Recap of Game 1 Mavs/Heat: This Game Was An Optical illusion!

Posted: June 2, 2011 in NBA

There are so many ways to look at Game 1 of the finals – Heat beat the Mavs, it’s like one of those optical illusions….have you ever seen one of those things? If you go online or maybe you were in grade school and they’d give you those optical illusion gadgets and you’d look at it and you go “oh, that’s a pirate…no, it’s a vase” and you couldn’t tell the difference?  Ever seen those optical illusions? That’s what Tuesday night’s game was; it depends on who you were a fan off.

If you’re a Miami fan, your saying “hey, we shot 36%, we were horrible and still won” Dallas fans says “ Jason Terry was awful, JJ Barea was not very good, Peje was not good either – and we were still in it with 2 minutes to go” If you’re a Miami fan you’re like “listen, 4th quarter…same old story when it matters, our defense takes over” Mavs fan says “ah, its Game 1 and its on the road, we’re looking for a split…if we win the next game, it’s all good!” Heat fan “uh oh, Dirk hurt his hand,  he’s done…serious over!” Mavs fan “ah, it’s his off hand, it won’t bother him” It’s honestly an optical illusion.

Tuesday night’s game is whatever you want it to be! If you’re a Mavs fan – I’m getting all these emails and this is what they saw “we were terrible! And we were still in the game” Miami fan is saying “we were terrible and we won it going away” here is what I saw. First off, Dallas is the opposite of Chicago, so it’s a weird place to be for the Miami Heat, they’re facing the opposite. Chicago has one star and a bunch of B players who all play great defense but can’t score. Dallas has one star, all sorts of B players – who can all score, but none are elite defensively. Chicago is great on the boards, Dallas weak on the boards. Chicago has one star – he’s a little guy, but really tough and he can’t shoot. Dallas has one star, he’s finesse, and he’s 7’2 and the best shooter ever. Chicago wants the game in the 80’s, Dallas says “if it’s in the 80’s – we lost”

I’m going to go with my “say it out loud” theory to simplify it, here is what I saw. Right now – today, not a month ago, not 2 months ago, but today…Miami is easily (this coming from a Mavs fan) the best team with about 6 minutes to go. The NBA playoffs are largely about 6 minutes to go. Boston, Chicago and now Dallas – 6 minutes to go, they can’t get a shot off! They just can’t a single shot off!! If you look at the players – Boston against Miami, Game 4 Celtics only scored 13 points in the 4thquarter. It goes to overtime; they get outscored 12-4. Game 5 Miami explodes – 16-0 run on Boston. Chicago, last game of the series, 18-3 Miami run, to close it out. All 4 games that they lost, Chicago suffocated with about 3 minutes to go.

Now, listen to the list of players that Miami is suffocating: Paul Pierce, Rondo, KG, Derrick Rose, Jason Terry – I mean, these are some of the best scorers and shooters in the league, and the Heat are just handcuffing these guys, so that’s what I see. So if the NBA playoffs are about the 4th quarter – and I think they mostly are, with about 6 minutes to go, you better have a sizeable lead on Miami because if you lead by 2 or you lead by 4, you’re not winning the basketball game. Defensively, you will not be able to get good shots – Ray Allen couldn’t, Paul Pierce couldn’t, KG couldn’t, Derrick Rose couldn’t, Boozer couldn’t and Jason Terry couldn’t…these are really good scorers.

You know, everybody thinks – with this Miami team, there is this sense that “oh we gotta tweak this thing…this is the worst Miami team, we gotta upgrade” I’m not so sure that they actually need a lot of tweaking. Michael Jordan always use to say this “talent is great, but it’s about intelligence and chemistry…guys have to get along” This Miami team – everybody gets what their role is!


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