NFL Collective Bargaining Negotiations…Who’s Right? Owners or Players? They Both Think They’re Right!

Posted: March 19, 2011 in NFL

When the NFL Players, eight days ago, couldn’t come to terms…things broke off, right? The owners stopped insurance for the players and we all said “ohhh, terrible… those guys are evil…the dark side….bad guys!” But did you know that the NFLPA – the union of the players, could’ve picked up the insurance…and chose not too! Well, when you pay into a union….aren’t they suppose to help you during work stoppages? Aren’t they supposed to help you in crisis? That’s why you pay-in right? The NFLPA didn’t pick up the insurance. Certainly could’ve! I mean, they know they’re not gonna have to pick it up in 10 years, probably not even 10 months! They had [NFLPA] an oppourtunity, but that doesn’t make the press!

And so I don’t want, and I’m trying to be….I mean, let’s be honest here, if you give money to a union…it’s your war chest, this is the war…. right? Isn’t this the time you pick up the insurance? For your union members? And the NFLPA passed… yet the owners look like the bad guys! For letting go of insurance….during negotiations.  So I don’t like either side doing that, but what I’m trying to invoke here, in this rant, is an understanding that neither side is perfect. I will soon have to negotiate with my full time employers, they could be right and I could be right. And eventually – the reason why everyone in the sports media has an agent is it’s personal. For example, if ESPN were to negotiate with me (a potential future employer…fingers crossed) I wouldn’t want to hear the entire negative stuff that they are saying “well, he deserves this and this, but not this and this and that…” so I would hire an agent to be a mediator and get it done….and that’s what everybody does, that’s what actors do, and that’s what any performer does, anybody that can negotiate.

Your union is doing the same thing; your teacher’s union does the same thing. The difference here is that a lot of it makes the press. Can I imagine if my negotiations were public? …it’d be incredibly painful. So I don’t want to take cheap shots with either side because what happens is that somebody says something, like Adrian Peterson that’s inflammatory, it gets blown up, and everybody hates the players… I don’t think you should hate the players. I don’t think you should hate the owners … This is a very tough negotiation but I will say this, as I said this a month ago in my rant on NFL CBA talks.

It doesn’t do me any good if my running back gets more money…that doesn’t help me as a fan, if my running back makes $2.4 million, not $1.8 million. It does help me if Buffalo and Jacksonville and Indianapolis and smaller revenue markets like Carolina and Oakland have a little more scratch to build better facilities and attract better free agents, because that would give the league a little bit more stability and durability and your smaller markets would at least be able to compete, because you don’t want to become like the MLB where 10 teams have no shot or the NBA where 10 teams have no shot.

So in this instance, I’m trying to be reasonable on this, but there is a lot of disinformation and there is a lot of information that simply doesn’t get reported and there’s just a ton of it out there! I mean the NFLPA could individually go out and represent every player if they wanted to and pay for certain things and they’re not doing it either! Don’t kid yourself; the NFLPA is not perfect either.

Now they want to boycott the draft…a lot of people don’t like that, and they’re trying to come up with a cheesy way to do it. Where they’re literally going to hold it next door… in like some hotel or something…well that’s not the same thing, that’s cheese ball! Now, I do believe that you have a right to boycott the draft; I think you should make NFL owners uncomfortable, but never forget this about NFL owners. They put all the money out…they take real financial risk.

Now in fairness let me criticize owners. Owner’s always say – like a lot of guys who are business owners say to me “well Andrew, they take all the risk!” No they don’t! Suckers – otherwise known as taxpayers, pay for their stadiums. I got news for you; taxpayers are not paying for your job in Dallas if you own a company with 40 employees. NFL owners get taxpayers, otherwise known as fans otherwise known as suckers, to pay for their stadiums even though their worth $9 billion dollars, and the guy whose taxes get raised, makes $48,000 a year.

So owners absolutely manipulate fan, they have fans pay for stadiums – fans make no money and yet owners are billionaires. Also, there is these PSL’s, which are downright evil in my opinion, where you have to pay $30,000 for the right to buy the seat and the NFL owners can sit on that money and acurr interest. You, a recent graduate or who just have a middle of the road paying job, are out $30,000 bucks! And the owners are making money of your money! For the record, ticket prices keep going up, parking keeps going up; programs keep going up, all to keep high profits.

So let’s not make the owners – I know a lot of guys say “come on Andrew, but the business guy takes all the risk” nope, not really though. The LEAGUE takes a lot of the risk because the individual owner gets a big fat paycheque from the league, has a lot of things paid for by the league and then the suckers, otherwise known as fans, have to pay for their stadiums. Can you imagine if I wanted to open up a business and I got Waterloo region taxpayers to foot the bill for my building? I didn’t have to put any money down in real estate?? That’s a pretty good deal is it not? By the way, not only do I not put any money down, but I charge my employee’s for it, who make 1/80th of what I do on a monthly cheque.

You know what it is too? Is that players see these – fans see players as rich when they drive these cars, but you just don’t see the owners’ wealth. I mean owners’ wealth you can’t even imagine!! Butlers, private planes….do you ever wonder why you don’t see Jerry Jones at an airport? You see players at an airport, ever wonder why you don’t see Jerry Jones at an airport? Cause the dude has 4 planes! He doesn’t go to the airport that you do. He goes to the business airport, where all the rich dudes go. If you see somebody at an airport, they’re not that rich. You don’t see any NFL owner in an airport…you see players, coaches, scouts and GM’s at airports…you don’t see owners in airports. But you don’t see their wealth, it’s not thrown in your face like Vernon Davis of the 49’ers who’s on “VH1” or “Cribs” and he’s wearing a chocolate sports coat and has like 9 cars…you know, I saw Vernon Davis of the 49’ers and yeah, he’s got all this rich stuff, but even though it a really nice life….are you kidding me? but compared to an owner?

It should be noted, when you see Jerry Jones in public, he’s not wearing oversized sunglasses or a fur coat, the players don’t do themselves any favours on this, when they show up and do these MTV “Cribs” things and they’ve got gold plated aquariums…that clearly doesn’t do anybody any favours because the average guy watching an NFL game is making $40,000 a year!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I agree, there are no good guys or bad guys here. Both sides just want what they think they should have. Sort of like a war.

    I really liked the point about people not seeing the wealth of the owners. People hear about player contracts every day and say “the players are paid too much”. It’s almost as if the money players receive is taken from charities or something. The money comes from owners, who get it from the common man and woman. If fans stopped caring so much about sports, player salaries would decrease.

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