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The Greatness Of Kobe Bryant!

Posted: April 29, 2011 in NBA

The next series – now that the Lakers beat New Orleans is Dallas. They match up great against my Mav’s, Dallas doesn’t have physical bigs, so Bynum and Gasol will get closer to the basket and the Mav’s are not young and fast at point guard, they’ve got Jason Terry and Jason Kidd. So the Lakers match up brilliantly with Dallas. They don’t match up great with any team with a world class point guard, that’s why the Celtics give the Lakers problems. Rondo’s a nightmare along with Shaq and Glen Davis; they push on Gasol and Bynum.

So I’m watching Kobe Tuesday night and the LA Times called it the “Tri-ankle offense” credit to the LA Times for a very funny line. But you know, there is this sense that – and Kobe goes out and shoots 62% in a playoff game, being double teamed, 62% on a bad foot. There has always been this sense that Michael Jordan is untouchable and that he’s the greatest player and that nobody is even close. I’ve been saying this for the past 2 years – why we don’t have Kobe at #2? Now, forget about Wilt because he was just a physical aberration, nobody denies that.

But I’m talking about skilled basketball players not just guys who are physically dominating. I don’t know why Kobe is not #2 all time! Larry Bird, athletically, is not even in Kobe’s league. Magic was wonderful but he wasn’t a great offensive player and he wasn’t even close to Kobe as a defensive player, he was a distributor first.

But if you look at the parallels between Michael and Kobe, its freighting how even they are. MJ played 15 years and won 6 rings. Kobe has played 14 years and won 5 rings, he may get his 6th this year. With Michael in the regular season, 30 points, 5 assists, 2 steals, 6 rebounds….all of these numbers in the playoffs with the exception of field goal %, slighty tend to go up for Michael. Kobe averages 25 points, 5 assists, 1 ½ steals, 5 ½ rebounds and all of his numbers go slightly up come playoff time. Both have Olympic gold, both elite defensive players, the Lakers have won 31 playoff series with Kobe, Michael Jordan won 31 playoff series. MJ was a 14 time all-star, Kobe a 13 time all-star.

The big difference is – and its why Michael always scored more than Kobe, not because he was a better offensive player, nobody disputes that Kobe’s got much better range, Kobe’s a better shooter than Michael was. Kobe’s got smaller hands than Michael, but Michael was better around the tin – though not significantly better because he could palm the ball so seamlessly. Kobe’s got smaller hands; he goes to the basket with two. But Kobe’s got better range – nobody disputes that! Pippen will tell you that, Scottie will tell you “oh, Kobe is a better shooter!” Michael scored more close to the basket, size of his hands – big advantage. But Michael also scored more and was better in the finals because he was ALL THEY HAD!!! Kobe’s played with Shaq, Gasol and Bynum, he’s had terrific bigs.

So in some games and some finals, Kobe gets doubled or he’s relented, he’s handing the ball over to the bigs. So he’s not going to average as many points – and it should be noted, Kobe’s first two years in the league were outta high school and as a result, hurts his career average. He averaged 7 his first year and 18 his next. If Kobe, like MJ, had gone to Duke for 2 years (MJ went to Carolina…Kobe would’ve gone to Duke, he liked Duke and Coach K). If he goes to Duke for 2 years, he’s coming into the NBA averaging 25 points per game, just like Michael Jordan and their averages would be closer.

But you know, there has always been this sense – and I’ll be the first to acknowledge, MJ was better defensively at his prime, than Kobe. But there is this sense that MJ is way up there and Kobe’s way down there. If you ask the Pippen’s and the players who know both, they will all tell you,  Kobe is a better shooter, Kobe makes more tough shots, Kobe’s also had to play against the Rockets in their prime, the Suns in their prime, a thicker and heavier Western Conference, the Spurs as well through their dynasty.

Whereas Michael Jordan, heck the Celtics were awful for the years he was in his prime and he didn’t beat Detroit until they got old and he dealt with the Pacers and the Knicks. The Knicks weren’t a great team, they’ve never been historically great neither were the Pacers. So I’m not saying that Kobe is better than Michael – that’s not my point, but when you watch Tuesday night’s game, he shoots 62% on one foot, when he’s getting double teamed on every touch….he’s absolutely remarkable.

Yet we are so willing to give Lebron the best player of the decade award – Lebron is not as clutch as Kobe, give me a break!!! Offensively, I don’t care what the numbers are. Kobe is a significantly more artistic player than Lebron James. We want to give it to Derrick Rose; Derrick Rose folks won his FIRST PLAYOFF SERIES Tuesday night!!!! Kobe’s got 31!!! You know, before we anoint everyone else with greatness, Kobe is absolutely remarkable and Tuesday night I got burned – I’m watching it and I’m like Kobe’s ankle is no good, he throws down a right handed jam in the lane, this is a guy that’s got – heck, how many games does his legs have? Could Michael Jordan have thrown that dunk in his last year in the league? I mean, go to Michael’s last 2 years, he wasn’t throwing down stuff like that! Then Kobe comes down a quarter later and throws a left hander down the lane.

The kid is just – and he’s had 4 knee surgeries, his ankles have been ripped, he’s played in the West where the worst team is Memphis (who look bound to knock off the Spurs), he’s had 2 major finger surgeries. Listen, we all acknowledge that MJ is the dude, but I think if you’re brutally honest and your talking skill, we are looking at Van Gough, we are looking at Mattise, this is one of the great artists, in my opinion, the 2nd greatest artist in the history of this game!


I said sometime last week that I believe the Lakers are in a real series, I’m calling this to be a 6 or 7 gamer, that New Orleans is simply not going away and the emails and twitter bombs I got “Andrew your nuts, its gonna be a 5 game series” No its not people!! The Lakers have 2 major issues, they are not exceptions, they have now become the rule. Chris Paul is eating this team alive!! He’s shooting 57%, averaging 26 a game, 11 ½ assists and 7 rebounds. He’s not going away – unless Derek Fischer gets fresh legs (and that’s not happening) this is going to continue to be a huge problem. Secondarily, Carl Landry continues to give Pau Gasol issues. In 4 games, he’s gone from shooting 53% in the regular season to less than 40% in this series. Rebounds from 11 to 6, points from 19 to 12, so as I said in my last rant, this is a real series.

There is a big difference between the exception and the rule. Remember last year, when the Lakers lost in Phoenix? I wrote a rant on it and I’ve never received more hate mail for a rant than this one. The Phoneix Suns beat the Lakers and I came out the next day and I basically wrote “this is not going to happen again, Channing Frye went 50% on 3 pointers, Barbosa also went 50% on 3’s, Jared Dudley 50% on 3’s as well. They had an unbelievable 2nd half on 3 pointers, it was a total exception. Nobody shoots 50% on 3 pointers several times in a playoff series as a team, these were scrub players for the Suns who played way over their skies. So I said that, the Phoenix Suns hate mail was unbelievable…Lakers than go onto win the next 2 games of the series.

This series is different! In this series, these are not exceptions, they can’t defend Chris Paul and Carl Landry is going to give Pau Gasol a tougher than average game every time they play. So listen, Phil Jackson has historically – I’ll still take the Lakers in 6 or 7 games, most likely 7, but this is very reminiscent of that series against Houston a couple of years ago, Houston was a bad match up. Fast point guard and a lot of elbows down low to give Gasol and Bynum issues. Now, Phil Jackson is usually playful – I mean, read what he said after Sunday night’s game, he did not sound playful “ Well, it’s a series now, its 2-2…best out of 3. We punked out there out on the court tonight, gave them 20 second chance points and they earned them and let them gain the momentum of their crowd”

Okay, so you’ve got Kobe Bryant with a foot injury, Gasol being pushed around, Chris Paul eating the Lakers alive…we’ve got ourselves a real series here! I said it last week and I’ll say it again, this is a real series.

Exception in life…dumb guy getting a good job. Rule in life…smart guy getting a good job. This is a team – and I’ll say this, as much as the media slobbers over Derrick Rose. Go look at Chris Paul’s numbers against a much better Laker team and Derrick Roses’ against an inferior Indiana team. Field goal %, 3 point percentage, rebounds, assists and turnovers…Chris Paul crushing Derrick Rose, statistically in all of those. “Well Andrew, Derrick is being pushed around” pfft and Chris Paul is not? The guy got elbowed in the face Sunday night, I think he got stitches, he’s got an injured thumb and it should be noted, Chris Paul had better numbers than Derrick Rose…field goal %,  3 point %, rebounds a game, assists and fewer turnovers in the regular season.

So before we make Derrick Rose the Michael Jordan, Chris Paul – against a superior team and Chris Paul has even less around him than Derrick Rose does!! Derrick Rose has Boozer and Noah….there is some talent there, Deng as well…there’s real talent there. Who does Chris Paul have? He’s got Carl Landry, Come on!!  Chris Paul – with significantly less talent around him and against a superior team is putting up great numbers. Here’s another thing, Chris Paul is a better defensive player than Derrick Rose, that is without question and he’s a smarter player. I mean Chris Paul, never takes a bad shot…ever!

So, basketball IQ…Chris Paul, Defense…Chris Paul, Stats…Chris Paul and you people are making Derrick Rose to be MJ! I mean, the media has slobbered over Derrick Rose. By the way, walking boot for Derrick Rose at practice over the weekend, I don’t know about you guys, but the kind of injury that Derrick Rose had, that thing might last for like – I don’t know, 3 games? I think it’s a huge problem…but that’s just me though!

The media’s infatuation with Derrick Rose continues – even while I was exhaustively studying for exams and had taken my attention away from the playoffs. Yes Derrick Rose – 3 times has saved the Bulls, but the two bigger issues – and I nailed both of them, let’s be honest here. Chicago is really lucky that they got Indiana to open up the NBA playoffs or they’d be on their way out! As predicted by yours truly – that the strength of the Bulls, like the Cavs last year, was energy and passion and that is neutralized in the playoffs because everybody finally plays hard and everybody is equally rested.

So the Bulls –with this great fascination, are lucky that they are not down 3-1 in this series! But let’s center in on Derrick Rose. Who I have been saying all year – is an audacious talent and a remarkable player and deserves our affection, but his case for MVP has been overstated by a media that just hates Lebron and doesn’t want to give it to Kobe again.

Listen to Derrick Roses’ numbers, now that we’re in the real basketball season. Remember how mad you were when I compared Derrick Rose to Allen Iverson – which I never understood why anybody would be mad at that, Iverson, was unbelievable!! For a decade, he was probably the best talent in the league, now he’s a better defender than Derrick Rose, but I compared him basically to Derrick Rose. Same guy, great on television, small guy, I don’t think he’s going to end up with a lot of titles unless he plays with better players and becomes a better distributor. But Derrick Rose, in the regular season, shot 45% yet in 3 games against awful Indiana (Game 4 had not taken place yet when drafting this rant) he shot 38%. His 3 point shooting, never great, has gone from 33 to 28%, his assists have been cut in half from  8 to 4.7, his turnovers have gone up 20% from 3 ½  to almost 5 a game…oh yah, but he’s scoring more.

Again, real defense, real playoffs, Derrick Roses’ numbers – just look at them, 38% shooting, 4 ½ assists, 4 ½ turnovers…he’s Allen Iverson! By the way, I also said – and many of my die hard NBA friends disagreed with me, that the reason why the Bulls wouldn’t win a title is because you can’t win with one star surrounded by a bunch of B– players. So in Game 1, everybody is telling me “Andrew, they’ve got Boozer, Noah…” oh really? Boozer went 4 for 11 against the Pacers and Noah went 5 for 12. “Andrew, that’s not fair, taking a one game sample, let’s go to Game 2” Luol Deng was 3 for 13, Noah was 2 for 10 “that’s not fair Andrew, its only 2 games, let’s go to Game 3” Alright, Boozer was 2 for 10, Luol Deng took 19 shots and made 8. Derrick Rose, playoffs start, Chicago Bulls, as predicted by yours truly, they have been neutralized to some degree.

Now nobody disputes that Rose is a remarkable player, but the player that I said – because now we hate him and we let emotion take over our lives every day! Go look at Lebron’s regular season/playoff numbers: points – 26 in the regular season, 25 playoffs. Assists – virtually the same, Rebounds – have almost doubled, 7 ½ regular season and 12 in the playoffs. Turnovers –  3 ½ in the regular season only 1 in 3 playoff games…that’s right! 1 turnover a game. Now his field goal percentage has come down, but it’s still higher than Derrick Roses….in the regular season.

So what’s my point? My point is, coming into the playoffs and I did it last year and I’m doing it this year, take the emotion out of it. You can’t win a championship with a 6’3 guy that shoots a low percentage… and don’t fall in love with young teens that play their butts off in the regular season and that’s their calling card. Ultimately, in the playoffs, it’s about stars and everybody playing hard, the Bulls have one star and he doesn’t shoot a great percentage and in the playoffs that percentage will go down because everybody’s shooting percentage generally goes down by a bit in the playoffs.

But again, the media’s saying “Derrick Rose is amazing!!” then why are these games so close? It’s freakin Indiana (no disrespect) they are arguably the worst team in the playoffs. I wanna see all the Chicago Bull emails, you know what they’ll say “well he’s being fouled too much” no, it’s called NBA playoff basketball. Pau Gasol is getting pushed around by Carl Landry, that’s NBA playoff basketball for you. If you don’t want to be Pau Ga “soft” and you want to be Pau Gasol, then you push back. This is what playoff basketball is, its super physical. Did you see Kobe pounding on Chris Paul last week? have you seen Lebron’s numbers almost double with rebounds? How? Why? Its big boy basketball, fraile, tiny, small, thin is going to get bounced around.

You simply can’t win if your #1 asset is “we play hard” that’s not going to get you to the championship level, cause everybody is playing hard for the next couple of weeks…everybody!

Let me start with this story, it’s a story that broke out last week Wednesday, where Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 dollars for a slur, a homophobic slur. Now, we can all figure out what that is, it was on, I talked about it on the bus ,the day after the incident with a couple of buddies and then he gets fined $100,000. First of all, the NBA did exactly what you have to do, this is how you handle controversy in 2011, quick action, don’t deny it, take your punishment, apologize and it goes away. With a 24/7 news cycle, another story takes your place…in about 18 hours.

Now, I was getting some texts and emails…that it was just a bunch of words he said! Folks, you gotta remember, Kobe Bryant’s words matter more! Like if Pacman Jones says something stupid, he’s Pacman Jones. One of the downsides to being smart and respected is that your words are taken more seriously. I was talking about an author, who is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, his name is Buzz Bissinger, and about 2 months ago, during the NBA All-Star game he wrote a very interesting story. Where he basically asked, Is the NBA losing popularity because none of its stars are white? And I said that if many people in sports said that, it’s not a valid question, I don’t really care! But the fact that a Pulitzer Prize winning, high IQ journalist said it and made good points! [ ]makes the story worthy of discussion. And if Chris Anderson – with 19 tattoos, says something ridiculous, we may be shocked at the words, but we roll our eyes.

Kobe is highly educated, well travelled, an ambassador, global, just read what Kobe said last week, when he was on the Maison and Ireland Show Wednesday afternoon in Los Angeles last week. If I told you this was a Senator in Illinois or a Senator in Texas….you wouldn’t know the difference between that and Kobe Bryant, because he’s a “get it” guy. “The concern that I have is for those who follow what I say and are inspired by the way that I play or look to me as a role model or whatever it is; for them not to take what was said as something that, to take it as a message of hate or a license to degrade or embarrass or tease you know? Because that’s something that I don’t want to see happen. It’s important for me to talk about that issue because it’s okay for you to be who you are”

The reason why it’s wrong for Kobe to say what he said – and its wrong for anybody to say, but the reason it’s more damaging with Kobe is because actually…we respect him!! Tim Hardaway made an anti-gay slur….and we rolled our eyes!!! Cause Tim Hardaway is a “don’t get it “guy. People, who don’t get it, don’t get that they don’t get it lol. Kobe has always been a “get it” guy, and it’s basically a convergence between a very smart player, a big high profile player, of the highest profile team and we live in an era where if you don’t go out and find Kobe for this and you allow this to be okay…than NBA players use racial slurs?

I’ve said before, I let a lot of stuff go, I let a ton of stuff go and I was telling my buddy the day after this story broke out, that the line has got to be slur’s! If you allow this, from a star player nonetheless, then you’re going to have to allow – in an increasingly diverse global landscape of sports, racial slurs! I mean, baseball has got Latino’s and blacks and Korea’s – can I just go out and make a slur? To a Jewish baseball player? Or an Asian baseball player like John Rocker did a couple of years ago?

So I was getting some emails about the “political correctness”. This is a convergence where the star player that we respect, star franchise, on television…you saw the words and in a way, it’s a sign of respect for Kobe. A guy that we expect more from, like we expect more from Kobe Bryant. Now, I’ve only been in the hardcore sports scene for like 9 or 10 years. I have such a low expectation for the majority of athletes, because there are so few athletes who are talented, bright and thoughtful and it’s more important for those players to keep the other players in line.

I guess it’s one of those things in society – like, here’s the downside, for all you smart guys who matter and smart woman who matter. Whether you’re the principal of a high school or the manager of a sales staff or a doctor…for all you people out there who matter and that are smart. Here is the downside…we’re going to dissect your words because you matter more and you’ve always mattered more and we hold you to a higher level of scrutiny.

So in this instance, I’m a Kobe defender for almost everything but I think the NBA got it right, I think he is NBA royalty – and in this instance, he has to be held to a higher standard!

So there are these rumors that sprung up last week, that Chris Paul of the Hornet – great young player, would eventually want to play for the Charlotte Bobcats because MJ is the owner. And I have a friend doing a co-op job down there and he’s like “I know we’re a small market…” listen, it doesn’t have anything to do with market size…it doesn’t! If Charlotte was a great organization, you know, like San Antonio is not the biggest and they’ve got all sorts of good players.

The bottom line with Michael Jordan…he’s 48 years old and blowded, okay? That’s not going to win you NBA championships. Yes, he’s probably the best player, as an owner, in the NBA and can post up the Lakers’ GM Mitch Kupchak all day, but he can’t beat Mitch Kupchak’s team! His drafting has been below average, Jordan since 06’ has been part of the Bobcats, before that he was in an executive role with the Wizards…he’s been a disaster!

In Charlotte, he’s been with the team for 4 or 5 seasons now, they’ve had one team above .500, they’ve been in the playoffs once and they got slaughtered in 4 games by Orlando where they weren’t even competitive, and that’s in the Eastern Conference!!!  So one playoff appearance, ousted by Orlando in 4 games! They don’t have a single star player the 3 coaches that Michael Jordan has had a hand in hiring; they’ve all been a disaster!

Leonard Hamilton went 19-63….disaster in D.C. Then he goes to Charlotte, Sam Vincent….strike two!! Then he gives Larry Brown a 4-year deal after that dumpster fire in New York….nobody in the league would’ve given Larry Brown a 4-year deal, but he went to Carolina, he’s a Carolina guy and so is Michael Jordan…so he gave him the deal! Then he goes to Charlotte, he owns the team, he’s littered the front office with “yes” men and buddies…you gotta be kidding me!

I’ve said this before, even like Derek Jeter wears like Jordan brand stuff (lol I’ve got a pair of Jordan socks on now) But if I’m Derek Jeter, I create my own brand! This reverence for Michael Jordan has got to stop!!! He has been a below average executive in this league, you can argue Kwame Brown is the worst draft pick in the history of the league! His three coaching hires have been bombs!!! Oh yah, and Larry Brown – by the time he got him, was a bomb move! It was absolutely terrible! Now Charlotte is littered with buddies and “yes” men….that doesn’t work!!

And you know, this has happened a lot! Where the great players are rarely a great mind or executives, because to be a great executive, you’ve got to be a grinder! The R.C. Buford’s in San Antonio and the guys around this league….the Donnie Walsh’s, they weren’t great players…they’re grinders! Bellicheck wasn’t a great player, he’s a grinder! And stars do it with natural talent, like a Magic or an MJ, and so they don’t have that quality of just grinding out every bit of talent. But I mean, Michael just doesn’t do the homework! He’s got racing team, all sorts of homes, he’s flying his private jet and he’s got all his buddies…you want to be the best GM in the league, you outta watch 11 games a night! You gotta watch games all day…it’s a lot of work.

It’s not a coincidence that Bellicheck and Andy Reid always end up, at the top of the NFL as do the Ronnie’s. It’s not a coincidence that the top NBA teams are always at the top. They know what they’re doing…there is a reason the Twins are always good in Minnesota, they know what they’re doing…they do their homework! The idea that I’ll go to Michael Jordan’s team because he was a great player makes absolutely no sense…I don’t get it! I’ve never understood it! And, once you watch Jordan in that hall of fame speech wasn’t he kinda petty? Its kinda troches right? We all admit that right?

So Josh Hamilton gets injured last week – and listen, the Rangers are a very aggressive power team, power pitching, power hitters, that’s their culture, they are aggressive! So last Tuesday night, Josh Hamilton, for the 3rd time in 3 years, he’s going to be out for a long stretch and he’s absolutely frustrated…but he threw the 3rd base coach , Dave Anderson, under the bus …which is amazing!

Basically, if you didn’t see the game, there was a pop up in foul ground, Dave Anderson – 3rd base coach whispered in Josh Hamilton’s ear “there is nobody covering home” this is Tuesday afternoon. Brad Penny – the opposing pitcher wasn’t covering home plate. After the play, Josh Hamilton, he runs for home, slides head first and rips up his arm…he’s out for 2 months, like breaks it![ ]  but after the game, he blame his coach! “the whole time I was watching the play and I was listening “no body is at home, why don’t you go” and I was like, dude I don’t want to do this…something is going to happen! So…but, I listened to my coach and like, how do you avoid a slide at best? By going in head first”

First off all, he said “I knew something would happen” what are you Miss Cleo? Can you predict injuries? You didn’t know something was going to happen, you can’t throw somebody under the bus! Listen, that’s your decision. Even if an offensive co-ordinator sends in a bad play, then don’t throw the ball…check down! Check out of the play! You can’t blame Phil Jackson, if Kobe – if the play is designed and Kobe takes a bad shot because you’ve got 4 teammates. You can’t blame the 3rd base coach!!

I honestly don’t buy that…whatsoever! I know he’s frustrated, I totally get that…3rd time on the DL, this is probably going to be 2 months, the team is playing great, I get athletes who are frustrated. But basically, he’s calling out the 3rd base coach – who it should be noted, the manager Ron Washington, defended and so did the GM John Daniels. So with Josh Hamilton, kind of a character flaw thing there…not a big fan of that! Like in crisis, blames the third base coach! Not a big fan

So I was watching the Tom Brady show on ESPN this past Tuesday night and as we get ready for the draft – and I think this year in the NFL draft, we’re going to see mistakes made that are always made. But the Tom Brady special was great, it was excellent television. For those of you who didn’t watch it, it was basically a story about how 7 other QB’s got picked before Tom Brady – and what it showed me, more than anything else, is that sometimes I wonder if my emailers and fans and avid posters on my blog, wouldn’t be better working in professional sports – they seem to care more, than the guys that are often working in professional sports.

I think what happens is – guys working in professional sports, they make a lot of money, they don’t watch sports as much and they just sort of gloss over stuff and I’ve got emailers and bloggers who seem reasonably smart that I think they could work in some scouting department – it’s not genius work. But its unbelievable, when you watch the Tom Brady special….how bad people are in the NFL. One team!!! called on Tom Brady…one!!!. Now, I’m not saying he should’ve been a 1st pick, but he was the starting QB at Michigan, when Michigan was a top 7 or 8 program, he had prodigious numbers, he had 2 bowl wins over SEC teams, they voted him captain….and yet someone picked Spergon Wynn of Southwest Texas State with a 47% completion rate in that conference…. over him.

Somebody picked Geovanni Carmazzi of Hofstra who – if you’ve watched the special Steve Mariucci wanted to strangle that guy by the pre-season. That Carmazzi guy now lives in northern California, according to the special, that he has 5 goats and doesn’t own a television…and you couldn’t do a little testing?

I mean, Brady in his 1st year at Michigan set records for most pass attempts, completions and was team captain…I mean, they won 20 of 25 games, he was 6’4, they beat two SEC teams, he was in huge games, Mr. Comeback was his nickname, it’s amazing to me!!  Don’t outthink the room. Tee Martin got drafted ahead of him and he had a Wonderlic score of 11, an 11!!! They drafted a guy with a 47% completion rate in college conferences you’ve never heard off!!

I’ll tell you this; we’re doing the exact same thing with Blaine Gabbert of Missouri! Don’t outthink the room! He’s 6’4, 235lbs, huge arm, great touch, major conference….with Missouri’s talent he had a 132 QB rating in the last 2 years, 18-6, no sketchy “behind the scenes” stuff. The kid has got – I mean, I’m reading Blaine Gabbert and I’m reading what scouts say about him. You can’t find a negative, even as a backup, as a freshman, he got into 5 games when they Chase Daniels, a junior-senior who was one of the best QB’s in the country…as a freshman, he was still getting into games. Accurate, can throw all the throws, excellent deep ball, terrific recognition, gotten better each year, completed 59%, last year 63%

It should be noted; basically they compare him to Matt Ryan with better mobility skills. He’s a little rougher, but he’s coming out of college a year earlier than Matt Ryan did…you can’t find a negative with Blaine Gabbert, you can’t find one! Has a high Wonderlic (over 30), is big, strong and fast. Is smart and has no sketchy stuff. I watched that Brady thing and I’m like – listen, I’m not saying he’s a 1st round guy, because he’s kinda gangeling, he wasn’t physically imposing but neither was Joe Montana or Phil Simms.

I just watched that thing and it was amazing! People are forgetting this – as the NFL has gotten more sophisticated, as its gotten to be a smarter league…why do we care what a QB runs a 40 in? What do I care…Ben Roethlisberger could beat that stool next to me, who cares what a guy runs a 40 in!!! It was great television, it was really really good television!