The Life Story of Tom Brady: From Tears to Greatness!!

Posted: April 19, 2011 in NFL

So I was watching the Tom Brady show on ESPN this past Tuesday night and as we get ready for the draft – and I think this year in the NFL draft, we’re going to see mistakes made that are always made. But the Tom Brady special was great, it was excellent television. For those of you who didn’t watch it, it was basically a story about how 7 other QB’s got picked before Tom Brady – and what it showed me, more than anything else, is that sometimes I wonder if my emailers and fans and avid posters on my blog, wouldn’t be better working in professional sports – they seem to care more, than the guys that are often working in professional sports.

I think what happens is – guys working in professional sports, they make a lot of money, they don’t watch sports as much and they just sort of gloss over stuff and I’ve got emailers and bloggers who seem reasonably smart that I think they could work in some scouting department – it’s not genius work. But its unbelievable, when you watch the Tom Brady special….how bad people are in the NFL. One team!!! called on Tom Brady…one!!!. Now, I’m not saying he should’ve been a 1st pick, but he was the starting QB at Michigan, when Michigan was a top 7 or 8 program, he had prodigious numbers, he had 2 bowl wins over SEC teams, they voted him captain….and yet someone picked Spergon Wynn of Southwest Texas State with a 47% completion rate in that conference…. over him.

Somebody picked Geovanni Carmazzi of Hofstra who – if you’ve watched the special Steve Mariucci wanted to strangle that guy by the pre-season. That Carmazzi guy now lives in northern California, according to the special, that he has 5 goats and doesn’t own a television…and you couldn’t do a little testing?

I mean, Brady in his 1st year at Michigan set records for most pass attempts, completions and was team captain…I mean, they won 20 of 25 games, he was 6’4, they beat two SEC teams, he was in huge games, Mr. Comeback was his nickname, it’s amazing to me!!  Don’t outthink the room. Tee Martin got drafted ahead of him and he had a Wonderlic score of 11, an 11!!! They drafted a guy with a 47% completion rate in college conferences you’ve never heard off!!

I’ll tell you this; we’re doing the exact same thing with Blaine Gabbert of Missouri! Don’t outthink the room! He’s 6’4, 235lbs, huge arm, great touch, major conference….with Missouri’s talent he had a 132 QB rating in the last 2 years, 18-6, no sketchy “behind the scenes” stuff. The kid has got – I mean, I’m reading Blaine Gabbert and I’m reading what scouts say about him. You can’t find a negative, even as a backup, as a freshman, he got into 5 games when they Chase Daniels, a junior-senior who was one of the best QB’s in the country…as a freshman, he was still getting into games. Accurate, can throw all the throws, excellent deep ball, terrific recognition, gotten better each year, completed 59%, last year 63%

It should be noted; basically they compare him to Matt Ryan with better mobility skills. He’s a little rougher, but he’s coming out of college a year earlier than Matt Ryan did…you can’t find a negative with Blaine Gabbert, you can’t find one! Has a high Wonderlic (over 30), is big, strong and fast. Is smart and has no sketchy stuff. I watched that Brady thing and I’m like – listen, I’m not saying he’s a 1st round guy, because he’s kinda gangeling, he wasn’t physically imposing but neither was Joe Montana or Phil Simms.

I just watched that thing and it was amazing! People are forgetting this – as the NFL has gotten more sophisticated, as its gotten to be a smarter league…why do we care what a QB runs a 40 in? What do I care…Ben Roethlisberger could beat that stool next to me, who cares what a guy runs a 40 in!!! It was great television, it was really really good television!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I’d say there is a lot of hindsight bias when it comes to Brady/the Brady six. There’s a reason the Pats passed on him the first five rounds of the draft. Additionally, Mariucci said Brady showed them absolutely nothing when they worked him out in 2000. While the combine is overrated, I heard Brady didn’t have a great combine either. One thing that’s interesting to note is that the Pats had two quarterbacks that they were considering with the 199th pick: Tim Rattay and Tom Brady. They ended up going with Tom Brady because the Pats QB coach at the time preferred Brady. Where is Tim Rattay now? Out of the league and he was never a full-time starter, while Brady has become a 2-time MVP. Yet, the two QBs were almost neck and neck to be the 199th pick.

    Also, while Brady had some good games in college, especially his record setting Orange Bowl performance, he wasn’t amazing and even considered transferring from Michigan early in his time there because he wasn’t receiving playing time. Additionally, college production doesn’t always translate to pro potential. When Brady was at the combine, he was a very skinny kid, around 6’4”, 199 lbs. I think what people underestimate when considering Brady is how hard he worked to become the QB he is today. He was by no means a finished product in 2000, so it’s not surprising that teams passed him up. I think Brady had the drive to work, but I also believe that because he fell so far, he had a chip on his shoulder that still drives him today.

    So yeah, what I’m saying is hindsight is 20/20.

    As for Gabbert, while he is a student of the game and a hard worker with good athleticism, I don’t like his pocket presence. He feels phantom pressure too often. He’s also not very accurate down the field. I hope the Bills don’t select him. However, I agree that he is a guy that you can respect because he truly does want to be great. I just don’t believe that he will become a franchise QB in the league.

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