Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet The Heart and Soul of The Miami Heat

Posted: May 19, 2011 in NBA

So the Miami Heat changed the series last night – it’s very interesting. Think about both head coaches in this series like attorney’s. Tom Thibodeau is representing Rose, Boozer and his associates and Erik Spoelstra is representing Lebron and Co. Well last night, Erik Spoelstra, the attorney for the Heat, presented new evidence that dramatically altered his case, Erik Spoelstra presented Udonis Haslem.

Much like Chicago and Joakim Noah, he’s a big, he can finish, he can run and he may be the heart and soul of the team. He’s the Kendrick Perkins to Boston and we all know what happened to them, when Perkins left. Basically, Udonis Haslem is the glue nobody talks about. He was voted captain before the season, when he got injured – everybody that covers the Heat for a living said “ we just lost the soul of our team” Not the best player, not the second best player, maybe not the third best player – but like Joakim Noah, he’s sorta the soul and energy to the Heat.

Now, Miami wakes up today and everything lines up in Miami’s favour. Boozer and Bosh…they’re a wash; Rose and D-Wade are a wash as well. Now Noah…Haslem makes him a wash!! 2 Days ago – big edge Chicago and now the series comes down to Lebron and Luol Deng…that’s not a wash! Before Erik Spoelstra presented Udonis Haslem, Miami’s case was eroding…they had no answer for the Bulls length and the Bulls bigs. Now they do! Lebron then became the great closing argument and he’s always been better at that then everybody wants to admit.

But I’ll tell you what, when Udonis Haslem came into that game last night – he was a 911 tape, it was a Matlock moment, it was “ohhh wait a minute!!” and I’m in the jury and I’m thinking “ohh this changes everything! I didn’t have any idea that Udonis Haslem could play more than 2 or 3 minutes” we didn’t even know if he’d be the same player! What he did last night, he’s done all season when he played – that’s who he is! He is Joakim Noah. Big guy, runs, finishes – I’d say Haslem has a little better skill set, offensively, but they are the same guy and do the same thing for their respective teams…they are the soul of their teams!

If funny, because fans always want you to make a prediction and to stick to it, but if you get into a plane and you’re a passenger and let’s say the pilot gets new information – there’s a storm ahead, should he just fly into the lightning? Noo!! He’s got new information; he’s going to veer around it. If you go into surgery, you put your baby daughter or son into surgery and they have an X-Ray and they go into surgery and he opens up your son’s chest or your daughter’s chest and he sees something that could save their life – should he just use all the information from the X-Ray? Or should he use the new information?

In every other walk of life, you get credit for evolving and taking new information and using it to your advantage. But in sports, if you ever change your opinion “well your flipping and flopping” Steve Kerr was great last night as the game announcer, he was soo good! For the first 5 Qtrs of this series, Steve Kerr loved the Bulls and he was saying what all of us were saying that Chicago’s length and energy downlow…Miami has got no answer! Steve Kerr was saying that it allows Chicago to shoot 40% and still win these games – they don’t even have to shoot well to get so many second chances!

Then Haslem comes into the game for Miami, and Steve Kerr – and this is what all good announcers should do, but many don’t because they don’t want to be wrong, they’re stubborn, they refuse to move off their initial position, Steve Kerr went out and said “ Okay…this changes everything in the series!”and he was right! Now I don’t know how Udonis Haslem felt this morning because he hasn’t played 23 minutes in 5 months, the good news for Miami is that they get 4 days off – and I don’t know why in the world we schedule NBA playoff games like this, but in this case, that dude needs about 4 days off.

But Steve Kerr did a great job last night – allowing his opinion to evolve as the new information was presented. There is absolutely no question – Udonis Haslem, changes a lot of stuff in this series. I mean, Dwayne Wade – if you watched this game and maybe some of you didn’t. Basically D-Wade said, we won because of the guy nobody talks about! “I mean, he’s the player of the game…no question about it! I mean, we’ve been missing him all year and for him to come out and play that way – you know, very aggressively and get into the team force and go out there and rebound the ball like he did. Just shows a lot to his determination and we ain’t winning this game without him and we’re glad to get him back and hopefully he can keep going”

I’ll be last night to say that I watched Game 1 and middle of the 2nd Qtr I came out and I called a good buddy of mine in the middle of the 1st Qtr and I said to him “Miami doesn’t have an answer for Noah…they literally – Chicago can shoot 38% in all these games, Miami can shoot 48% and Chicago will win because they get 26 second chances…you can’t beat that!” Haslem comes into the game in the 2nd Qtr – the entire series, to me, felt different! I mean, he is the tonic…he’s the answer!

So now that we THINK he can play 25-30mins…wow, he’s one of those players in the NBA – like Kendrick Perkins, that if you don’t watch the Celtics and you just read the box score and you don’t watch the games…you have no idea how valuable Kendrick Perkins is. Same with the Bulls and Joakim Noah – I mean, you’re going to see 6 rebounds, 9 points…you don’t know that he’s the tomato paste of the pizza…he’s the glue! You may have a lot of stars and great toppings on the outside…but he’s the tomato paste of the pizza…he’s holding that puppy together! Otherwise, it’s just a sandwich.

So, I thought last night – I couldn’t believe it and I have to give Steve Kerr a ton of credit. When he came in, when Haslem came in, the only question was “how long can he play?” Cause when he’s out there and he’s not winded, he really changes everything for Miami – he allows the perimeter guys to worry about the perimeter and not be inclined to have to sit there – I mean Miami without Haslem, I don’t think they can win this series! I really don’t. If he gets hurt or re-injured, I don’t think Miami can beat Chicago without him, I really don’t.

Yet when he plays 25, I don’t think there is anyway Chicago can beat Miami with him because I get two stars you get one –everybody else is a wash now downlow.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, he was the x-factor yesterday. But I don’t think one can make any firm predictions right now. I think this will be a long series.

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