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So I got a lot of emails over the weekend and people were saying “Andrew, look at all these upsets!” Again, we’re overstating how many upsets we’ve had in this college basketball tournament. Obama went chalk and he’s like top 1% percentile. I know I’m doing horrible in my ESPN bracket, but if you really think about it, there hasn’t been that many upsets because we overstate them, I’ll give you an example.

Who are the 8 bet college basketball programs, Men, in the U.S? I’d list Duke, Carolina, Kansas, Arizona, Syracuse, UConn, Ohio State and Kentucky, 7 of the 8 teams are still in it! Syracuse got knocked off. Does anybody really doubt that Ohio State, Kansas are gonna lose basketball games? The 4 best teams, many believe are UConn, Ohio State, Duke and Kansas, they’re all left. Now Virginia Commonwealth, a surprise? Yes! Richmond is a surprise. But if you got to last year’s sweet 16 – go one year ago, Northern Iowa at this point a #9 seed was still in it, Cornell a #12 seed was still in it, St. Mary’s a #10 seed was still in it and the University of Washington an #11 seed was still in it, that was last year. This year? We’ve got an #11 an #11 a #12 and a #10. Last year we had a #9, a #12, a #10 and an #11. This year its Marquette, VCU, Richmond and Florida State and Marquette has always been a good program.

So the idea that – every year folks, we’ve got about four straglers, we’ve got about four teams, this year its Marquette, VCU, Richmond and Florida State and the odds maker say that Virginia Commonwealth and Richmond aren’t going to make it past here and probably Marquette isn’t either. So I just think we tend to overstate upsets. March Madness is not as mad as you think. Now, there are more upsets than the NBA because in the NBA, you have seven games. So, good luck beating the Lakers 4 times in a 2 week period. Whereas you can get lucky and beat a Kansas or have a great game and beat Syracuse, but I feel as if we’re overstating it. Chalk, still overwhelmingly dominates the brackets and overwhelmingly we haven’t had that many upsets as everyone is claiming.

Like 11 of the 16 teams left are a #5 seed or better, so 70% of your teams left are a #5 seed or better and the predictions are, the lower seeds aren’t going to make it past tonight and Friday, so there you go!


When the NFL Players, eight days ago, couldn’t come to terms…things broke off, right? The owners stopped insurance for the players and we all said “ohhh, terrible… those guys are evil…the dark side….bad guys!” But did you know that the NFLPA – the union of the players, could’ve picked up the insurance…and chose not too! Well, when you pay into a union….aren’t they suppose to help you during work stoppages? Aren’t they supposed to help you in crisis? That’s why you pay-in right? The NFLPA didn’t pick up the insurance. Certainly could’ve! I mean, they know they’re not gonna have to pick it up in 10 years, probably not even 10 months! They had [NFLPA] an oppourtunity, but that doesn’t make the press!

And so I don’t want, and I’m trying to be….I mean, let’s be honest here, if you give money to a union…it’s your war chest, this is the war…. right? Isn’t this the time you pick up the insurance? For your union members? And the NFLPA passed… yet the owners look like the bad guys! For letting go of insurance….during negotiations.  So I don’t like either side doing that, but what I’m trying to invoke here, in this rant, is an understanding that neither side is perfect. I will soon have to negotiate with my full time employers, they could be right and I could be right. And eventually – the reason why everyone in the sports media has an agent is it’s personal. For example, if ESPN were to negotiate with me (a potential future employer…fingers crossed) I wouldn’t want to hear the entire negative stuff that they are saying “well, he deserves this and this, but not this and this and that…” so I would hire an agent to be a mediator and get it done….and that’s what everybody does, that’s what actors do, and that’s what any performer does, anybody that can negotiate.

Your union is doing the same thing; your teacher’s union does the same thing. The difference here is that a lot of it makes the press. Can I imagine if my negotiations were public? …it’d be incredibly painful. So I don’t want to take cheap shots with either side because what happens is that somebody says something, like Adrian Peterson that’s inflammatory, it gets blown up, and everybody hates the players… I don’t think you should hate the players. I don’t think you should hate the owners … This is a very tough negotiation but I will say this, as I said this a month ago in my rant on NFL CBA talks.

It doesn’t do me any good if my running back gets more money…that doesn’t help me as a fan, if my running back makes $2.4 million, not $1.8 million. It does help me if Buffalo and Jacksonville and Indianapolis and smaller revenue markets like Carolina and Oakland have a little more scratch to build better facilities and attract better free agents, because that would give the league a little bit more stability and durability and your smaller markets would at least be able to compete, because you don’t want to become like the MLB where 10 teams have no shot or the NBA where 10 teams have no shot.

So in this instance, I’m trying to be reasonable on this, but there is a lot of disinformation and there is a lot of information that simply doesn’t get reported and there’s just a ton of it out there! I mean the NFLPA could individually go out and represent every player if they wanted to and pay for certain things and they’re not doing it either! Don’t kid yourself; the NFLPA is not perfect either.

Now they want to boycott the draft…a lot of people don’t like that, and they’re trying to come up with a cheesy way to do it. Where they’re literally going to hold it next door… in like some hotel or something…well that’s not the same thing, that’s cheese ball! Now, I do believe that you have a right to boycott the draft; I think you should make NFL owners uncomfortable, but never forget this about NFL owners. They put all the money out…they take real financial risk.

Now in fairness let me criticize owners. Owner’s always say – like a lot of guys who are business owners say to me “well Andrew, they take all the risk!” No they don’t! Suckers – otherwise known as taxpayers, pay for their stadiums. I got news for you; taxpayers are not paying for your job in Dallas if you own a company with 40 employees. NFL owners get taxpayers, otherwise known as fans otherwise known as suckers, to pay for their stadiums even though their worth $9 billion dollars, and the guy whose taxes get raised, makes $48,000 a year.

So owners absolutely manipulate fan, they have fans pay for stadiums – fans make no money and yet owners are billionaires. Also, there is these PSL’s, which are downright evil in my opinion, where you have to pay $30,000 for the right to buy the seat and the NFL owners can sit on that money and acurr interest. You, a recent graduate or who just have a middle of the road paying job, are out $30,000 bucks! And the owners are making money of your money! For the record, ticket prices keep going up, parking keeps going up; programs keep going up, all to keep high profits.

So let’s not make the owners – I know a lot of guys say “come on Andrew, but the business guy takes all the risk” nope, not really though. The LEAGUE takes a lot of the risk because the individual owner gets a big fat paycheque from the league, has a lot of things paid for by the league and then the suckers, otherwise known as fans, have to pay for their stadiums. Can you imagine if I wanted to open up a business and I got Waterloo region taxpayers to foot the bill for my building? I didn’t have to put any money down in real estate?? That’s a pretty good deal is it not? By the way, not only do I not put any money down, but I charge my employee’s for it, who make 1/80th of what I do on a monthly cheque.

You know what it is too? Is that players see these – fans see players as rich when they drive these cars, but you just don’t see the owners’ wealth. I mean owners’ wealth you can’t even imagine!! Butlers, private planes….do you ever wonder why you don’t see Jerry Jones at an airport? You see players at an airport, ever wonder why you don’t see Jerry Jones at an airport? Cause the dude has 4 planes! He doesn’t go to the airport that you do. He goes to the business airport, where all the rich dudes go. If you see somebody at an airport, they’re not that rich. You don’t see any NFL owner in an airport…you see players, coaches, scouts and GM’s at airports…you don’t see owners in airports. But you don’t see their wealth, it’s not thrown in your face like Vernon Davis of the 49’ers who’s on “VH1” or “Cribs” and he’s wearing a chocolate sports coat and has like 9 cars…you know, I saw Vernon Davis of the 49’ers and yeah, he’s got all this rich stuff, but even though it a really nice life….are you kidding me? but compared to an owner?

It should be noted, when you see Jerry Jones in public, he’s not wearing oversized sunglasses or a fur coat, the players don’t do themselves any favours on this, when they show up and do these MTV “Cribs” things and they’ve got gold plated aquariums…that clearly doesn’t do anybody any favours because the average guy watching an NFL game is making $40,000 a year!

College basketball has so many mediocre teams, they want to expand these tournaments and I tried to watch the games Tuesday night and it was honestly just unwatchable, they were two bad teams and Seth Greenberg and Colorado were fuming because as D students, they think that their D students are better than your D students…but they’re both D students!

Think about this, not only do you have 68 teams in this tournament; you have 32 teams in the NIT. There’s also 24 other teams playing in another tournament that 90% of you have never heard of, that is going on right now, called “ The College Insider’s” tournament. There are 16 other teams in a college invitational tournament…yeah that’s right, these are all going on right now! You’re not aware of the latter ones, but they are tournaments created so that “everybody gets a medal” or that “everybody gets a ribbon”. We have 140 teams in tournaments right now, 68 at NCAA, 32 NIT, 24 at some College Insider tournament and 16 at another college tournament invitational.

My friend then says to me “yeah, but 50% of college football teams go to bowls” and that’s where our 2 hour argument ensued because I said to him “here is the difference” Of the 60 or 70 teams that get into bowl games, almost all of them have NFL players. “Well what do you mean?” you might ask. I said to him “go look at the Green Bay Packers alone…the best team in the league!” Their running back at the end of the year was from Buffalo. Jennings, their great receiver, is from Central Michigan, Donald Driver is from Alcorn State, and their offensive line had someone from Eastern Michigan and Central Florida.

I mean Peyton Manning’s offensive line; you’ve got Harvard, Western Michigan, and TCU. That’s not the way it works in basketball. Your NBA talent level comes from a very small group of powerful schools. I mean, go look at the NCAA basketball tournament, last year it was four #1 seeds, we’ve never had another lower than a 6 win the entire thing and we’ve almost had only a handful of teams lower than an 8 seed even get into the Final Four

In football, it’s a totally different ball game because you can have 35 bowls and you’ve got NFL players all over them. The top 15 wide receivers in the NFL this morning, I’m just going to list for you the schools that they went to: Alabama, Birmingham, Miami, Marshall, Mississippi, Monmouth College, Hofstra, LSU, Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech….you don’t see that in the NBA!!!

In the NBA, they are either international or they went to major schools, even when you look at the history of the NBA. Magic went to Michigan State…powerhouse, MJ went to UNC, Bird initially at Indiana, Wilt went to Kansas, Jabaar went to UCLA, Jerry West went to West Virginia, Hakeem and Drexler…Houston (at the time) Look at how many people school’s like Georgetown has put into the NBA or Duke….it’s a whole different ball game folks!

So what you have in college basketball right now is 140 teams in tournaments and NBA guys largely come from 12 of them!!  Wednesday morning, I wrote down the NBA’s 20 best players: Lebron…high school,  Kobe…high school (now, when I say high school for a guy, you know he would’ve gone to like Duke or Carolina or Kansas…those guys aren’t going to Xavier) Rondo…Kentucky, KG…high school, Pierce…Kansas, Dirk…overseas, Derek Rose…Memphis (great basketball school), Gasol…international, Dwight Howard…high school, Chris Paul/Duncan…Wake Forest (another great basketball program…generally) D-Wade went to Marquette (very good basketball program)…see the point here?

In the NFL, you go look at any offensive or defensive line….go look at the top 15 WR receivers, they come from teams that are even worse than bowl teams, and there is talent everywhere across the US in football. So my point is that, elite NBA talent comes from a tiny tiny group of schools. I remember watching the NBA draft last year, the top 10-12 players, who were going to get drafted, was my focus…because they are the legit NBA prospects.

Now removing the international guys, here are the schools that the top 10 or top 20 players go to:  UConn, Kansas, Duke has 2, Carolina has got 1, Kentucky has got 3 and Ohio State has got 2. Again, so my point is that…you can have a lot of bowl games in college football, but you still seeing elite talent everywhere! College football players go from Boise State to starting for the Jets! I mean the New York Giants won the Superbowl a couple of years ago…all 8 guys who were drafted made the team and all 8 of them played!! Like 3 of them played in 3 crucial positions.

The New Orleans Saints go to a Superbowl, they had a ton of guys who were like – the year before, playing for Hofstra! Hofstra doesn’t even have a football program anymore!!! But in College Basketball – even in the big tournament, there’s like 14 or 15 teams that are just junk…some of those round 1 games were just absolutely brutal. So when Seth Greenberg and Colorado come out and they are whining about “we don’t get into the tournament” I honestly don’t have any pity for you man! I feel much worse for Purdue who doesn’t get into a bowl game, even if they were 7-5….Purdue puts all sorts of guys into the NFL, they’ve got 15 guys in the NFL right now.

So I don’t have too many sports arguments with my buddies very often – like not very often at all, but I had one a couple of days ago and I just said to him “dude, when you go to like a major BCS bowl game or slightly below bowl…like the Outback Bowl game, you’ve got like 20 NFL guys on the team. They are either seniors, juniors or sophomore’s, but you have 20 NFL players on the team” Like think about it, you have a team like Alabama doesn’t have a single player on their defense that won’t get either drafted or invited to an NFL camp. Now, not all of them this year, but the sophomore’s in 2 years will get invited.

When USC won 34 straight, Pete Carroll didn’t have anybody on the defense – Clay Matthew’s couldn’t start, he didn’t have a single defensive player who didn’t get invited to a camp. So the talent in college football is so much thicker and deeper, it’s not even close! I just think it’s funny…there’s 140 basketball teams in college basketball participating in a tournament. In the NCAA, NIT, College Insider or the College Invitational….everybody has to get a ribbon! “Your good, 13-15…yah you’re good…here’s a ribbon…..9-19, you get a ribbon too!”

Miami vs. Lakers, I watched the entire game Thursday night. As I said on my last rant about the Miami Heat, their recent struggles didn’t call for blowing things up, this was more about tweaking…it’s all it required. Miami on Thursday night tweaked a few things – a few things I suggested they tweak on my last rant. 1) Chris Bosh….you’re not a perimeter player, stay low, quit shooting jumpers, be physical, put on some weight, get more intense…stop the “laid back” act, that’s Canadian now you’re in the states. Play hard, be intense, push people around because that’s the NBA, you’re a #4…not a 1, 2, or 3. Bosh did that…and he was excellent!

The second thing I said, Lebron…still handle the ball, don’t listen to anybody, your still the man. But in late half/late game situations…give it up to D-Wade, he’s probably a better closer than you though you’re a better player, just give it to D-Wade or Mike Bibby…better shooters! This wasn’t an overhaul…this was tweaking, Bosh did his part, Lebron did his part….bingo! You beat the Lakers…the hot Lakers.

Cleveland won 60+ games with Lebron, Cleveland got to the finals with Lebron. Now Lebron has got better players… so the offense in Miami is more complex. He doesn’t have to shoot it every time; he shouldn’t shoot it every time. He’s got a more varied offense with more options…but it’s still Lebron! No need to fire the coach. I was busing it back from campus to home late Friday afternoon and a good friend of mine asks me  “Andrew, what do you make of Chris Bosh coming out publically and complaining saying he’s not getting touches and that he’s not happy that he’s not getting looks”

I said it to my buddy then and I’ll say it now and the Lakers/Heat game proved me right Thursday night…I loved it! Folks, nothing ruins relationships and teams worse than passive aggressive people….be authentic and communicate! Kobe Bryant – every time he’s upset he rips his coach, rips his teammates…he goes right to the press. What happens? 2 days later… problem solved! If you want to live your life going on message boards and anonymously complaining….congratulations! Man up, speak your mind, be authentic, and tell your wife/husband you’re ticked off, you’ll have a little argument and a day later…everything is solved!

Chris Bosh came out saying “I’m not getting looks, I’m not getting touches, voices his opinion” and everybody went “alright, let’s change it” they did and they were great! For the record, Erik Spoalstra – Miami’s coach said it all started Wednesday morning at shoot around. Bosh didn’t hide from conflict in the post game show…nor did Jordan. Michael Jordan punched a teammate, Jordan argued with the press, argued with teammates, got into Rodman’s face. If your bothered by something, bring it up…confront it! And that’s what Bosh did…Kobe’s made a career out of it…they go right to the press!

Phil Jackson goes to the press, Kobe goes to the press, Gasol went to the press and said “Kobe is shooting too much, he’s not giving me the ball” earlier in the season…Lakers problem solved!!! So I thought it was a great message to not just sports fans…but to everybody. I saw D-Wade made a quote after the game on Thursday saying “it’s the will to win, we had the …” oh god that’s a cliché, it was nothing to do with the will to win. The Lakers and the Heat both have the will to win. The bottom line is that Miami evolved, confronted their problem and it was a perfect game plan for the Heat moving forward!

So Erik Spoelstra is the Miami Heat coach – as I always say on my rants, nobody really has perspective, the nation over-reacts, after a loss on Sunday to the Bulls he said some of the players were “crying” I wrote yesterday that I didn’t really buy it to be honest with you. It’s one of those things your sorta throw out in a conversation or a quote that didn’t really happen…it’s not literal “Man, guys are killing each other in there” or “the guys are crying” that kinda means they’re not really killing or crying.

Erik Spoelstra – its got so much airplay nationally, Spoelstra responded to it yesterday by saying “…heads were down, and I saw glossy eyes…but that’s about it. I think everything else is pretty much an exaggeration. Nobody was whimpering in the locker room. I think you the media are searching for some sensationalism right now; I call this cry-gate”

I absolutely believe people reacted too harshly – Kobe Bryant yesterday, Lakers star,he even gave in his 2 cents when he was interviewed on the Scott Van Pelt Show on ESPN radio saying “everybody truly responded differently. If these guys are crying in the locker room then they’re crying in the locker room. It doesn’t mean that they’re chumps, it doesn’t mean that they’re soft….it doesn’t mean anything!” He’s absolutely right!

Here’s an email I got from a former colleague over at Air Miles, he goes “what’s with the double standards going on? Jay Cutler of the Bears gets trashed by people for not showing emotion, now players do, and they get hammered by the media? Nice two-faced approach!” Dude, I totally agree man! We want our athletes to be what we are not…perfect! The standard we hold athletes to is absurd!! I’ll give you an example with Lebron James…it’s ridiculous. People say “Lebron, he can’t win the big games…he’s not Michael Jordan!” Well to answer that question, he’s not nor is Kobe. It’s kinda unfair to compare somebody to the best ever, in any industry and then call them a failure if they don’t stand up to it. I mean, do you have to be the best engineer in the country to be a great engineer? Like there’s only one? Do you have to be the best litigator in the country in order to be a great litigator?

There is a thousand great attorneys’ in North America. But with basketball and with athletes, if your not as good as the greatest ever…somehow you lack a certain fortitude. Here is something to consider with Lebron James. He’s 28, holds 15 NBA records, he’s a 2 –time MVP, a 7 time All-Star, a scoring champ, 2 –time first team all defense…he’s a 2-time All Star MVP and he’s 28. He’s not MJ, but this morning I sat down, objectively as a self proclaimed analyst, and he’s in my top 12 NBA players of all time. The truth is, other than MJ, Magic and Kobe…in 2 years, Lebron could be #4 on that list. He’s absolutely amazing!!!

But you say “Andrew, that’s ridiculous, what about Barkley?” Well, what about him? Lebron’s numbers are just as impressive and a significantly better defensive player. Karl Malone was historically bad in the playoffs…he has similar numbers, Drexler, Isaiah Thomas, Oscar Robertson…very similar numbers, and that’s NOW!!! Lebron has 8 more years of playing.

Listen, the Heat are fine, it’s going to be great drama. We are unduly and unnecessarily harsh to our athletes. Just because you’re not MJ – and hasn’t that ship sailed…sorta? Are we still comparing everyone in baseball to Babe Ruth? Are we comparing every QB to Joe Montana? Like does every basketball player have to be compared to MJ? Kobe is the only guy who’s ever played like him and even HE is not MJ!

Let’s start with a big story – because that’s what I do. Lakers looked unbelievable – now let’s not go crazy, but it was a pretty special day. Andrew Bynum may be the only guy in the NBA that can dominate a game and never score as he held Tim Duncan to 2 points. The other story of course, the Miami Heat lose yet another close game – this is building for great drama, say what you want.

The NBA playoffs are going to be as good as the Jordan era. You’ve got so many unbelievable stories – the defending champs, the Celtics trade away Perkins “why did they do that?” pfft, Oklahoma City is now better. What about Dallas? The Bulls are charging, the Heat can’t win a close game. So after the game, Erik Spoelstra comes out – I’m not even sure if he was being honest, I think it’s one of those like, dialogue enhancers you throw in after a weekend in Vegas with the boys or on a first date with a girl, where you kinda throw in a line at the end.

So Erik Spoelstra comes out and says the “This is painful for every single one of us going through this, there are a couple of guys crying in the locker room right now… it is not a matter of want, it is a matter of doing” I’m honestly not even sure that it happened…BUT HE SAID IT! The daunting part of Spoelstra is that usually coaches get blamed – not players, when you lose close games…coaches get blamed.

Now I’m not saying its Spoelstra fault, and he’s lucky that he has the NBA’s #1 villain. If Kobe was missing those last second shots, Spoelstra would take all the heat. But Lebron’s missing those shots and 90 – 95% of the country hates Lebron, so they’re blaming him. Dan Levitar was on the Mike & Mike Show on ESPN this morning; I thought the bigger story wasn’t that he said that they were crying. But that the bigger story for me is….why would you tell anybody?

“Yeah he’s going to do that, like I mean, I don’t understand the purpose of him doing that. I’m sure he has one, I’m sure there is a reason that he did that, but he’s aware of what’s surrounding his team and he’s aware of the questions of mental toughness and I don’t know  why he would do that, I’m not sure what the point of that is either. He’s not going to endear this team to America, there is no way of that happening and you know what’s going to happen in the masculine testosterone, people in the world of sports are just going to question you, whether your soft or not”

That was Dan Levitar on the Mike & Mike Show on ESPN this morning…that is the bigger story! Forget if they cried or not, guys cry all the time, you don’t know about it and I don’t know about it…who cares! The bigger story is…why would a coach, a young NBA coach, peel off that layer and give it to the media? That was a bigger shock to me…that’s the bigger story. Does Pat Riley wake up this morning and say “what are you doing? You’re just adding gas to the fire…what are you doing!” Do the players now lose trust in Erik Spoelstra….that is a huge issue to me.

The second thing is that, what’s interesting in sports and why sport’s is so different than the rest of society. The Lakers went through a similar struggle this season, but do you remember how Phil Jackson put his foot down and erased all the questions? He asked “is it playoffs yet? No, okay then. It’s not the playoffs yet and we’re still playing regular season games, so we’ll get there in time” So Miami struggles…. and the earth is collapsing! The Lakers are struggling, lost 5 of 7 and 3 of 4 and Phil Jackson mocks it. Here is what Kobe said about it “Don’t know and don’t care, I think people are crazy and they can just all go and kiss my $%# because I don’t give a @#$%! I really don’t, I’m going to keep on moving forward and then come June time,we’ll see what happens, so don’t say nothing! But now it’s time for you people to talk” Isn’t it amazing what a ring does in sports? There is almost nothing like it. I don’t think society has anything like it.

But if you have rings like the Lakers, Phil Jackson can mock you for questioning them. Kobe Bryant can swear at you, roll his eyes at you. But if you don’t have that ring, the world is on fire! And I was thinking about it this morning. In Hollywood, it’s the Oscar’s, in sports it’s the ring, even in politics…you can win the Nobel Peace Prize like Al Gore or Obama…the other side then scoffs at you “well its subjective, its ridiculous” But in sports if you have the ring, you have the thing! You get hand; you get ultimate hand…”ohh be quite…we’ve got a ring!”

The only thing in society that I can compare it to is a Purple Heart.  “Larry is a mess! Well, he did save 17 people from that huge fire…” The Purple Heart in society basically is ultimate hand. A guy can be a wreck and you can say “well he was in the jungle…28 people, saved them all” Purple Heart….okay, you win! He’s cranky, he’s unemployable, he’s this….but he’s got a Purple Heart.

It’s amazing what a ring does in sports. The Lakers and the Heat are going through similar issues…similar issues!! The Lakers roll their eyes at you and in Miami…the world is collapsing!

Cincinnati, Let My Carson Palmer Go!!

Posted: March 5, 2011 in NFL

We are seeing an uprising from athletes I tell you…Carson Palmer “I’ve got 80 million in the bank” he says, a little bit of a Charlie Sheen move, but I gotta tell you, I think Charlie Sheen is a wacko and I think Carson Palmer is right on the money here. We are seeing an uprising from pro athletes. “Treat us well or we are outta here”. Carson Palmer told a Cinncinati television station that he’ll never step foot – his quotes  “I’ll never step foot in Paul Brown stadium ever again. I’ve got 80 million in the bank, I don’t have to play football for money, I’ll play it for the love of the game, that would have to be elsewhere. I am prepared to live my life”.

Now I’ve said this before, Kevin Kolb and Carson Palmer, on 6 or 7 teams in this league, will make them really interesting tomorrow. Teams like Carolina, Arizona, San Francisco and Miami. But the Bengals are the worst kind of business…they trick their consumers/fans. They hire flashy players, they go on HBO, they have flashy uniforms, allow multiple reality shows. It’s about superficial junk that fools the bottom half of any fan base that gets excited and throws away their hard earned cash.

Instead of putting money into scouting, elite coaches, elite NFL organizational people, or elite facilities…nope! Let’s fool the fan’s with short-term players and short-term marketing. It’s superficial garbage and Carson Palmer is sick of it. This is an organization, in Ohio, that doesn’t have an indoor practise facility. It should be noted, right next door, a high school team….does! A high school football team in Ohio, has a $6 million indoor facility and the Bengals don’t.

The Bengals are the guy whose car is worth more than his house and he’s got the watches and the flat screen and the SUV and the sports car and he rents….superficial! Carson Palmer is tired of a second class organization, which has duped its fans and some of it is dumber players, into believing that they’re close. Carson – like many pro athlete’s, is no longer owned by a team, players have leverage and before you complain, nobody is treating the Celtics like this, nobody is treating the Lakers like this, nobody is treating the Patriots or Colts like this. Who are they bailing on? The Wizards, the Bengals, the Cavs. Stars can’t get out of there fast enough!!

Don’t tell me Carson Palmer is selfish, Mike Brown is selfish. He’s been pocketing money for years instead of spending it on elite scouts. This is a team that drafted a collection of players and acquired a collection of players that every other smart team in the league wouldn’t go near. It’s not a coincidence the Colts and the Patriots have the highest percentage of college graduates, or at least did, several years ago. They make it a plan and they execute the plan. You end up in the NFL – much like life, where you deserve, through choices that you control.

So, good for Carson Palmer – if he’s out there anywhere, wants me to interview him, I’d drop the rant in 2 seconds…I totally back him on this. Nobody is bailing on the Celtics, nobody is bailing on the Lakers, nobody is bailing on the Colts or the Steelers…look who they are bailing on!  Mike Bibby “get me outta the Wizards”, Lebron “get me outta the Cav’s” , Carson “get me outta the Bengals”