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Did you hear about the spitting incident with Tiger Woods? It was captured by CBS cameras, before the network went on the air, CBS did pick up him swearing, on #5 missed that 18 foot putt, probably will face a fine from the mess – but that’s okay, cause I know its lousy etiquette, but the fist pump, the club toss, the lala pollogies tour is back!! Tiger Woods – and I’m not sure if it goes beyond this past weekend, but I’m seeing the old Tiger Woods. He’s spitting, he’s swearing, he’s angry, he’s curt, he’s short….and I just want to thank him for that!

I would like to thank Tiger Woods for being authentic and true to whom he is. I thought the Tiger front 9 31 emergence, was a much bigger story that Rory McIlroy’s collapse! Listen, Rory McIlroy’s collapse just revealed his age, Greg Norman’s collapse revealed his character! And there is a huge difference. I know everybody felt bad for Rory, but you know what I was saying? “Kid, get outta the way!! Your clogging up my television set” He’ll win a major…maybe two or three…this wasn’t his time. Peter Kostis from CBS gave him a hug, and he really gave him a hug for all of us! “Hey kid, your 21 kid, you gave it a run, it’s not your day. But could you kindly move outta the way, there is a bigger story here…there is a much bigger story here!”I don’t compare it at all to Greg Norman.

When Greg Norman fell apart Nick Faldo felt bad…you just couldn’t explain it! In one big swoop, your heart went out for Greg Norman and you realized “wow, he’s never going to be the same” As far as sports go, it almost felt like it was an American tragedy. Rory felt like a 21 year old kid at the turn who got overwhelmed in sweltering heat. I’m not sure if he was sweating or if those were tears, but it was just too much for him. He’s 21 years old…and weren’t we all asking Saturday night – let’s be honest here, when we went to bed on Saturday, what was the overwhelming media coverage? “Can Rory handle the pressure on Sunday!!” and the answer was “Nope, he can’t!! He can’t handle it…its okay, he will eventually though”

The story on Sunday was Tiger. There I was sitting in front of my laptop watching it for 3 hours…it was soo compelling, it was unbelievable!! It makes even other good golf stories – Jason Day, Adam Scott, Charles Schwartzel feel like “ugh, uh whatever….Let’s get back to Tiger” Did anybody notice the crowd? I know for a percentage of people it’s hard to admit that you root for Tiger because of the infidelity and the bad home stuff. But did you watch the crowd? They were taking Tiger’s misputts harder than Tiger was!! 5 birdies, 9 holes, in front 9, the crowd roaring. Jason Day – who had a great round said he could hear the crowd roaring. “All you could hear was…I was actually on 3rd hole, and it seemed as if at every single hole he’d have this big massive roar, one after the other, and then he eagled 8th which was amazing. I think he was 5 under through 9 holes… [Reporter answers “yes” in background] oh man, that guy’s a freak!”

That guy is a freak! It was incredible. And I know MJ and Kobe and A-rod and Tiger…I know all of these stars are terribly flawed and unevenly humans, but I don’t care. All I know is that when Tiger is cussing and swearing and energized…I can’t take my eyes of the television set! I thought Andy North summed it up best, he said  “Anybody who’s been writing or talking about…it doesn’t matter if Tiger is there or not, people don’t care about Tiger…that’s totally wrong! I mean the energy there, the first half of the day when he was making his run on the front 9, was absolutely amazing! The roars and the cheers – people were going nuts. Do not run at Augusta is the norm, yet there were people running and pushing to see what was going on” Now I don’t know if this continues. I could be that this is Tiger’s home course, just like how Phil Mickelson plays great at Tory Pines. Every golfer’s got like that one course and it sorta feels like this is Tiger’s course, even when he’s 58, he’ll make a run like the Golden Bear did in the twilight of his career…I don’t know.

But I’ll tell you this, what I noticed about Tiger…he was authentic! You may not like the real Tiger, as he blew off Bill Macatee, from CBS, you may not like the swearing or the cussing…but that’s who he is! And stars are different…that’s why their stars!! They are not 3rd grade school teachers. They’re not well mannered, they’re not great role models, and they’re not always kind and compassionate and selfless. They are selfish, but I’m not paying $300 bucks at the guys at Jiffy Loop. When Tiger is in his zone, there is nothing like it.

Golf is just Golf …and then when Tiger gets going, it’s like a sport! I feel the same way I when I’m watching Game 6 NBA finals. My heart is pumping fast, fist pumping in the air…I thought it was great! I thought it was incredibly captivating. And I think the Rory McIlroy comparisons to Greg Norman are overstated. Greg was down the stretch, he was a brand…and it really revealed his character “ohh, this is why he’s got all the talent of Jack, but has never been Jack” it really revealed it. With Rory, it just revealed his age! He’s just a kid…he’s just a kid!


I’m not a guy who likes to rant about Golf a lot , but if you read my rants, you get the sense that I like to talk about business, psychology and relationships (that is kinda the slogan for this blog) because it interests me and I talk about stuff that I like. I like football, I like talking about relationships, I like girls, I like business, I like psychology and I’ve said this before, I don’t think that Tiger Woods will ever be that Tiger Woods we saw in his greatest decade! And people forget just how great he was.

In Jack Nicholas’ greatest 10 year stretch, he won 15% of the time. In Tiger’s best 10 year stretch, he won 30%. That’s twice as much as the best golfer ever…the guy was ridiculous, unfortunately it’s not coming back! I believe that golf is 75-80% mental. Tiger is now a better human, thus Tiger is a worse golfer!!

And having paid close attention to sports for the past 8 years, the Tiger’s, the Kobe’s, Peyton Manning’s and MJ’s are selfish…and they have to be! You can’t be a 9-5 guy, best dad in the world, there for your wife every night and be the best in the world at anything. As Malcolm Gladwell points out in the book titled “Outliers” [] it’s called the “10,000 hour rule” To be an expert, to be elite, not good…but amazing, there is not enough pie in the pan! There are not enough hours!! Something’s gotta give. You’re going to miss little league games and piano recitals and long walks on the beach with your wife…if you want to be the greatest civil engineer, if you want to be the greatest golfer! There just isn’t that many hours!! You can convince yourself…there is just simply not that many hours.

Cliff Lee – I read a story on the New York Magazine this past weekend; he’s never read a book! He sure as heck is good in the post-season! Roger Clemens is delusional, only surrounds himself with “yes’ men. What often makes the best athlete would make a terrible human! So I look at Tiger Woods and when he was having 14 or 15 simultaneous affairs, he was dominating!!! Because it was very much like Tiger’s golf game….all about him! Servicing him, serving him! The affairs were lockstep with Tiger the human being and Tiger the golfer….take care of Tiger.

I never thought he was a sex addict, I thought it was ridiculous. If you have 14 affairs, if I have 14 affairs…that’s sexual addiction because we’ll have an unconscionable amount of co-ordination to pull them off. Tiger just needs a cell phone…he’s got a staff of workers to set it up. This was just a guy in a bad marriage who was bored and had time and had money! That’s not addiction, that’s bordom!  In 8 years of following sports obsessively, I’ve heard worse than that…that’s just what you’re hearing about!

So the most balanced people I’ve ever met, who’ve got their family and job and relationships and social life…just perfectly co-ordinated are never ever…I’m only 23, they are never ever the most successful people. To be a great dad, you gotta give stuff up and to be the best golfer…you’ve got to be manic! When Tiger was manic, he was unbelievable! And now he’s just a really good golfer. He’ll win again, he’ll win a major but so will Darren Clarke, Mike Weir or Corey Paven. I think Tiger, mentally with all those psychologists, flipped a switch and good luck flipping it back!

Golf, more than any single sport – you never see this in hockey, you never see it in football or basketball or baseball…perhaps a little bit in baseball. But in golf, we have guys who are #1 on the tour, Nick Faldo or David Duvall… guys who are elite or Baker Finch, who fall of the cliff and never return! You don’t see a world class sprinter go from 1st to 858th in the world overnight. You don’t see Kobe go from 28 a game to a 9, barring an injury. In golf, the best golfer disappears and can’t make the cut!

Tiger will still win, but the former Tiger is done. You know what Tiger is to me? He’s the musician who sobered up and you’re not writing “Dark Side of the Moon” after two glasses of lemonade and an afternoon with your kids. Charles Barkley had it right!! It was harsh, it was rude, but we should be entertained by athletes, they should never be role models (open in a new tab to see commercial )soo true! They are the last people you should be modeling your life after.

But they are the first people I’ll pay $200 to sit behind a dug out and watch in the bottom of the 9th in Game 7 of the series and when Tiger was manic, a mess and self absorbed…that’s exactly, in his personal life, like his real life! A staff of people at his win, to service him…that was Tiger! So in a way, the sex addiction – which I never bought, was very similar to his golf life. Now he’s faking it, now he’s talked to “psychologist” now he’s okay

I would like to congratulate the 1937 NCAA Basketball Champion’s UConn & Jim Calhoun, for tearing down the peach baskets Monday night!! That was honestly some sorta basketball game…wasn’t it? You know, after you have a champion, everybody always asks “well, was that the best team in the country?” Yes! UConn, in my opinion, was the best team in the country and this is the best way I can say it. They go 3-0 in the Maui Invitational beating – at the time, 2nd ranked Michigan State and top 10 ranked Kentucky. Then they go to the Big East tournament – neutral floor, and win 5 straight games over 5 straight days over four ranked teams. Then they go into the NCAA tournament and go 6-0. So UConn was 14-0 on neutral floors! It should be noted, in most of these events, there were fewer UConn fans than those who they played.

Connecticut is not a big state, UConn is not a gigantic booster program, and they don’t travel across the country. In the tournament, they were forced to go 3,000 miles away. When they played San Diego State there was like 200 UConn fans. This is the best team in college basketball! They go 14-0, beat 10 ranked teams on neutral floors, usually with a crowd disadvantage…that’s the best team in college basketball. In fact, if you take out road losses – because nobody wins in college basketball on the road, it’s just very difficult! They only had 4 losses for the year, where all of them were close home games all against ranked teams. Louisville, Syracuse, Notre Dame and Marquette…that’ the best team in college basketball.

When you’re watching how Butler is beating teams in the tournament and their coaching – to go into a game and just completely shut down Butler, was a real testament to this basketball team that has got two NBA players and in a sport that is eroding by the year, in which you have two NBA players like Jeremy Lamb, who  will be a nice NBA player, and Kemba Walker, who will be a little less nice, I don’t think he’ll be a star in the NBA, he’ll be a really nice player, Raymond Felton sorta level. But it seems to me that this is the best team in college basketball!

I will say this, we tend to over-react! One of the recurring theme’s I have on my blog is this “step back, take the emotion out of it, your over-reacting” Remember the first day or two of the tournament? People were saying “oh the Big East is over-rated!!!” Slow down, take a deep breath because the team that won last night finished 9th in the Big East conference. Any other conference in college basketball where even your 3rd place team or even your 2nd place team would win a national championship, they finished 9th in the Big East. Don’t judge the SEC in football on how Kentucky does in a bowl game okay? When the dust clears, the SEC ends up on top! And when the dust cleared, a Big East team ended up 14-0 on neutral floors. So when they play Kentucky and Hawaii, there are a lot fewer UConn fans than Kentucky fans. When UConn plays Georgetown on a neutral floor, there is definitely more Hoya fans. When they play Arizona, Kentucky or San Diego State, there is a lot more of those fans than UConn fans.

I’ve been to the state of Connecticut, it’s tiny! They don’t draw; they just don’t draw on the road!! Want to know why? Here’ another little secret, because of the airport – Hartford Airport that is. It has very few direct flights from Hartford to go anywhere, in this economy; it’s like $800 to Phoenix. When you’re in an airport like the Hartford one that doesn’t have direct flights, its super expensive! So UConn plays a bunch of neutral floor games where they are actually the road team.

But then again, I would like to congratulate the 1937 UConn Huskies, I hope you enjoyed Monday night as much as I did! God, that game was just unwatchable!! I was just waiting for an underhand free throw! I’m surprised that my television didn’t turn into black and white. Something else that you were hearing Tuesday morning, “Well Andrew, that was total defense” That is honestly a bunch of baloney.

Never forget this, at every level of basketball – high school, college and professional, the great scorers always scored! Nobody ever stopped Larry Bird – at high school, college or pros. Nobody ever stopped Dominique Wilkens, nobody ever stopped MJ. Nobody has ever stopped Kobe; nobody has ever stopped the greatest scorers in basketball. The best defensive player – the Michael Cooper of his era, still gets worked by the best offensive players. What you saw Monday night, were mediocre college basketball players, because it was not – by the way, Kemba Walker could get off his shot anytime he wanted to, Jeremy Lamb could and he’s an NBA player that was not about defense.

Adam Morrision averaged 28 points a game in college and shot 50% from the floor. In the NBA, he can’t get a shot off and shots 37% from the tile. Don’t tell me college basketball is where they play defense and nobody plays it in the NBA. Elite players – you think Lebron Monday night struggles from the floor? An elite player at every level score…Monday night was just bad basketball.

In regards to Butler, you know what…I don’t think any less of them, so let’s not bag on Butler. I still contend that it’s a top 20 program and I think they have a great coach. I do wonder if Brad Stevens wakes up in the morning and thinks “[sigh] I’m still Butler” Listen, I’m an advocate of Butler, I think they’re Gonzaga with better icing…they are literally Gonzaga with better icing. Same cake, little better icing…it’s a great job! But I do wonder if Brad Stevens wakes up and says “it’d just be nice to wake up and have Kentucky’s players or UConn’s players” because there is NBA guys in those programs…everywhere!

If VCU put uniforms on and it said “UNC” on them, wouldn’t we be calling this team easily the best in the tournament? Think about this for a second, VCU has won by 13, 18, and 18, blew out Kansas and beat Florida State. If they were called UNC, they’d be an 11 point favourite in this weekend’s game. They not only beat USC, it wasn’t even close! They not only hammered Georgetown by 18, the game was over in minutes! They not only crushed Purdue – the game was over in minutes! They not only crushed Kansas – the game was over in minutes. And they had the obligatory close win – which even the greatest teams of all time have had at least one close win in the tournament. They’re blowing out the best teams in the country!!

But we are struggling to put our arms around the VC who? If you change their uniform –it’s why I’m taking them this weekend! They’re blowing out everybody, the games aren’t even competitive!! Full court press – I mean they nailed twelve 3’s against Kansas, 3rd time in the tournament…in the tournament that they’ve hit at least twelve 3’s!! They’re suffocating 4 out of the 5 teams that they’ve played. So it seems like to me, if you just change their uniforms…that VCU is the best team in the tournament! I’ll take UConn to beat VCU though, because as I might’ve told you, I made a big mistake.

After the first game of the tournament was over for every team, I realized – in my opinion, UConn was the best team. I went to some stats from last year and they were 11-0 on neutral courts, they’re home losses that were in overtime were last second shots, this team – like Duke’s last year which won it all, had not lost on a neutral floor or at home and the losses that they did have, were last second overtime losses. I believe UConn is the best team in the tournament, I made a mistake in my bracket, I should’ve chosen them and then after completing it I realized it after they routed a pretty solid Bucknell team.

I think VCU is an underdog and that nobody will watch, but I kinda find them bizarrely fascinating, their coaches name is “Shaka” he looks like a grad assistant, he doesn’t own a sports coat and Jay Bilas said “you can’t tell me that they shouldn’t even be in the tournament” and Jay Bilas does know his stuff! So I find VCU kinda fascinating, I can’t explain quite how they really got here, but I will tell you – there was an interesting article written by David Mayo last Friday morning and he writes for the Grand Rapids Press and though I disagree with his column, he did put a lot of work into it and deserves credit.

He’s basically saying “this is the new normal” and I don’t agree with him. Don’t forget, UConn and Kentucky are both in the Final Four and Kansas was playing to get into the Final Four. Go look at the last 8 teams that were left in the tournament last week, there was a lot more Kansas and Kentucky’s, Duke, UConn’s than VCU’s. So the reality here is that I don’t think this is the new normal, he writes a very good article, David Mayo at the Grand Rapids Press, go read it here [ ] cause everybody now is over-reacting!

Remember 2 years ago in October when the markets crashed? And people were literally saying “it’s the end of capitalism!!” We, because there is so much media and so many more websites and blogs and TV networks, we get inundated. We just massively overreact and it doesn’t mean it’s your fault or my fault, do you realize that there were more school shootings 40 years ago than today?  You don’t believe that do you??? Because it only got talked about in that specific town, now it’s on MSNBC and Nancy Grace for 6 weeks.

The reality is that crime has never been lower in New York, but if you watch the news you think there are shootings in downtown New York City, that midtown is a “firing range” pfft, its actually never been safer than today!! Los Angeles downtown, never been safer…the big cities have never been safer and so I do not believe that this is the new normal By the way, Barack Obama went almost entirely chalk, he’s in the 94.7 percentile, I went virtually all chalk and I’m still #2 in my pool. You didn’t have VCU, you didn’t have Butler, so it’s still a favourites tournament overwhelmingly! It’s been fun, I have enjoyed it but you know, it’s funny because Jay Bilas got a lot of criticism because he said VCU doesn’t deserve to be in the tournament.

But to defend Jay Bilas, here’s also – and he really nail’s it here, he also said this before the tournament started and he was very accurate “we sat here on this set in January and said that this is the weakest college basketball has ever been. We have a paper thin weak field and I’ve said from the very beginning, there is not a great team in college basketball, not one. There are some very good teams, the #1 seeds and the #2 seeds, those are very good teams and all of them are capable of doing some damage in this tournament, if we had a great team…it would sail through this tournament and quite frankly, nobody will. I mean, we’ll have really competitive games, but the end of the line…that’s why expansion made this look even worse, but at the end of the line, this is the weakest field we’ve ever had” pfft that’ right! Jay Bilas is right! And he said all of this before the tournament. This is definitely not the “new normal” it should be noted though, you wanna know who is going to be really good next year? Kentucky should bring back most of their stars, Ohio State, Michigan, UCLA  and Carolina…they’re all going to have a bunch of NBA guys next year and they’re all going to be really really good.

So my opening statement today is that I’ve got nothing against VCU, I think they’re arguably the best team left right now. I mean, if you put UNC on their uniform with a 13 point, 18 point, 18 point and 10 point win over good teams by crushing them, suffocating them in the 1st seven minutes, you’d say they’re the best team left! We just can’t embrace the fact that VCU is better than everybody, in a diluted watered down sport! But next year, a lot of these Ohio States and Kentucky’s bring back a lot of their players who are 5 star high school kids. Next year will be a big favourites tournament with the Buckeyes and the Wildcats and the Bruins and the Wolverines and Tar Heels being exceptional. This is an aberration year – and even in this crazy aberration year, we’ve got 2 big dogs and 2 small dogs and I’m sorry, I can’t call Butler a dark horse. They are equivalent to Boise State football, as a good friend of mine pointed out last week. They’re good enough on any given day to beat anybody, they have a terrific young coach like Boise State does, they play on TV, and you know all about them, they have fringe NBA guys like Boise State has got fringe NFL guys. So we got 2 big dogs, Butler and VCU is an aberration. I don’t agree with anybody, but I will tell you this…I may be in the minority!!

I gotta tell you something – and this coming from a diehard Ohio State Buckeye fan, Jim Tressel is in big trouble and Ohio State football is in some real trouble. More troubling news for Jim Tressel , the Columbus Dispatch reported last Friday that Tressel forwarded emails from a Columbus attorney to a guy named Ted Sarniac, basically…Pryor’s mentor! The email stated that Pryor and Ohio State teammates have been selling stuff at a local tattoo parlor.

Tressel, you may recall, nodded when asked about that on March 8th at a news conference, if he had shared the emails with anybody and he didn’t elaborate. This guy is supposedly very close to Terrelle Pryor but this development does not help Tressel or Ohio State as the NCAA continues to investigate the case. It brings in a new person into the equation – somebody outside of the program, whose connection with Pryor will be closely examined. I gotta tell you something, it looks like Tressel just didn’t want this to come to light! I’m just telling you what it looks like to me, a diehard Buckeye fan.

So basically Tressel was giving it to Terrelle Pryor’s buddy – his mentor, but he wasn’t giving it to Ohio State. Everybody thought “ohhh Tressel doesn’t want to give it to anybody” that was Ohio State fan last week (including myself) “Oh Andrew, he didn’t want to give it to anybody” Ohh no no no, he gave it to Terrelle Pryor’s buddy, he just didn’t give it to the NCAA or Ohio State. I mean a week ago it was “Oh Jim Tressel didn’t want to give it to anybody” No, he was giving it to everybody…just not the right people. Adam Writtenburg from wrote a good article last week on it.

But I’ll tell you, this is definitely not good! Like 3 weeks ago, a writer over at – who’s writing I respect a lot blogged and claimed that “he didn’t know if Tressel was going to make it, I just don’t know if he’s going to make it, because this is way more serious than what people think…especially in Columbus, Ohio”. But if people in Columbus would stop trying to defend the indefensible…this is certainly getting uglier by the second. I kinda talked about it last time out, that this was ugly when it started back in December. This stuff now only gets uglier over time. The cover is always 1) uglier than the crime 2) we were at the start of it last week and now we’re getting more and more and more and more layers of this thing…this is definitely not good!

Basically now, Tressel, and all you Buckeye fans (including myself) we were the ones emailing “Andrew, he didn’t want to give it to anybody” ohh that’s funny, he gave it to Terrelle ‘s mentor, but yet he told the NCAA “no emails here, no nothing” that honestly just doesn’t look good, I’m telling you that right now.

I’m personally not getting any joy from all of this – I don’t want them going on like 9 years probation, I’m not talking Purdue football. I like college football; I got no interest talking about anybody other than Ohio State in that conference!! So folks, spend less time trying to defend the indefensible, this is just bad.

So I got an email before the game last Thursday – where BYU were ousted from the NCAA tournament. The emailer said to me “you do realize that Jimmer’s is going to be the Player of the Year right? And it’s not because of his religion or skin colour or because of the media; it’s because he’s the best player in the country Andrew…deal with it…grow up!”

Oh good god! I had a buddy who was watching the game Thursday night and he was watching Kemba and this Derek Williams and he’s like “these guys are NBA stars and NBA players” Don’t kid yourself, I read a story where a writer for a reputable paper was sitting beside an Eastern Conference NBA executive, this was after the NBA All Star break flying back from Los Angeles and the executive said to the writer “In our market, we could use a white guard” and the writer goes onto talk about how this NBA executive said it as if the executive was apologizing for having to say it.

The NBA executive continued and said to him “Listen, that would help our marketing” Folks, I’ve sorta talked about the great white hope in boxing, Italians rooted for Rocky Marciano – if you can’t discuss this stuff, we’re never going to make progress in either the US or Canada on anything that has to do with race. There is absolutely no question that part of the Jimmer in Tebow is this “feel good, conservative stuff” it’s honestly great!! But don’t take it – like these Tebow fans, pfft hey Bronco fan, how would you like to have a really good linebacker right now instead of a QB on the bench who was your 1st round pick? Think you could use some actual players?

Don’t fall for the hype!! Tebow is a wonderful kid, he’s never going to be a great QB, quit being a sucker!!! Hey Broncos, could you use a few good players? You drafted a great kid; you win in the league with great players! And yes, part of the Jimmer thing is that he’s a throwback, wonderful…but it is ridiculous – and I’ve sorta been consistent for 3 months now, that Jimmer is largely a media creation.

In 1980, he would be the 38th most interesting player in the tournament, Duke had 9 NBA guys, the Fab 5, Olajuwon, and the Big East had 30 NBA players!!! This year Pittsburgh had none and they were the #1 seed, come on!!! But I will say this, it added a good story! Jimmer got me watching so I enjoyed the game; it got me watching….so if you can move the eyeballs to the TV set, well good for Jimmer!

Tebow plays the number well, I like watching Tebow play as well. In terms of Jimmer, let’s go look at his last 4 games in the tournament, these are the best teams of the country. He was 10 for 25, 10 for 25, 11 for 29, 3 for 15, he plays no defense, has higher than average turnovers. Those are your best teams; he’s not very good against them. And you might say “but Andrew, all these sports writers are ranting and raving about him” Dude, nobody is going to criticize the Jimmer, nobody is going to come out and rip him. He can shoot, but his judgment is poor, Kempa Walker is the smarter player…he totally is the smarter player, he takes better shots!

You want to know what it’s like? Here’s what it’s like. Kemba Walker is Phil Hartman, the comedian. Jimmer is Chis Farley – a one trick pony! I mean Chris Farley, every joke of his, was “I’m fat…” and to the masses, that’s right up their alley!! Chris Farley, the fatter he got… the funnier. Every skit was about him being a physical mess. Phil Hartman was a brilliant writer and a great performer, could’ve done it on Broadway. But the masses don’t want any of that subtlety stuff, they want clever, they want Mike and Molly!

I mean, look around folks, HBO has got a third and an eighth of the viewers of stuff on broadcast television and HBO is doing much higher quality of work. So, Jimmer is a one trick pony and the nation falls for it. When I worked at MLSE for co-op, I had the NBA executive there tell me once “go look at Kevin Durant, look at him physically…that’s the NBA!” What was his point? Length!!! Jimmer’s is short and stocky, it’s like Carmelo and Lebron James. You can look at the stats and go “ahh but Carmelo gives you 27 a night as well, just like Lebron and Carmelo gives you…” they’re different players!! Because defensive stats don’t show up on the boxscore! Melo plays no defense, Lebron plays very good defense.

I mean, you could make the argument that – you know, Jimmer’s scores 28, D-Wade would score 28, and “well it’s the same game” you might say, pfft D-Wade is one of the best defensive players in the NBA. Jimmer doesn’t even box out with the rebounds. He’s a nice kid, clever name, catchy, fun. But just ask yourself “he’s a third of the player of Danny Ainge” Danny Ainge wasn’t a great player! He played on great NBA teams; he’s a very good NBA general manager.

Listen, Tim Tebow is going to appear in Jocky ads, Tim Tebow – who is a wonderful human being, I don’t like him as a QB, I like him as a human, great kid But apparently in Los Angeles – a month after the season, Tim Tebow went and shot Jocky underwear ads and they’re pretty wholesome, they’re not risqué or anything. The reality is that – as a society, we’ve gotten more raunchy and more coarse and Tebow now leads the industry of “nice”

When you get the emails on Jimmer – Let’s be honest about the NBA, it doesn’t look like you, you don’t know a lot of guys like that and so Jimmer is easy to embrace. But if you’re really intellectually honest about the Jimmer, really intellectually honest and not looking for affirmation to agree with you, but information…come on!! Kemba is a completely different level of prospect. He’s still Hartman – a complete comedian, he’s not a one trick pony!

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski who was out west last week, I think he was out in the Anaheim region. Anyways, he said last Wednesday that his answer would be the same as it was in 2004 if the Lakers – who may be in the market for a head coach if Phil Jackson retires, decide to call it. So the first question is “Is Phil Jackson going to retire?” Yes, there is an understanding and there is a sense and people in Los Angeles know that if the Lakers win this year, even if they don’t, this could very well be Phil Jackson’s last year.

But it is interesting when Mike Krzyzewski, Duke Basketball head coach, was asked about this last Wednesday, read carefully to his response; he said “I’ve never thought of ever leaving Duke for another school. There are 3 serious times where I almost left, but one that I took to a real far level was the Lakers situation and they were great with me…but I could not give up what I got at Duke, I mean, it just wasn’t worth it” By the way, he acknowledges that he considered it 3 times. I mean, he’s a human being right? He’s not slamming the door, he had meetings with people. He didn’t say “nobody is home…go away! We don’t want any from you. This is Dave Krzyzewski’s house, not Mike Krzyzewski’s, there is nobody home!”

No, he acknowledged that there were 3 times when he thought about it and I was thinking about it sometime last week that, there is nobody out there to replace Phil Jackson! Kirk Rambus in Minnesota at 17-54, Paul Westphal has already coached every team out west once, Flip Saunders has too much baggage, Gregg Popovich is a Spur for life, Doc Rivers is too old, Rick Adelman has been there and done that, Tom Thibodeau – the guy with the Bulls, is an un-glamous, they are not going to win the East anyway and quite frankly he’s all defense and in LA, it’s not about defense. It’s about winning and stars and glitz and it always has been, even the showtime Lakers did it with offense – Lakers have never had a team that won it with defense. In LA, there’s too much to do. It’s not that you win; it’s that you win and how you win!

Jeff Van Gundy, kinda interesting….Brian Shaw, Laker assistant – that’s who Kobe likes, but the list is narrow, its tiny, this is not a long list, Shaw’s not perfect but he does run the triangle, probably would to some degree and Kobe, Gasol and these bigs for the time being would be fine with that, but I said about Mike Krzyzewsk I – and it’s a very interesting question and people can say what they want to say    and he won’t listen – he’s a human being. You tell me a man who is ambitious, capable and competitive that if you walk up to him and say “I’m going to triple your salary, offer you a fresh challenge, give you a house on the beach and you’ll have your own private jet, they’re not going to listen?” yet he’s listen before, he listened to New Jersey and who the heck wants to go to Jersey?

And what’s interesting with Mike Krzyzewski – is that you thought Brett Farve was going to be a Packer forever and you thought Jeter and the Yankees could never separate, do you still think that now after this off-season? Wade Boggs and Clemens, Yankees and Red Sox’s. We tend to think – Phil Jackson himself, he’s been a Bull for life, a Knick for life and now a Laker. Reportedly 2 years ago, he was sniffing elsewhere. Mike Krzyzewski is not the 40% of America who has never moved within 4 miles of where they grew up. He is a challenge seeking, highly motivated, highly driven guy. I was saying one morning to some friends last week that, hasn’t he done everything he can in college basketball?

Nine hundred plus wins, four titles, dominate a conference; he’s easily the #1 figure in the sport, 2 gold medals, 2 or 3 national coaches of the year award. I mean, there is no more upside and he’s still young! Mike Krzyzewski is in great shape, this isn’t an old guy, and this isn’t a guy like Charlie Manuel who sounds old! This is a young and aggressive, ambitious guy and the Laker job is going to be open soon and there aren’t a lot of guys out there. To me, the reason why I think its interesting is because Mike Krzyzewski – if he took the job and he won a title, let’s say 2 in 6 years – for the record, very doable in Los Angeles. They’ve had very few eras where they haven’t won a cup or a title; they’ve won 5 in like 11 years okay?

You’ve still got the glitz, the glamour, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul…there is a lot of guys out there who would love to be Lakers. The reality is…if he went to LA and won a title or two, he would surpass John Wooden , Red Auerbach and Phil Jackson as the greatest basketball mind ever! I mean, you can beat Clemson all day; you can go beat Virginia Tech another 70 times. But for a guy that went to the Olympics, who has worked with Pros, who has worked with the best and who has succeeded, you can’t tell me that there is not a little something there. Favre said he’d never leave the Packers; Roger Clemens would never be a Yankee. We all think guys are set for life, but guys like Krzyzewski are not like the rest of America…they are driven, they are ambitious, and they LIKE to win! You’ve seen Krzyzewski on those sidelines. He’s screaming and yelling and working refs, I mean…that guy is competitive!

In terms of the Lakers….where are you going to go for a coach? I mean, Jeff Van Gundy – I think it’s pretty interesting, he’s got some gravitas , TV, been successful, smart, funny…would get the LA gig and the LA media would love him, Brian Shaw is an assistant – that’s a long drop off. I mean, you go from Phil Jackson to Brian Shaw – that’s quite a drop off. I mean, we’ve seen how Bill Belicheck’s assistants have panned out. Don Mattingly has been in the baseball for years!! Do you think he’s Joe Torre? That’s definitely a big drop off now!

So, in an era where teams need to draw, Coach K is a huge draw! You can argue, Lakers are the biggest job, Celtics 2nd biggest job, Duke is 3rd biggest job…you can argue that! Doc Rivers is too old, and I have to tell you though, Coach K is a young, like read what Coach K says! He acknowledges that he couldn’t leave but then he acknowledges he’s listened three times “I’ve never thought of ever leaving Duke for another school. There are 3 serious times where I almost left, but one that I took to a real far level was the Lakers situation and they were great with me…but I could not give up what I got at Duke, I mean, it just wasn’t worth it” and at the time it just wasn’t worth it. You know, you’re in a sport where it’s hard to keep your biggest stars, where you get a great player and then he’s gone after a year. In the NBA, for a guy who is so good with personalities and so good with people, wouldn’t it be nice to have the same group of players for 7 years? I don’t know!

I think it’s an interesting challenge for a highly highly intelligent guy. People think Doc Rivers is younger than Coach K, he sure as heck doesn’t look like it! Haha. I mean, Boston fans and the media have both beaten Doc Rivers up! Cause Doc Rivers keeps saying “I’ve got a couple of years left” Coach K to me – and maybe it’s the collegiate thing, I love Doc Rivers but he sure as heck appears old man! Doc has been beaten up by the NBA. To me, Coach K has always had this vitality thing, I seriously think there is a convergence of things in terms of the limitations on the things that he can do with. I mean, college basketball is a different sport than what it was 15 years ago. Like, to be able to coach a guy like Kobe? Like I know Kyle Erving is a nice player but, to be able to get – you know, it’s the Lakers, you’re going to be able to get the best players in the world and they’re going to be with you for 7 years? Wow that’s attractive!

I mean, college basketball is a little bit like an apartment complex. The minute you know your neighbor, they move onto a condo or a house…they don’t stay very long anymore!