Can We Just Stop This Reverence For Michael Jordan…He’s A Below Average Exec!!

Posted: April 19, 2011 in NBA

So there are these rumors that sprung up last week, that Chris Paul of the Hornet – great young player, would eventually want to play for the Charlotte Bobcats because MJ is the owner. And I have a friend doing a co-op job down there and he’s like “I know we’re a small market…” listen, it doesn’t have anything to do with market size…it doesn’t! If Charlotte was a great organization, you know, like San Antonio is not the biggest and they’ve got all sorts of good players.

The bottom line with Michael Jordan…he’s 48 years old and blowded, okay? That’s not going to win you NBA championships. Yes, he’s probably the best player, as an owner, in the NBA and can post up the Lakers’ GM Mitch Kupchak all day, but he can’t beat Mitch Kupchak’s team! His drafting has been below average, Jordan since 06’ has been part of the Bobcats, before that he was in an executive role with the Wizards…he’s been a disaster!

In Charlotte, he’s been with the team for 4 or 5 seasons now, they’ve had one team above .500, they’ve been in the playoffs once and they got slaughtered in 4 games by Orlando where they weren’t even competitive, and that’s in the Eastern Conference!!!  So one playoff appearance, ousted by Orlando in 4 games! They don’t have a single star player the 3 coaches that Michael Jordan has had a hand in hiring; they’ve all been a disaster!

Leonard Hamilton went 19-63….disaster in D.C. Then he goes to Charlotte, Sam Vincent….strike two!! Then he gives Larry Brown a 4-year deal after that dumpster fire in New York….nobody in the league would’ve given Larry Brown a 4-year deal, but he went to Carolina, he’s a Carolina guy and so is Michael Jordan…so he gave him the deal! Then he goes to Charlotte, he owns the team, he’s littered the front office with “yes” men and buddies…you gotta be kidding me!

I’ve said this before, even like Derek Jeter wears like Jordan brand stuff (lol I’ve got a pair of Jordan socks on now) But if I’m Derek Jeter, I create my own brand! This reverence for Michael Jordan has got to stop!!! He has been a below average executive in this league, you can argue Kwame Brown is the worst draft pick in the history of the league! His three coaching hires have been bombs!!! Oh yah, and Larry Brown – by the time he got him, was a bomb move! It was absolutely terrible! Now Charlotte is littered with buddies and “yes” men….that doesn’t work!!

And you know, this has happened a lot! Where the great players are rarely a great mind or executives, because to be a great executive, you’ve got to be a grinder! The R.C. Buford’s in San Antonio and the guys around this league….the Donnie Walsh’s, they weren’t great players…they’re grinders! Bellicheck wasn’t a great player, he’s a grinder! And stars do it with natural talent, like a Magic or an MJ, and so they don’t have that quality of just grinding out every bit of talent. But I mean, Michael just doesn’t do the homework! He’s got racing team, all sorts of homes, he’s flying his private jet and he’s got all his buddies…you want to be the best GM in the league, you outta watch 11 games a night! You gotta watch games all day…it’s a lot of work.

It’s not a coincidence that Bellicheck and Andy Reid always end up, at the top of the NFL as do the Ronnie’s. It’s not a coincidence that the top NBA teams are always at the top. They know what they’re doing…there is a reason the Twins are always good in Minnesota, they know what they’re doing…they do their homework! The idea that I’ll go to Michael Jordan’s team because he was a great player makes absolutely no sense…I don’t get it! I’ve never understood it! And, once you watch Jordan in that hall of fame speech wasn’t he kinda petty? Its kinda troches right? We all admit that right?

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, I agree. I don’t see the appeal in playing for Michael Jordan. It’s not like he’ll reverse the aging process and step onto the court and help the team out. Like you said, superstars often make poor coaches/GMs.

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