The NBA Lottery Results…How Dare You Say It’s Fixed!!

Posted: May 19, 2011 in NBA

The reason the NFL is king in North America – and why it’s lapped every other sport is the word “hope” and Cleveland this morning – it’s not a very good draft, but they’ve got “hope”. After watching Dan Gilbert – who I didn’t find likeable whatsoever and who I ripped the day after he released that foul mouthed presser on Lebron going to Miami, but after watching his completely cool son last night and what that young man has had to go through, I’m officially a Dan Gilbert fan again…I’m back on board! So, good for Cleveland! Now as I said, it’s not a good draft…but you know what, this morning in Cleveland they believe they’ve got something and good for them!

Can I just say this though? There is something that I like more than you do – I like the NBA draft lottery, it’s one of my favourite sporting events of the year and I have no idea why! I’m just fascinated by the drama – I love last night! It’s one of the few times in the year – you like the Home Run derby and you like the Pro Bowl,  I honestly couldn’t care less about either. I would sleep my way through a Home Run derby faster than an old cowboy movie.

But there is something about the NBA lottery – and the suspense and all these tin foil on their head guys, who think it’s fixed…I just find fascinating! But, it’s one thing for a radio caller or a blogger or emailer or twitter dude; it’s another thing for a GM of an NBA team to say it. Don’t be shocked if David Kahn, of the Minnesota Timberwolves, gets crushed by David Stern and he definitely should.

After – and here’s what’s amazing, Minnesota got the #2 pick, it’s not like they got the 14th! There was 14 chances and he got # 2, he had almost no chance – statistically to get # 1, yet Kahn said “ the league, the NBA’s got a habit and I’m just going to say – a habit of producing some pretty incredible storylines”  You’ve got to be kidding me!!!! Your now officially the guy who can’t get a job and blames the man, the government or grey matter! You’ve got to be kidding me!!! Yeah, the NBA lottery is fixed (sarcastic remark) that’s why Orlando has won it 3 times! Nothing the NBA wants more than a small market, in the middle of Florida, to dominate the league.

So that’s why Philadelphia, New York were dead for a decade and so were the Celtics…yah, the NBA is rooting for San Antonio and Utah to be good every single year! You’ve honestly gotta be kidding me!! A GM of an NBA team “let me just say the NBA got a habit of producing some pretty incredible storylines” yah, well the Minnesota Timberwolves won’t have any as long as you’re GM! Excuse me, 3 years ago you had 2 of the top 6 picks – you had the 5th pick and the 6th pick, you picked two point guards one never showed up and the other did and he’s not very good!! Honestly man, give me a break.

 Do you know how hard it is to rig things? Really? I mean, do you really believe everybody in the NBA would just keep quiet? 3 times in my life somebody has tried to throw a surprise birthday party for me. Each time, 2 or 3 days before – I find out! You can’t even throw a surprise birthday party – and I don’t think I’m overly observant, but every time you catch somebody making a goofy phone call or maybe there is a call to the house for a delivery…you can’t rig anything!!!

The NBA lottery is not fixed – if it was, they wouldn’t have Cleveland winning it! They wouldn’t have Orlando winning it! Good Lord!!! David Kahn …that is honestly embarrassing, it is absolutely unbelievable to me.  You know, as far as the draft goes –it’s a really bad draft. I’ll give you an example of how bad the NBA draft is. That the best players – there’s two of them that everybody acknowledges, Kyrie Irving from Duke who is a point guard, Derrick Williams from Arizona at #4, they’re both going to be nice NBA players. Neither is projected as a superstar – you know, we’re not talking Lebron or D-Wade here, but they’re both going to be high end NBA players. The third best college player – and I’m not making this up, I went and looked up the scouting report. The third best college player available is Kemba Walker at UConn, who’s a 5’10 scoring guard. Who – according to a Sports Illustrated story where they quote several NBA GM’s as saying “I’m not convinced he can even make the transition to become a point guard in the NBA. He takes a lot of hard shots that would be contested shots that you’re not going to make in our league. There is a lot to like about him” somebody said “but he’s a 5’10 scoring guard”

It is a historically atrocious draft and it really illustrates how bad college basketball has become. Think about this though.  There are twice as many – over 2x as many college basketball programs as college football programs. There are 119 college football programs – there are over 350 college basketball programs, yet you’re out of players by the third guy in the NBA draft this year!!!

In the NFL, the 240th player taken was Stanley Havili of the Philadelphia Eagles, a full-back. Now full-backs don’t play much in the NFL. This guy was USC’s best football player for 2-3 straight years! When he was healthy, he was the most consistent player in the program; he’ll make the NFL…240th pick! By the third college basketball pick, Kemba Walker, there are scouts all over this league that are not sure he’ll ever do anything but ride the pine!

So it would be better if Cleveland won – you know, last time Cleveland won the lottery, it was the Powerball lottery that was worth like $386 million, it was the Lebron lottery. This one is more like a scratch off…this is like when you win the Powerball, you know…your driving on the highway and you pass the Powerball sign and you’re like “$2.2 million for a national Powerball?” Then, sometimes it gets up to like $300 million and everybody buys a ticket, this was the small Powerball…but, there is hope!

You watch Dan Gilbert and you watch his son, you know what they’ve gone through and you know what? I find myself now watching what I saw last night – Gilbert, his cool kid….okay! I’m on board. Turn it around, do something well!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I suppose there’s a conspiracy theorist in everyone, and I guess he feels it’s very convenient that Cleveland got the No.1 pick this year. But I agree with your points. The league could have been giving its extremely large markets numero uno consistently if the lottery were actually fixed.

    Anyway, I guess the reason why the NBA draft isn’t considered to be as deep as the NFL draft is because there is less specialization in basketball. In football, you have guys who are drafted in the 1st round to be nickelbacks, the third cornerback on the depth chart e.g. Antoine Cason by the San Diego Chargers in 2007. You have players who are drafted and end up as the 4th defensive end in a rotation (Mathias Kiwanuka in 2006). In basketball, the rosters are smaller and the starters take up more minutes than do the starters in football. As well, in football you have defensive and offensive starters, and even special teams starters who can creep up into the 2nd or even 1st round of the draft (Sebastien Janikowski).

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