Don’t Be Fooled By The Euro Ball Players, Americans Still Got Game!

Posted: May 18, 2011 in NBA

This rant goes out to one of my best friends, Daniel, who left for the UK today to take up a full-time gig with Research in Motion. In honor of his move across the pond and because the NBA lottery was drawn up today, I thought I’d write up a rant on euro ball players and remind him and NBA GM’s to never forget that the American ball players should not be overlooked for the often high IQ euro players…the best players are still on this side of the pond, hope you enjoy it Dan!

Got a great email a couple of weeks ago “Andrew, I’m a Laker fan; I have to take the blinders off though. After this Laker exist, I’m going to have to change Lamar and Gasol’s name to Lamoron and Ga-soft! I still can’t forget that layup Ga-soft tried on Garnett a couple of years ago. I just honestly can’t stand the euro softness approach” Wow, dude you point out something that is so true.

In a fight who would you want? KG or Pau Gasol? The bottom line is that American kids who grow up playing in the city are tougher. You grow up playing in Venice or California beach; you’re going to get fouled. These European big guys are soo soft! They are just terribly soft. I mean, they’re smart players and they can do a lot of things, they’re very well schooled, but American guys are just tougher! They just are!! Even compared to Canadians, Europeans – I’m sorry, you watch European basketball players – and maybe Europe is more sophisticated than the US, wow are the men softer over there!

American men are bigger tougher stronger…they just are! I mean, soccer players all over Europe and Latin America are flops! You do that in the U.S, its minus credibility on your “Man Card” it’s not accepted, flopping is disgraceful. I know – according to Anderson Cooper, Americans aren’t as sophisticated as Europeans, okay fine…but they’re tougher!

These European NBA guys, if you gave me the choice between an American kid and a European big guy, I’ll take the American guy every time! American big guys are grittier and tougher. The Europeans – the Dirk, Pau guys wear me out!! Maybe in life you’re a better person if you’re softer and less prone to violence, but all I know in sports…I like tough guys. In the military and sports…give me a tough guy! I want tough guys!!!

Now, I’d rather have dinner with Anderson Cooper, I’d rather have Kevin Garnett over Gasol on my team in the finals. Remember a few years ago? Dwayne Wade against Dirk Nowitzki in the finals – I mean, Dwayne Wade was just a Chicago kid, he’s just tougher! Dick Vitale made this charge years ago – I think Dicky V was right! He said that all these NBA GM’s tend to go for – if it’s a coin flip, the “European player” because they don’t see them as much like Darko and that Italian flop in Toronto. But I’ll take an American high school kid who’s tough, who grew up in Chicago or in the city or in Dallas or Houston – that kid has got grit to him.

Gasol, go dunk it yourself! Your 6’10, I mean honestly! Please dunk the ball!! You barely have to jump…give me KG, cause he’s just tougher! Even when he can’t hit a shot!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, you see the disparity in toughness between the Euro style of play in soccer, basketball, and hockey. In the NHL, it was often said that a team full of Europeans wouldn’t be able to win the Cup, especially if they were European led. That thought has sort of been dismissed after the Red Wings won in 2008, but it did stand for awhile. In the NBA right now, that American toughness is needed. I think you may eventually see the European players who come here adapt their game to suit the Western style of play, just as it (sort of) has in hockey.

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