We All Have Bad Days, Even Yankee Players!!

Posted: May 17, 2011 in MLB

So Jorge Posada decided on Saturday “I’m going to take myself out of the line up” and then apologizes on Sunday. Listen, everybody makes mistakes, it happens, we have bad days…I’ll defend Jorge Posada – you don’t release him…come on! He’s been a good Yankee.

But I always wonder this – we create these divas and then we’re shocked that they act like divas. Its like the guy who get married with a striper and is shocked that she strips! “oh she’s so hot! She like wears almost no clothes in front of strangers” and then he get married and is like “whoa, she wears almost no clothing in front of strangers!” Well, that’s what you married! It’s the same thing with athlete’s

We name dogs after them, we pay them 6, 7 or 8 times then what we do to an engineer, an architect, or a scientist and then we’re shocked that they act entitled and like divas! I mean, Jorge Posada is making 13 million a year, he a DH that can only hit 9th right now – I mean, he’s being paid 3x his market value right now. Derek Jeter is being paid 2 – 3x his market value. The Yankee’s over the off-season were negotiating against themselves because nobody else wanted Jeter for the money he was demanding.

So, what’s happen – baseball has always lived in the rear view mirror and kinda glamorizes the past and romances about it – and that’s fine. The problem is, when you sign guys, to these enormous contracts – wasn’t every Yankee fan banging on the desk saying “ we gotta sign Jeter, we gotta sign CC…I’ll pay what it takes, give them as many years” and then your shocked when, they’re entitled, have agendas, think they’re way better than they are and act like divas!

We create it – you marry the striper, don’t be shocked that she’s a striper. You created a diva…so don’t be surprised when they act like divas. Now, I don’t think Jorge Posada is a bad guy nor do I think Derek Jeter is a bad guy, but you pay somebody 3x, 10x then what even high paying people in the country make – these guys don’t even drive to work! They got people who drive them to work.

So we in sports, build them up and tear them down – the media does it, fans do it and I think it’s the beginning of a lot of tough decisions by Joe Girardi, cause you start looking around this Yankee roster and dugout, you’ve got guys with 4 or 5 years left! A-rod, Texiera, Jeter, CC…you’ve got a lot of long contracts, Posada is really the least of your issues because at least now we all sort of know – this is it for Posada. You’ve got a lot of years left on that A-rod deal, that Jeter deal, that CC deal …I mean, even Texiera – who I like, is being paid 2x his market value, he’s not worth $23 million dollars!

But when fans bang on that table saying “you gotta sign CC, Texiera for whatever they’re worth” don’t be surprised if you don’t get some ego with that, don’t be shocked! And I don’t think Posada is a bad guy, I mean he apologized on Sunday…I don’t think he’s a terrible dude “its been a roller coaster you know, yesterday was one of those days you regret and had a bad day and we all have bad days and you want to move forward and that’s what we’re doing right now” Yeah, I think he’s a good guy…I really do, but this diva thing…we’ve created it, so let’s not be surprised when it blows up in our faces!


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