Derrick Rose vs. Lebron James…Who Really Deserves The MVP?

Posted: April 27, 2011 in NBA

The media’s infatuation with Derrick Rose continues – even while I was exhaustively studying for exams and had taken my attention away from the playoffs. Yes Derrick Rose – 3 times has saved the Bulls, but the two bigger issues – and I nailed both of them, let’s be honest here. Chicago is really lucky that they got Indiana to open up the NBA playoffs or they’d be on their way out! As predicted by yours truly – that the strength of the Bulls, like the Cavs last year, was energy and passion and that is neutralized in the playoffs because everybody finally plays hard and everybody is equally rested.

So the Bulls –with this great fascination, are lucky that they are not down 3-1 in this series! But let’s center in on Derrick Rose. Who I have been saying all year – is an audacious talent and a remarkable player and deserves our affection, but his case for MVP has been overstated by a media that just hates Lebron and doesn’t want to give it to Kobe again.

Listen to Derrick Roses’ numbers, now that we’re in the real basketball season. Remember how mad you were when I compared Derrick Rose to Allen Iverson – which I never understood why anybody would be mad at that, Iverson, was unbelievable!! For a decade, he was probably the best talent in the league, now he’s a better defender than Derrick Rose, but I compared him basically to Derrick Rose. Same guy, great on television, small guy, I don’t think he’s going to end up with a lot of titles unless he plays with better players and becomes a better distributor. But Derrick Rose, in the regular season, shot 45% yet in 3 games against awful Indiana (Game 4 had not taken place yet when drafting this rant) he shot 38%. His 3 point shooting, never great, has gone from 33 to 28%, his assists have been cut in half from  8 to 4.7, his turnovers have gone up 20% from 3 ½  to almost 5 a game…oh yah, but he’s scoring more.

Again, real defense, real playoffs, Derrick Roses’ numbers – just look at them, 38% shooting, 4 ½ assists, 4 ½ turnovers…he’s Allen Iverson! By the way, I also said – and many of my die hard NBA friends disagreed with me, that the reason why the Bulls wouldn’t win a title is because you can’t win with one star surrounded by a bunch of B– players. So in Game 1, everybody is telling me “Andrew, they’ve got Boozer, Noah…” oh really? Boozer went 4 for 11 against the Pacers and Noah went 5 for 12. “Andrew, that’s not fair, taking a one game sample, let’s go to Game 2” Luol Deng was 3 for 13, Noah was 2 for 10 “that’s not fair Andrew, its only 2 games, let’s go to Game 3” Alright, Boozer was 2 for 10, Luol Deng took 19 shots and made 8. Derrick Rose, playoffs start, Chicago Bulls, as predicted by yours truly, they have been neutralized to some degree.

Now nobody disputes that Rose is a remarkable player, but the player that I said – because now we hate him and we let emotion take over our lives every day! Go look at Lebron’s regular season/playoff numbers: points – 26 in the regular season, 25 playoffs. Assists – virtually the same, Rebounds – have almost doubled, 7 ½ regular season and 12 in the playoffs. Turnovers –  3 ½ in the regular season only 1 in 3 playoff games…that’s right! 1 turnover a game. Now his field goal percentage has come down, but it’s still higher than Derrick Roses….in the regular season.

So what’s my point? My point is, coming into the playoffs and I did it last year and I’m doing it this year, take the emotion out of it. You can’t win a championship with a 6’3 guy that shoots a low percentage… and don’t fall in love with young teens that play their butts off in the regular season and that’s their calling card. Ultimately, in the playoffs, it’s about stars and everybody playing hard, the Bulls have one star and he doesn’t shoot a great percentage and in the playoffs that percentage will go down because everybody’s shooting percentage generally goes down by a bit in the playoffs.

But again, the media’s saying “Derrick Rose is amazing!!” then why are these games so close? It’s freakin Indiana (no disrespect) they are arguably the worst team in the playoffs. I wanna see all the Chicago Bull emails, you know what they’ll say “well he’s being fouled too much” no, it’s called NBA playoff basketball. Pau Gasol is getting pushed around by Carl Landry, that’s NBA playoff basketball for you. If you don’t want to be Pau Ga “soft” and you want to be Pau Gasol, then you push back. This is what playoff basketball is, its super physical. Did you see Kobe pounding on Chris Paul last week? have you seen Lebron’s numbers almost double with rebounds? How? Why? Its big boy basketball, fraile, tiny, small, thin is going to get bounced around.

You simply can’t win if your #1 asset is “we play hard” that’s not going to get you to the championship level, cause everybody is playing hard for the next couple of weeks…everybody!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I think the media just wanted to herald a new star. They want something fresh to make a story out of. Like you said, LeBron isn’t a media darling anymore, and Kobe is already established. It makes for a great story to crown a new star in the city that once housed the NBA’s biggest star.

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