Cincinnati, Let My Carson Palmer Go!!

Posted: March 5, 2011 in NFL

We are seeing an uprising from athletes I tell you…Carson Palmer “I’ve got 80 million in the bank” he says, a little bit of a Charlie Sheen move, but I gotta tell you, I think Charlie Sheen is a wacko and I think Carson Palmer is right on the money here. We are seeing an uprising from pro athletes. “Treat us well or we are outta here”. Carson Palmer told a Cinncinati television station that he’ll never step foot – his quotes  “I’ll never step foot in Paul Brown stadium ever again. I’ve got 80 million in the bank, I don’t have to play football for money, I’ll play it for the love of the game, that would have to be elsewhere. I am prepared to live my life”.

Now I’ve said this before, Kevin Kolb and Carson Palmer, on 6 or 7 teams in this league, will make them really interesting tomorrow. Teams like Carolina, Arizona, San Francisco and Miami. But the Bengals are the worst kind of business…they trick their consumers/fans. They hire flashy players, they go on HBO, they have flashy uniforms, allow multiple reality shows. It’s about superficial junk that fools the bottom half of any fan base that gets excited and throws away their hard earned cash.

Instead of putting money into scouting, elite coaches, elite NFL organizational people, or elite facilities…nope! Let’s fool the fan’s with short-term players and short-term marketing. It’s superficial garbage and Carson Palmer is sick of it. This is an organization, in Ohio, that doesn’t have an indoor practise facility. It should be noted, right next door, a high school team….does! A high school football team in Ohio, has a $6 million indoor facility and the Bengals don’t.

The Bengals are the guy whose car is worth more than his house and he’s got the watches and the flat screen and the SUV and the sports car and he rents….superficial! Carson Palmer is tired of a second class organization, which has duped its fans and some of it is dumber players, into believing that they’re close. Carson – like many pro athlete’s, is no longer owned by a team, players have leverage and before you complain, nobody is treating the Celtics like this, nobody is treating the Lakers like this, nobody is treating the Patriots or Colts like this. Who are they bailing on? The Wizards, the Bengals, the Cavs. Stars can’t get out of there fast enough!!

Don’t tell me Carson Palmer is selfish, Mike Brown is selfish. He’s been pocketing money for years instead of spending it on elite scouts. This is a team that drafted a collection of players and acquired a collection of players that every other smart team in the league wouldn’t go near. It’s not a coincidence the Colts and the Patriots have the highest percentage of college graduates, or at least did, several years ago. They make it a plan and they execute the plan. You end up in the NFL – much like life, where you deserve, through choices that you control.

So, good for Carson Palmer – if he’s out there anywhere, wants me to interview him, I’d drop the rant in 2 seconds…I totally back him on this. Nobody is bailing on the Celtics, nobody is bailing on the Lakers, nobody is bailing on the Colts or the Steelers…look who they are bailing on!  Mike Bibby “get me outta the Wizards”, Lebron “get me outta the Cav’s” , Carson “get me outta the Bengals”

  1. Mike Crack says:

    True, Mike Brown is not running a good organization. Like you said, the investment (or lack thereof) they have in their scouting department is sad. Good post.

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