifespan” than the players. A 32 year old veteran player making the vet minimum probably doesn’t want to miss out on a year’s salary in a lockout. Your body can only play football for so long, so losing a year really hurts. The owners though, they’re already financially set for life, and one year out of what could be 30 years of owning a team isn’t a big deal. You also don’t lose any significant amount of “ability” to own a team in one year, unlike a player. So what we could see is the really rich young players who still could sign a couple more big contracts in their future fight for a CBA that gives them more money. The older and below average players may be willing to cut any deal that will get them back on the field and earning what could be their last series paycheques. So I definitely agree with your thoughts on the disparity between owner and player solidarity.

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