Judgment Day & Why It Was The Right Call To Bench Westbrook!!

Posted: May 20, 2011 in NBA, Uncategorized

First of all, tomorrow is Judgment Day and the world is going to end – I’ll get to that in about 5 minutes. But there was a Judgement last night and my judgement is – I still can’t tell who’s better, Dallas or Oklahoma City! When I watch the Bulls and the Heat play, I feel like every game is a strategic plot that affects the other game. I think Dallas and Oklahoma City are just going to play 7 entertaining games. I don’t think one has to do anything with the next – they’re not overly physical, just a bunch of really good players, 2 stars and a bunch of guys who can help. I don’t think Oklahoma City captured momentum, I still think Dallas has more players that can beat you. I still barely like – barely, like the Mavs, but not by much.

But I thought what was interesting last night – they benched the Russell Westbrook. Everybody is like “oh boy, you can’t do that!” Well, why not? He’s not Kevin Durant! There’s a big difference when Kevin Durant goes to the bench – that’s called a breather. You give stars like Derrick Rose and Lebron, Durant, Kobe breathers!! You sit guys like Carlos Boozer and Russell Westbrook. They are not “A+” players. Oh, but we’ve put them there –we’ve anointed them as stars, but they really aren’t stars. Stars give you the same great game 8 out of 9 nights, Westbrook doesn’t! Carlos Boozer doesn’t! Luol Deng doesn’t! But Lebron does, Kobe does, Dirk does.

But we love stars because we buy their jerseys and we root for stars…but every time something happens like last night, where Russell Westbrook gets benched, it makes me appreciate Derek Jeter. Before we anoint Robinson Canoe as a star – do it for about 7 years and get some big hits in the playoffs. Before we anoint everybody as a superstar and stars, slow down a little!

This morning I sat down and wrote out a list of players that I consider being “A+ players” in this league. 11 of 12 nights, you’re getting A+ material. Lebron, D-Wade, Kobe, Dirk, Dwight Howard, Durant, Chris Paul, Derron Williams, probably Melo and Derrick Rose – and Rose is the least consistent because he blows up about once every series. But those are the guys where…you know what you’re getting.  You are getting unbelievable talent and consistency.

I mean Carlos Boozer – every other playoff game disappears! We want to put Luol Deng and LaMarcus Aldridge and O.J. Mayo and Josh Smith, we want to put them up there…but they are simply not there! A lot of them have the talent but most of them lack the maturity, discipline, work ethic, IQ…whatever it is! So just appreciate, instead of just criticizing stars, appreciate how great they are. Chris Bosh is not one Rudy Gay is not – the stars give you the exact same basic things 7 out of 8 nights. If you got back – what’s amazing about Lebron James, the dude has played 83 playoff games and had only 6 stinkers. Meaning he gives you every 12 games he’s a little off. But he’s averaged, in 83 playoff games, 29.5 points, 9 boards, 7 assists, great defense and in an average of 43 minutes…DO YOU GET HOW GREAT THAT IS???

So before we anoint all these other dudes as stars! Slow down…Russell Westbrook? You can bench him. You can bench Carlos Boozer – now, you don’t bench Derrick Rose, and you don’t do that! That will come back to haunt you. But we love stars so much – Scott Brooks by the way, and he basically said afterwards that he had no problem with it [benching Westbrook]. Now, I don’t think Westbrook will fade, the difference between a good attorney and a great attorney – after a bad case is, how does he rebound? The difference between good and great is how do you rebound from crisis?

I think Westbrook will come out and play great in Game 3 and Brooks explained his move in benching him. “Sticking with an Erick over Russell, I thought Eric did a good job. You know, I’ve done it a few times during the year – doesn’t happen often because Russell is an incredible player, he’s our starting point guard. But, we weren’t getting a lot of things done and his time was to come out and I stayed with him. I thought Erick was terrific handling the decisions on the court and guys made big shots…” There you go! I’m okay with it…totally! I don’t think it will have a massive effect from here on out – and yes you can bench Russell Westbrook.

The other topic today –as you know, tomorrow is Judgment Day. According to the leader of the Family Radio Network, it’s pretty much going to end tomorrow. Here’s the thing, I’m going to roll the dice – personally and make plans for next week anyways, because I’m cluster phobic, I don’t do bunkers at all and I hate canned food. So I’m going to roll the dice and say I’m gonna write a rant next week. I’ve promised advertisers that I’ll be writing a rant on Monday. If not, talk to the man upstairs.

But, here’s all I gotta say about Judgment Day tomorrow – if the world doesn’t end, can at least the people who think it will, leave anyways? We’re sorta tired of you. But if it does happen, I will say this – I’ve got some wishes and hopes here and I’d like to explain them. If the world does end tomorrow – like I just hope that there’s a bunch of lasers and stuff because those things are so cool. I totally love lasers, like when you go to the planetarium “I love lasers” it’s like – I hope it ends that way. I have no idea what I’m wearing – I mean, do I have to dress formal?

The way I look at it – if I’m running and hurdling over embers and lavas as the world splits, I’m putting on running shoes! So I’m wearing my Nike Air Max 180’s. Now, I might wear it with a tuxedo t-shirt…but I’m wearing my running shoes. The only other question I had about this – when the world ends tomorrow is…Does Ryan Seacrest count us down on each coast? And is it tape delayed for people out West? I don’t know how that works!!

My favourite tweet on my twitter, somebody said “Typical…. the Red Sox’s are on a winning streak and the world is going to end…great!!” My favourite – from a comedian Jim Gaffgen on his twitter account he put in “I didn’t say Judgment Day, I said Judge Mint Day…which is better! Mentos or Tic-Tac’s? Hope there wasn’t any confusion, sign God” I thought that was funny. By the way, his wife said “I just hope blondy will be performing at the rapture”

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Heh, now that guy who predicted the rapture is saying he miscalculated it’ll be Oct.21. It’s amazing how he has Christian followers who seemingly don’t realize that no one knows when Jesus will actually return.

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