It’s Why Stars In Any Industry, Make Stardom Money!!

Posted: May 13, 2011 in NBA

If you want to know why certain stars make $30 or $40 million a year and it makes you sick to your stomach, take Derrick Rose Tuesday night. You can’t pay him enough, now think about this – Atlanta/Chicago, they both got a bunch of good players…but I’m only emotionally connected to one. When Derrick Rose gets into foul trouble or like Tuesday night – where he takes 3 minutes off, I flipped to the Discovery Channel. I’m not watching Atlanta/Chicago series, not watching it at all without Derrick Rose. Nothing against Atlanta, they’ve got a bunch of good players…I watch great players! I’m not sitting around watching good players; I’m watching great players when it comes to basketball.

So Hawks/Bulls – take out one player and I bet you lose 75% of your rating. That’s why NBA stars are paid more than NFL stars. I’d watch virtually any NFL game regardless of the team or player – as long as the QB’ing is efficient. I mean, I’m not watching the 49’ers with Alex Smith. But if the QB’ing is efficient, I can watch any NFL game.

An NBA game? I’m not watching it without Derrick Rose! I’m not watching this playoff series and I’m a sports junkie…it’s just not interesting!! That guy takes a 3 minute break – you might as well put on static. Neither of these teams are offensively efficient. In the process of being Derrick Rose, he got me to watch 17 T-Mobile commercials, 9 McDonald commercials, 10 KIA commercials – I normally wouldn’t youtube any of those, if it weren’t for Derrick Rose.

Same with the Food Network. I’m not watching for the lasagna – I’m not watching you make lasagna, I’m gonna watch Giada De Laurentis make lasagna – now I’d watch her change a tire, but the point is that’s why Bobby Flay makes $7 million a year! It’s not the food, it’s the person delivering, and who’s talking about the food. It’s not the politics, it’s about the guy talking about it and delivering it. There is a million guys talking politics – one of them makes $50 million a year. There is a zillion guys playing basketball, Derrick Rose gets me to a TV set, Lebron James gets me to a TV set.

I’ll never forget what the band The Who said “it’s the singer not the song that makes the music move along” It ain’t the basketball brotha, its Derrick Rose! It’s Lebron James! It’s Kobe Bryant! And it’s not the lasagna, its Emeril, its Bobby Flay and it’s not the politics, it’s the Rushner if you listen to him. And I know you sports purist, all 3% of you “well Andrew, I’d watch any game” yeah, but the rest of us have girlfriends and wives and a life outside of sports….we wouldn’t!

Luol Deng would always talk about Derrick Rose shooting too much – and he’s a hit and miss, Tuesday night he was hot, but Luol Deng was talking about Derrick Rose and how many times he shoots saying “we don’t really care, Derrick can go out and shoot 100 times cause I really don’t care, if he’s making shots and he’s the MVP – he’s been doing that all year, I just feel like there is always some that people like to pick on” I got an email saying to me “Andrew Bynum got fined $700,000 when you add in his fines and his suspensions and it makes me want to throw up, considering the US economy.” Well why man? You could’ve been a football player, a Reggie Bush, you could’ve been a basketball player and instead, you decided to be a pharmacist or sell insurance.

If you want to know why stars make stars, you may not like it. The Atlanta Hawks and Chicago Bulls series is why! I mean, Derrick Rose – and he’s obviously great, I had him #2 in my MVP voting, but he changes the entire television set when he’s on. That series is not watchable without him!! Chicago just can’t get to the basket. Offensively he comes down and they just – they spread out and he just goes right up the middle. He changes the entire television program for 2 ½ hours! Yet some of you think “oh Andrew, you really hate Derrick Rose” Folks, I’m rooting for Derrick Rose to get to the Eastern Conference final (which they did last night, congratulations Chicago), what? do you think I want Hawks vs. Heat?  I want Lebron against Derrick Rose, because my television set is better! You tell me. Josh Smith against Bosh? Or Lebron against Derrick Rose? Of course I’m rooting for Derrick Rose – I want him to get rid of Atlanta, cause they are clogging up my television set…get off it, I’m tired of you…and he did just that last night!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    True, a sport like basketball is all about the marketability of its stars. It’s why a highly touted draft pick like a LeBron James can transform a wasteman franchise like the Cleveland Cavaliers into a a team that plays on Christmas Day, and then once he leaves they are back to being a have-not team. That kind of change doesn’t happen in football.

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