The Future Of The Best Back-up QB In The NFL

Posted: May 5, 2011 in NFL

Adam Schefter, an NFL Analyst over at ESPN, broke the news Tuesday that Kevin Kolb – you know, he’s sitting out there as a backup. Andy Reid – Eagles coach, was interviewed on Tuesday on the The Herd with Colin Cowherd – and I would say that he’s probably the best backup QB in the league right now.  Bottom line is that, he can help Buffalo, San Francisco, Redskins, Arizona, Miami, Seattle, Cincinnati, and Adam Schefter reported that Arizona is in the lead.

Now, Andy Reid and the Eagles would love it if Arizona and the Seahawks, who are in the same division, could go after him, because it would then drive his price up. I think Seattle is desperate for a QB because reportedly, Matt Hasselbeck is leaving.

There are some who I have spoken with who are saying that Pete Carroll is going to use Charlie Whitehurst to basically prey – that they get Andrew Luck next season. I honestly don’t think Pete Carroll operates that way because I think everybody in this league…wants to win.

But of the teams available – and I listed them for you a minute ago, to me, Arizona is the easy choice. If you go to Seattle or San Francisco, you don’t get a super star wide receiver. In Phoenix, I get to play indoors, in the weakest division in football; with a superstar wide receiver and a stable great head coach…nobody can offer that! I don’t want to go to Miami and have to play Belicheck twice and Rex Ryan twice…no thanks, I got no interest. I don’t want to go to Cincinnati and have to face Baltimore twice in bad weather and Pittsburgh twice.

But listen, Andy Reid liked Kevin Kolb enough to trade Donovan McNabb away for him, so he’s gotta have some talent! Andy Reid and Belicheck – over the last 7 or 8 years, have been the best coaches, certainly offensively the most creative in the NFL. Andy Reid was asked on The Herd on Tuesday, have there been offers – and I’ve heard there’s a lot,  so Andy was asked if there have been offers for Kevin Kolb?  Reid said “there was a little window there before this whole lockout took place where we were able to talk to different teams but weren’t able to do deals with the teams, but we found out – you know, what teams were interested at the time and there was quite a little bit of interest, but I’m sure that when that window opens up again, there are going to be people who are going to come after him again and come out for him very aggressively and I’ve got to make a decision on this end – you know, what’s best for our organization”

Now think about this as well, Arizona also got Patrick Peterson – in my opinion, the best player in the draft with the 1st pick, this is a team that – a couple of years ago, that was a Superbowl team, and in back to back years they were elite! Don’t forget, we all get caught up in the draft but, what are the two biggest acquisitions in the last 6 years in the NFL in the off-season? Drew Brees completely turned around the Saints, won them a Superbowl and Brett Favre to the Vikings. We can talk about draft all we want – but the star QB or the really good QB, on a team with a bunch of pieces that just needs a spark plug – cause the car is not going to run without it, no matter how good the engine or the interior is, you gotta have the spark plug, that’s what a QB is in this league.

So, nobody else can offer a superstar receiver, good weather, weak division. I think for Arizona – it’s a home run and according to Schefter, they are currently leading right now.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, Arizona is definitely a good fit, as you said. Playing indoors, with Larry Fitz is a big plus. While Arizona probably isn’t as strong as they were in ’08 and ’09 (and they weren’t even that good, I think they went 9-7 both of those years, but played well in the playoffs?), the NFC West is ripe for the picking.

    Unfortunately for Kolb, wherever he goes, the expectations are going to be sky high. Brees and Favre produced immediately for their new clubs, and people are going to expect the same of Kolb.

    One interesting thing to note is how QBs who the Eagles have traded have fared. They traded AJ Feeley for a second, and Donovan McNabb for a second. Both of them flamed out with their new teams (Miami and Washington). I wonder if Kolb can break that trend.

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