Tiger Woods Won’t Ever Return To What Made Him The Greatest Golfer Ever!!!

Posted: April 7, 2011 in PGA

I’m not a guy who likes to rant about Golf a lot , but if you read my rants, you get the sense that I like to talk about business, psychology and relationships (that is kinda the slogan for this blog) because it interests me and I talk about stuff that I like. I like football, I like talking about relationships, I like girls, I like business, I like psychology and I’ve said this before, I don’t think that Tiger Woods will ever be that Tiger Woods we saw in his greatest decade! And people forget just how great he was.

In Jack Nicholas’ greatest 10 year stretch, he won 15% of the time. In Tiger’s best 10 year stretch, he won 30%. That’s twice as much as the best golfer ever…the guy was ridiculous, unfortunately it’s not coming back! I believe that golf is 75-80% mental. Tiger is now a better human, thus Tiger is a worse golfer!!

And having paid close attention to sports for the past 8 years, the Tiger’s, the Kobe’s, Peyton Manning’s and MJ’s are selfish…and they have to be! You can’t be a 9-5 guy, best dad in the world, there for your wife every night and be the best in the world at anything. As Malcolm Gladwell points out in the book titled “Outliers” [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outliers_(book)] it’s called the “10,000 hour rule” To be an expert, to be elite, not good…but amazing, there is not enough pie in the pan! There are not enough hours!! Something’s gotta give. You’re going to miss little league games and piano recitals and long walks on the beach with your wife…if you want to be the greatest civil engineer, if you want to be the greatest golfer! There just isn’t that many hours!! You can convince yourself…there is just simply not that many hours.

Cliff Lee – I read a story on the New York Magazine this past weekend; he’s never read a book! He sure as heck is good in the post-season! Roger Clemens is delusional, only surrounds himself with “yes’ men. What often makes the best athlete would make a terrible human! So I look at Tiger Woods and when he was having 14 or 15 simultaneous affairs, he was dominating!!! Because it was very much like Tiger’s golf game….all about him! Servicing him, serving him! The affairs were lockstep with Tiger the human being and Tiger the golfer….take care of Tiger.

I never thought he was a sex addict, I thought it was ridiculous. If you have 14 affairs, if I have 14 affairs…that’s sexual addiction because we’ll have an unconscionable amount of co-ordination to pull them off. Tiger just needs a cell phone…he’s got a staff of workers to set it up. This was just a guy in a bad marriage who was bored and had time and had money! That’s not addiction, that’s bordom!  In 8 years of following sports obsessively, I’ve heard worse than that…that’s just what you’re hearing about!

So the most balanced people I’ve ever met, who’ve got their family and job and relationships and social life…just perfectly co-ordinated are never ever…I’m only 23, they are never ever the most successful people. To be a great dad, you gotta give stuff up and to be the best golfer…you’ve got to be manic! When Tiger was manic, he was unbelievable! And now he’s just a really good golfer. He’ll win again, he’ll win a major but so will Darren Clarke, Mike Weir or Corey Paven. I think Tiger, mentally with all those psychologists, flipped a switch and good luck flipping it back!

Golf, more than any single sport – you never see this in hockey, you never see it in football or basketball or baseball…perhaps a little bit in baseball. But in golf, we have guys who are #1 on the tour, Nick Faldo or David Duvall… guys who are elite or Baker Finch, who fall of the cliff and never return! You don’t see a world class sprinter go from 1st to 858th in the world overnight. You don’t see Kobe go from 28 a game to a 9, barring an injury. In golf, the best golfer disappears and can’t make the cut!

Tiger will still win, but the former Tiger is done. You know what Tiger is to me? He’s the musician who sobered up and you’re not writing “Dark Side of the Moon” after two glasses of lemonade and an afternoon with your kids. Charles Barkley had it right!! It was harsh, it was rude, but we should be entertained by athletes, they should never be role models (open in a new tab to see commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8vh2MwXZ6o )soo true! They are the last people you should be modeling your life after.

But they are the first people I’ll pay $200 to sit behind a dug out and watch in the bottom of the 9th in Game 7 of the series and when Tiger was manic, a mess and self absorbed…that’s exactly, in his personal life, like his real life! A staff of people at his win, to service him…that was Tiger! So in a way, the sex addiction – which I never bought, was very similar to his golf life. Now he’s faking it, now he’s talked to “psychologist” now he’s okay

  1. Mike Crack says:

    It’s true, no one can have it all. You have to sacrifice something to have another thing. It’s like some of the top flight neuro or cardiac surgeons. They’re so good in the OR, but they don’t see their kids very often. Although golf can be played by old people, I suppose it is still a young man’s game, or at least a non-fam man’s game, as you said.

    Good post.

  2. Derek Mayo says:

    LOL, well written. Maybe Tiger is like Samson from the the Bible where he lost all his power after he cut his hair, except in this case, sex was Tiger’s power. I think people should look at other factors such as him getting older, his recent injuries and lastly, his swing change. A few years before he got caught for cheating, his performance was already on the downside. If he wants to be elite again, maybe he needs to go back to sleeping with 14 to 15 women at once and get his power back lol.

    Good topic.

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