Passive Aggresive Bosh Calls Out The Heat…And They Beat The Lakers!

Posted: March 13, 2011 in NBA

Miami vs. Lakers, I watched the entire game Thursday night. As I said on my last rant about the Miami Heat, their recent struggles didn’t call for blowing things up, this was more about tweaking…it’s all it required. Miami on Thursday night tweaked a few things – a few things I suggested they tweak on my last rant. 1) Chris Bosh….you’re not a perimeter player, stay low, quit shooting jumpers, be physical, put on some weight, get more intense…stop the “laid back” act, that’s Canadian now you’re in the states. Play hard, be intense, push people around because that’s the NBA, you’re a #4…not a 1, 2, or 3. Bosh did that…and he was excellent!

The second thing I said, Lebron…still handle the ball, don’t listen to anybody, your still the man. But in late half/late game situations…give it up to D-Wade, he’s probably a better closer than you though you’re a better player, just give it to D-Wade or Mike Bibby…better shooters! This wasn’t an overhaul…this was tweaking, Bosh did his part, Lebron did his part….bingo! You beat the Lakers…the hot Lakers.

Cleveland won 60+ games with Lebron, Cleveland got to the finals with Lebron. Now Lebron has got better players… so the offense in Miami is more complex. He doesn’t have to shoot it every time; he shouldn’t shoot it every time. He’s got a more varied offense with more options…but it’s still Lebron! No need to fire the coach. I was busing it back from campus to home late Friday afternoon and a good friend of mine asks me  “Andrew, what do you make of Chris Bosh coming out publically and complaining saying he’s not getting touches and that he’s not happy that he’s not getting looks”

I said it to my buddy then and I’ll say it now and the Lakers/Heat game proved me right Thursday night…I loved it! Folks, nothing ruins relationships and teams worse than passive aggressive people….be authentic and communicate! Kobe Bryant – every time he’s upset he rips his coach, rips his teammates…he goes right to the press. What happens? 2 days later… problem solved! If you want to live your life going on message boards and anonymously complaining….congratulations! Man up, speak your mind, be authentic, and tell your wife/husband you’re ticked off, you’ll have a little argument and a day later…everything is solved!

Chris Bosh came out saying “I’m not getting looks, I’m not getting touches, voices his opinion” and everybody went “alright, let’s change it” they did and they were great! For the record, Erik Spoalstra – Miami’s coach said it all started Wednesday morning at shoot around. Bosh didn’t hide from conflict in the post game show…nor did Jordan. Michael Jordan punched a teammate, Jordan argued with the press, argued with teammates, got into Rodman’s face. If your bothered by something, bring it up…confront it! And that’s what Bosh did…Kobe’s made a career out of it…they go right to the press!

Phil Jackson goes to the press, Kobe goes to the press, Gasol went to the press and said “Kobe is shooting too much, he’s not giving me the ball” earlier in the season…Lakers problem solved!!! So I thought it was a great message to not just sports fans…but to everybody. I saw D-Wade made a quote after the game on Thursday saying “it’s the will to win, we had the …” oh god that’s a cliché, it was nothing to do with the will to win. The Lakers and the Heat both have the will to win. The bottom line is that Miami evolved, confronted their problem and it was a perfect game plan for the Heat moving forward!


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