He Spat, Was Angry, Threw His Club, Was Swearing, Brushed off Reporters…Thank You Tiger Woods For Being True And Authentic!!!

Posted: April 12, 2011 in PGA

Did you hear about the spitting incident with Tiger Woods? It was captured by CBS cameras, before the network went on the air, CBS did pick up him swearing, on #5 missed that 18 foot putt, probably will face a fine from the mess – but that’s okay, cause I know its lousy etiquette, but the fist pump, the club toss, the lala pollogies tour is back!! Tiger Woods – and I’m not sure if it goes beyond this past weekend, but I’m seeing the old Tiger Woods. He’s spitting, he’s swearing, he’s angry, he’s curt, he’s short….and I just want to thank him for that!

I would like to thank Tiger Woods for being authentic and true to whom he is. I thought the Tiger front 9 31 emergence, was a much bigger story that Rory McIlroy’s collapse! Listen, Rory McIlroy’s collapse just revealed his age, Greg Norman’s collapse revealed his character! And there is a huge difference. I know everybody felt bad for Rory, but you know what I was saying? “Kid, get outta the way!! Your clogging up my television set” He’ll win a major…maybe two or three…this wasn’t his time. Peter Kostis from CBS gave him a hug, and he really gave him a hug for all of us! “Hey kid, your 21 kid, you gave it a run, it’s not your day. But could you kindly move outta the way, there is a bigger story here…there is a much bigger story here!”I don’t compare it at all to Greg Norman.

When Greg Norman fell apart Nick Faldo felt bad…you just couldn’t explain it! In one big swoop, your heart went out for Greg Norman and you realized “wow, he’s never going to be the same” As far as sports go, it almost felt like it was an American tragedy. Rory felt like a 21 year old kid at the turn who got overwhelmed in sweltering heat. I’m not sure if he was sweating or if those were tears, but it was just too much for him. He’s 21 years old…and weren’t we all asking Saturday night – let’s be honest here, when we went to bed on Saturday, what was the overwhelming media coverage? “Can Rory handle the pressure on Sunday!!” and the answer was “Nope, he can’t!! He can’t handle it…its okay, he will eventually though”

The story on Sunday was Tiger. There I was sitting in front of my laptop watching it for 3 hours…it was soo compelling, it was unbelievable!! It makes even other good golf stories – Jason Day, Adam Scott, Charles Schwartzel feel like “ugh, uh whatever….Let’s get back to Tiger” Did anybody notice the crowd? I know for a percentage of people it’s hard to admit that you root for Tiger because of the infidelity and the bad home stuff. But did you watch the crowd? They were taking Tiger’s misputts harder than Tiger was!! 5 birdies, 9 holes, in front 9, the crowd roaring. Jason Day – who had a great round said he could hear the crowd roaring. “All you could hear was…I was actually on 3rd hole, and it seemed as if at every single hole he’d have this big massive roar, one after the other, and then he eagled 8th which was amazing. I think he was 5 under through 9 holes… [Reporter answers “yes” in background] oh man, that guy’s a freak!”

That guy is a freak! It was incredible. And I know MJ and Kobe and A-rod and Tiger…I know all of these stars are terribly flawed and unevenly humans, but I don’t care. All I know is that when Tiger is cussing and swearing and energized…I can’t take my eyes of the television set! I thought Andy North summed it up best, he said  “Anybody who’s been writing or talking about…it doesn’t matter if Tiger is there or not, people don’t care about Tiger…that’s totally wrong! I mean the energy there, the first half of the day when he was making his run on the front 9, was absolutely amazing! The roars and the cheers – people were going nuts. Do not run at Augusta is the norm, yet there were people running and pushing to see what was going on” Now I don’t know if this continues. I could be that this is Tiger’s home course, just like how Phil Mickelson plays great at Tory Pines. Every golfer’s got like that one course and it sorta feels like this is Tiger’s course, even when he’s 58, he’ll make a run like the Golden Bear did in the twilight of his career…I don’t know.

But I’ll tell you this, what I noticed about Tiger…he was authentic! You may not like the real Tiger, as he blew off Bill Macatee, from CBS, you may not like the swearing or the cussing…but that’s who he is! And stars are different…that’s why their stars!! They are not 3rd grade school teachers. They’re not well mannered, they’re not great role models, and they’re not always kind and compassionate and selfless. They are selfish, but I’m not paying $300 bucks at the guys at Jiffy Loop. When Tiger is in his zone, there is nothing like it.

Golf is just Golf …and then when Tiger gets going, it’s like a sport! I feel the same way I when I’m watching Game 6 NBA finals. My heart is pumping fast, fist pumping in the air…I thought it was great! I thought it was incredibly captivating. And I think the Rory McIlroy comparisons to Greg Norman are overstated. Greg was down the stretch, he was a brand…and it really revealed his character “ohh, this is why he’s got all the talent of Jack, but has never been Jack” it really revealed it. With Rory, it just revealed his age! He’s just a kid…he’s just a kid!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I agree with your point about preferring to watch an athlete who is good but not well-mannered as opposed to a well-mannered guy who can’t play the sport well. If you want to see well-mannered, you should go elsewhere. It’s about production.

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