The Exception And The Rule, The Lakers Have Now Become The Rule…New Orleans Isn’t Going Away!!

Posted: April 27, 2011 in NBA

I said sometime last week that I believe the Lakers are in a real series, I’m calling this to be a 6 or 7 gamer, that New Orleans is simply not going away and the emails and twitter bombs I got “Andrew your nuts, its gonna be a 5 game series” No its not people!! The Lakers have 2 major issues, they are not exceptions, they have now become the rule. Chris Paul is eating this team alive!! He’s shooting 57%, averaging 26 a game, 11 ½ assists and 7 rebounds. He’s not going away – unless Derek Fischer gets fresh legs (and that’s not happening) this is going to continue to be a huge problem. Secondarily, Carl Landry continues to give Pau Gasol issues. In 4 games, he’s gone from shooting 53% in the regular season to less than 40% in this series. Rebounds from 11 to 6, points from 19 to 12, so as I said in my last rant, this is a real series.

There is a big difference between the exception and the rule. Remember last year, when the Lakers lost in Phoenix? I wrote a rant on it and I’ve never received more hate mail for a rant than this one. The Phoneix Suns beat the Lakers and I came out the next day and I basically wrote “this is not going to happen again, Channing Frye went 50% on 3 pointers, Barbosa also went 50% on 3’s, Jared Dudley 50% on 3’s as well. They had an unbelievable 2nd half on 3 pointers, it was a total exception. Nobody shoots 50% on 3 pointers several times in a playoff series as a team, these were scrub players for the Suns who played way over their skies. So I said that, the Phoenix Suns hate mail was unbelievable…Lakers than go onto win the next 2 games of the series.

This series is different! In this series, these are not exceptions, they can’t defend Chris Paul and Carl Landry is going to give Pau Gasol a tougher than average game every time they play. So listen, Phil Jackson has historically – I’ll still take the Lakers in 6 or 7 games, most likely 7, but this is very reminiscent of that series against Houston a couple of years ago, Houston was a bad match up. Fast point guard and a lot of elbows down low to give Gasol and Bynum issues. Now, Phil Jackson is usually playful – I mean, read what he said after Sunday night’s game, he did not sound playful “ Well, it’s a series now, its 2-2…best out of 3. We punked out there out on the court tonight, gave them 20 second chance points and they earned them and let them gain the momentum of their crowd”

Okay, so you’ve got Kobe Bryant with a foot injury, Gasol being pushed around, Chris Paul eating the Lakers alive…we’ve got ourselves a real series here! I said it last week and I’ll say it again, this is a real series.

Exception in life…dumb guy getting a good job. Rule in life…smart guy getting a good job. This is a team – and I’ll say this, as much as the media slobbers over Derrick Rose. Go look at Chris Paul’s numbers against a much better Laker team and Derrick Roses’ against an inferior Indiana team. Field goal %, 3 point percentage, rebounds, assists and turnovers…Chris Paul crushing Derrick Rose, statistically in all of those. “Well Andrew, Derrick is being pushed around” pfft and Chris Paul is not? The guy got elbowed in the face Sunday night, I think he got stitches, he’s got an injured thumb and it should be noted, Chris Paul had better numbers than Derrick Rose…field goal %,  3 point %, rebounds a game, assists and fewer turnovers in the regular season.

So before we make Derrick Rose the Michael Jordan, Chris Paul – against a superior team and Chris Paul has even less around him than Derrick Rose does!! Derrick Rose has Boozer and Noah….there is some talent there, Deng as well…there’s real talent there. Who does Chris Paul have? He’s got Carl Landry, Come on!!  Chris Paul – with significantly less talent around him and against a superior team is putting up great numbers. Here’s another thing, Chris Paul is a better defensive player than Derrick Rose, that is without question and he’s a smarter player. I mean Chris Paul, never takes a bad shot…ever!

So, basketball IQ…Chris Paul, Defense…Chris Paul, Stats…Chris Paul and you people are making Derrick Rose to be MJ! I mean, the media has slobbered over Derrick Rose. By the way, walking boot for Derrick Rose at practice over the weekend, I don’t know about you guys, but the kind of injury that Derrick Rose had, that thing might last for like – I don’t know, 3 games? I think it’s a huge problem…but that’s just me though!


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