Josh Hamilton Commits The Cardinal Sin…Throw’s His 3rd Base Coach Under The Bus!!!

Posted: April 19, 2011 in MLB

So Josh Hamilton gets injured last week – and listen, the Rangers are a very aggressive power team, power pitching, power hitters, that’s their culture, they are aggressive! So last Tuesday night, Josh Hamilton, for the 3rd time in 3 years, he’s going to be out for a long stretch and he’s absolutely frustrated…but he threw the 3rd base coach , Dave Anderson, under the bus …which is amazing!

Basically, if you didn’t see the game, there was a pop up in foul ground, Dave Anderson – 3rd base coach whispered in Josh Hamilton’s ear “there is nobody covering home” this is Tuesday afternoon. Brad Penny – the opposing pitcher wasn’t covering home plate. After the play, Josh Hamilton, he runs for home, slides head first and rips up his arm…he’s out for 2 months, like breaks it![ ]  but after the game, he blame his coach! “the whole time I was watching the play and I was listening “no body is at home, why don’t you go” and I was like, dude I don’t want to do this…something is going to happen! So…but, I listened to my coach and like, how do you avoid a slide at best? By going in head first”

First off all, he said “I knew something would happen” what are you Miss Cleo? Can you predict injuries? You didn’t know something was going to happen, you can’t throw somebody under the bus! Listen, that’s your decision. Even if an offensive co-ordinator sends in a bad play, then don’t throw the ball…check down! Check out of the play! You can’t blame Phil Jackson, if Kobe – if the play is designed and Kobe takes a bad shot because you’ve got 4 teammates. You can’t blame the 3rd base coach!!

I honestly don’t buy that…whatsoever! I know he’s frustrated, I totally get that…3rd time on the DL, this is probably going to be 2 months, the team is playing great, I get athletes who are frustrated. But basically, he’s calling out the 3rd base coach – who it should be noted, the manager Ron Washington, defended and so did the GM John Daniels. So with Josh Hamilton, kind of a character flaw thing there…not a big fan of that! Like in crisis, blames the third base coach! Not a big fan

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I agree with you. You can’t blame a coach for a freak outcome on a play that occurs so often in the sport. The coach is paid to make those calculated decisions. It’s unfortunate, but you can’t really blame him. Injuries are part of the game. But I guess when “emotions are high, logic levels are low”. Hopefully after settling down, he’s come to his senses.

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