Amare, Melo and Billups vs. Lebron, Wade and Bosh…What Trio Has Better Chemistry?

Posted: March 2, 2011 in NBA

Great great NBA games Sunday night, New York – better than everybody suspected, beat the Heat and Lebron down the stretch, but really it was beating D-Wade and Bosh , not Lebron, but Lebron is going to get the Heat because he is the top star player. The Lakers – now Oklahoma City didn’t have Perkins, but the Lakers on the road, if my Hall of Famer Lamar Odom can hit a free-throw that would’ve help but…

Did everybody else notice this from Sunday night? Usually in the NBA, when you have or when you buy anything and they throw something in, the throw in is always cheesey. Like if you buy a John Deere lawn-mower for $3,000 and they throw in a John Deere hat or if you buy a $1500 washer/dryer and they throw in like 2 sample packs of detergent. You buy the $2000 couch and they throw in this little cheesey globe that you can put it in an end table. So the throw in – like car mats for an expensive car, the throw-in’s are always junk and they wear out and they don’t mean anything.

Chauncey Billups is the greatest throw in player in NBA trade history! I mean its unbelievable. You just throw him in “wow Melo is a great asset to your team…oh and we’ll also throw in Billups” Chauncey Billups was better than D-wade down the stretch Sunday night. Usually in the NBA, your throw-in player on a trade is like a Keith Van Horne or Larry Hughes, Brian Grant, certainly not bad players, but Chauncey is a star!!

You have like 8 superstars and 9 stars and he’s on the lower cusp of that thing and nobody wants to admit it. He hit a huge 25 foot 3 ball late in the game for the Knicks (open in a new tab, Unbelievable moment, D-wade – should be noted, 6 turnovers, 7 turnovers….go look at D-wade in some of these big games. He’s averaged 6 turnovers or 18 in total against the Celtics in 3 games, he had 9 once against Dallas. D-Wade and Lebron’s chemistry – and I’ll get to that in a second, isn’t as good as the chemistry with the Knicks! The Knicks’ chemistry is under-rated.

Read what Chauncey said on adjusting to his new New York teammates, he said “ I’m coming around, I can’t really say I’m all that comfortable yet because there is a lot of different reads, a lot of different actions, its not like any other system that I’ve played in. But I enjoy it, it’s going to be fun and I think it’s really going to be tailor made for my talents.” I’m watching it Sunday night…chemistry is one of those things, I sit here as a self proclaimed sports analyst, but I’ve seen people who run broadcast networks and then you have all these suits and they both continually make the same mistake.

I’ll never forget, about 2 months ago I turn on Eliot Spitzer and Katherine Parker on CNN, I watched that show for like a minute and a half and I was like “those people don’t even like each other!” there chemistry is terrible. By the way, Parker just got booted off the show and now its just the Eliot Spitzer show. But then go look at shows on network television that work. Morning Joe on MSNBC, excellent chemistry,  Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon on ESPN who co-host Pardon the Interruption also have excellent chemistry. But then you go watch Eliot Spitzer and Katherine Parker and its awful, they don’t even like each other and network executive’s never figure this out. It’s always about getting stars and throwing stars together…but do the stars like each other? Do they get along?

Chauncey Billups, Melo and Amare are a much better chemistry fit than Bosh, D-Wade and Lebron. Did anybody notice this? When Lebron took that big 3 at the end of the game…anybody notice where D-Wade was? Sitting over there, 10 feet away, wide open, with a frown on his face. Now, don’t blame Lebron for this because D-Wade, Mr. Miami has been a mess. In 3 games against Boston,  first game: 6 turnovers, 4 for 16. Second game: 6 turnovers, 2 for 12. Third game: 6 turnovers, 6 for 16. He had 9 turnovers against Oklahoma City, 6 against Atlanta, 7 against Dallas. You don’t know what your getting in these big games with D-Wade.  You do know what your getting with Lebron.

But the problem is that when you put them together –and everybody acknowledges this, the chemistry…they are virtually the same player, D-Wade and Lebron are the same player. Slashers, drive to the basket, neither one is a great spot up shooter. So it doesn’t matter who takes the last shot because with Lebron and D-Wade, ultimately you have to take it to the basket because if Lebron drives it and draws a double, tosses it out to D-Wade…he’s not a great spot up shooter.

Melo is a great spot up shooter, that’s why the Chauncey/Melo  in my opinion – and I said this last week, the Knicks have a real shot, in about a year, to win the championship because Boston and LA are getting older and Miami – though I think they are really good, think about Chauncey Billups. He is essentially the equivalent of Chris Bosh. D-Wade and Lebron are the stars…Amare and Melo are the stars. The difference is, Billups is an unbelievable fit with Amare and Melo. Bosh often stands around staring at Lebron and D-Wade take off balance jumpers.

I think Billups has always been one of these classic athletes, he’s not vertical, he’s not flashy, nobody pays attention to him. If you go around the NBA and you ask players about Chauncey Billups, they will rave about him, he’s a great player! Nails a 3 pointer down the stretch, he’s always been better than average defensively, though he has lost a step. Remember all those years he had all those big shots? In Detroit and I also mentioned it 2 years ago, I always felt that he was the most valuable player in the NBA after Lebron because he was the brains of Denver.

Like once last year they played – I think it was Utah in the playoffs and Chauncey struggled and got into foul trouble in the series a couple of times. Denver was absolutely awful. Chauncey is the brains of Amare and Melo , he is the IQ, he is the engine. He is the singlest greatest throw in player in a big trade…ever! Totally overlooked, you usually get a Keith Van Horne or Larry Hughes type…but New York got a star!


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