If VCU Put On UNC Uniforms, Would They Not Be The Overwhelming Tournament Favourite? A Final Four Analysis!!

Posted: April 2, 2011 in NCAA Basketball

If VCU put uniforms on and it said “UNC” on them, wouldn’t we be calling this team easily the best in the tournament? Think about this for a second, VCU has won by 13, 18, and 18, blew out Kansas and beat Florida State. If they were called UNC, they’d be an 11 point favourite in this weekend’s game. They not only beat USC, it wasn’t even close! They not only hammered Georgetown by 18, the game was over in minutes! They not only crushed Purdue – the game was over in minutes! They not only crushed Kansas – the game was over in minutes. And they had the obligatory close win – which even the greatest teams of all time have had at least one close win in the tournament. They’re blowing out the best teams in the country!!

But we are struggling to put our arms around the VC who? If you change their uniform –it’s why I’m taking them this weekend! They’re blowing out everybody, the games aren’t even competitive!! Full court press – I mean they nailed twelve 3’s against Kansas, 3rd time in the tournament…in the tournament that they’ve hit at least twelve 3’s!! They’re suffocating 4 out of the 5 teams that they’ve played. So it seems like to me, if you just change their uniforms…that VCU is the best team in the tournament! I’ll take UConn to beat VCU though, because as I might’ve told you, I made a big mistake.

After the first game of the tournament was over for every team, I realized – in my opinion, UConn was the best team. I went to some stats from last year and they were 11-0 on neutral courts, they’re home losses that were in overtime were last second shots, this team – like Duke’s last year which won it all, had not lost on a neutral floor or at home and the losses that they did have, were last second overtime losses. I believe UConn is the best team in the tournament, I made a mistake in my bracket, I should’ve chosen them and then after completing it I realized it after they routed a pretty solid Bucknell team.

I think VCU is an underdog and that nobody will watch, but I kinda find them bizarrely fascinating, their coaches name is “Shaka” he looks like a grad assistant, he doesn’t own a sports coat and Jay Bilas said “you can’t tell me that they shouldn’t even be in the tournament” and Jay Bilas does know his stuff! So I find VCU kinda fascinating, I can’t explain quite how they really got here, but I will tell you – there was an interesting article written by David Mayo last Friday morning and he writes for the Grand Rapids Press and though I disagree with his column, he did put a lot of work into it and deserves credit.

He’s basically saying “this is the new normal” and I don’t agree with him. Don’t forget, UConn and Kentucky are both in the Final Four and Kansas was playing to get into the Final Four. Go look at the last 8 teams that were left in the tournament last week, there was a lot more Kansas and Kentucky’s, Duke, UConn’s than VCU’s. So the reality here is that I don’t think this is the new normal, he writes a very good article, David Mayo at the Grand Rapids Press, go read it here [http://www.mlive.com/sports/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2011/03/final_four_runs_by_vcu_butler.html ] cause everybody now is over-reacting!

Remember 2 years ago in October when the markets crashed? And people were literally saying “it’s the end of capitalism!!” We, because there is so much media and so many more websites and blogs and TV networks, we get inundated. We just massively overreact and it doesn’t mean it’s your fault or my fault, do you realize that there were more school shootings 40 years ago than today?  You don’t believe that do you??? Because it only got talked about in that specific town, now it’s on MSNBC and Nancy Grace for 6 weeks.

The reality is that crime has never been lower in New York, but if you watch the news you think there are shootings in downtown New York City, that midtown is a “firing range” pfft, its actually never been safer than today!! Los Angeles downtown, never been safer…the big cities have never been safer and so I do not believe that this is the new normal By the way, Barack Obama went almost entirely chalk, he’s in the 94.7 percentile, I went virtually all chalk and I’m still #2 in my pool. You didn’t have VCU, you didn’t have Butler, so it’s still a favourites tournament overwhelmingly! It’s been fun, I have enjoyed it but you know, it’s funny because Jay Bilas got a lot of criticism because he said VCU doesn’t deserve to be in the tournament.

But to defend Jay Bilas, here’s also – and he really nail’s it here, he also said this before the tournament started and he was very accurate “we sat here on this set in January and said that this is the weakest college basketball has ever been. We have a paper thin weak field and I’ve said from the very beginning, there is not a great team in college basketball, not one. There are some very good teams, the #1 seeds and the #2 seeds, those are very good teams and all of them are capable of doing some damage in this tournament, if we had a great team…it would sail through this tournament and quite frankly, nobody will. I mean, we’ll have really competitive games, but the end of the line…that’s why expansion made this look even worse, but at the end of the line, this is the weakest field we’ve ever had” pfft that’ right! Jay Bilas is right! And he said all of this before the tournament. This is definitely not the “new normal” it should be noted though, you wanna know who is going to be really good next year? Kentucky should bring back most of their stars, Ohio State, Michigan, UCLA  and Carolina…they’re all going to have a bunch of NBA guys next year and they’re all going to be really really good.

So my opening statement today is that I’ve got nothing against VCU, I think they’re arguably the best team left right now. I mean, if you put UNC on their uniform with a 13 point, 18 point, 18 point and 10 point win over good teams by crushing them, suffocating them in the 1st seven minutes, you’d say they’re the best team left! We just can’t embrace the fact that VCU is better than everybody, in a diluted watered down sport! But next year, a lot of these Ohio States and Kentucky’s bring back a lot of their players who are 5 star high school kids. Next year will be a big favourites tournament with the Buckeyes and the Wildcats and the Bruins and the Wolverines and Tar Heels being exceptional. This is an aberration year – and even in this crazy aberration year, we’ve got 2 big dogs and 2 small dogs and I’m sorry, I can’t call Butler a dark horse. They are equivalent to Boise State football, as a good friend of mine pointed out last week. They’re good enough on any given day to beat anybody, they have a terrific young coach like Boise State does, they play on TV, and you know all about them, they have fringe NBA guys like Boise State has got fringe NFL guys. So we got 2 big dogs, Butler and VCU is an aberration. I don’t agree with anybody, but I will tell you this…I may be in the minority!!

  1. Parthan says:

    Yessss Boise State’s success if football resembles exactly VCU and Butler’s success in basketball! It is just a shame that Boise does not have the same shot to prove itself for the ship like VCU and Butler have received. The BCS system has got to go! GO VCU!!

  2. Parthan says:

    Although if Butler won its still all love

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