Paul Pierce Was That Bad Kid Who Didn’t Listen To His Dad And Got Sent To His Room…He Totally Deserved It!!

Posted: May 3, 2011 in NBA

It’s interesting when you look at Miami/Boston because something very emotional happened at the end of that game – and I can’t believe and I don’t want to be seen as a contrarian, but people are nuts! It’s amazing how we lose our perspective with emotion and I think in sports and in politics, are the two things where we often lose sight of the truth or accountability.

So late in the game, Paul Pierce gets thrown out – and everybody today is like “you can’t throw out a star!!” Well first off, literally that’s untrue; if Kobe took a swing at somebody…you kick out a star! “Well okay Andrew, I didn’t mean you can’t kick out a star, I mean that, you shouldn’t kick out a star!” Well yeah, I guess we all agree on that, but you can’t kick out a star. Paul Pierce my friends, was kicked out in 2005 playoff game. It’s not the first time its ever happened, Paul Pierce himself has been kicked outta of a playoff game.

And referee’s – because we don’t buy jerseys of referee’s or coaches, always blame the players. Early in the season when Miami struggles “ahhh Spoelstra…get rid of him!!” it wasn’t that Chris Bosh was 1 for 18 “fire Spoelstra!” that’s just how fans are; we always tend to defend the player. But it’s very interesting, Paul Pierce – within the span of a minute, it was head butting, had been warned by the ref, one more word and we’re getting rid of you…and he clearly said the word and so, we’re now all outraged about it!

But for anybody, think about emotion – on this very emotional day in the US. Athletes, at the end of a sporting event are a lot like children…they’re intense, emotional, not cool headed. If you warn your kids, you have a daughter and two sons and they’re kinda hitting each other “hey! Warning…time out! First and last warning…if I hear one more thing…you’re gone!” A minute later, you hear one more thing, are you not going to kick him out? That’s not great parenting!

The reality is, the official came in – Paul Pierce, always a little trash talker, been thrown out of a playoff game before, the Celtics have got a bunch of KG’s, a bunch of Rondo’s, a bunch of Paul Pierce’s….very intense team, a lot of chatter, this is a physical team…maybe the two most physical teams in the NBA, it starts escalating – and like all fights, it starts with words. Bar fights don’t just start out of the blue…bar fights start with words. Fights in university and college start with words, in high school as well with words.

So everybody – the physicality, scraps, trash talking and then the ref steps in and says “technical, Paul shut up, nothing more….NOTHING MORE!” Like a parent doing the same thing with kids and Paul Pierce did something he shouldn’t have done…he’s responsible! Not the ref’s, it’s not the ref’s call. We don’t know what was said to Paul Pierce, no ref’s woke up yesterday (that officiated the game) and said “I can’t wait to eject a star!’ But it should be noted – of the 15 top selling jerseys in this league, 7 of the players are in this series! If you eject someone in this series, the chances are that they are going to be a star! Shaq is in it, Allen is in it, Pierce, Lebron, D-Wade, Bosh, KG…there’s like 7 stars in this series. It’s going to be intense, it’s going to be physical, somebody may get ejected, and half the players on the floor are stars!! This is not Sacramento and Indiana, its Boston and Miami with 7 star players. So if somebody gets ejected – unless it’s Mario Chalmers, chances are…it’s a star!

Even Doc Rivers – afterwards, he admitted that “it’s our responsibility” where he said “you gotta know better, come on!”  So again, we get into emotion and we go crazy and we lose focus of the truth, its accountability. It Kobe gets a technical; you step back – in a huge game and be quiet. Don’t blame refs just because you don’t like them! Heck, I don’t like them either, don’t blame coaches, and don’t blame Spoelstra. If Miami had lost yesterday, we’d be crushing Spoelstra, yet Chris Bosh was terrible yesterday…absolutely terrible! By the away, Rondo was terrible as well, KG was terrible. This is not about Ed Molloy, this is about 2 of your 5 stars not showing up and another one, Paul Pierce not being a grown up! That’s all this is!!


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