The Officiating Last Night Proves That The NBA Might Not Want Lebron To Get His Title….Just Yet!

Posted: June 7, 2011 in NBA

For anybody that thinks the ref’s and the NBA and “everybody is pulling for Lebron and Miami” you gotta be kidding me! That officiating last night – like are they just trying to get us to go to a Game 7? I mean 2 times, late in the game, those ref’s swallowed whistles that absolutely hurt Miami and gave Dallas second chances. First of all, Shawn Marion clobbered Lebron with a 1:15 left in the game – no whistle. Now, Lebron is 6’8 245 lbs and if you wonder why players flop, Jeff Van Gundy gets mad at guys for doing that, if you want to know why players flop it’s because it puts an official – who maybe doesn’t have a great angle, in a position where he has to call a foul – Dwayne Wade did it last night. Lebron got clobbered with a 1:15 left – no call! It hurt Miami; the ref’s swallowed the whistle on that one.

The 2nd one was so ridiculous, it’s almost funny, and I probably got like 15 emails of people saying “good lord! Did every call go Dallas’ way to end the game?” No question it did! With 4 ½ seconds left, off a timeout, the entire world knows that Dirk Nowitzki is going to get the ball. I mean, Rick Carlisle is not going to design a play for anybody but Dirk or he is going to be in big trouble because – let’s be honest here, there was a sense that he got out-coached in Game 1. Weather Carlisle did or not, there was a sense. So Carlisle designs a play, 4.4 seconds left for Dirk Nowitzki, the ref’s and everybody else in the building is watching it. Jason Terry – off a screen, grabs Udonis Haslem…just grabs him. In the NFL that’s called holding or pass interference, if a guard did it, if a cornerback did it on a receiver, if a linebacker did it on a tight end, then there’s a flag. Not a single whistle!!!

So, for everybody who thinks that the league wants Lebron and Miami to win it…you’re kidding yourself! There were 3 loose ball fouls…all against Miami. There was a Leborn travelling called…everything late in that game went against Miami. Listen, I’m not saying that the league has a Tim Donaghy thing again, all I’m saying is – when I’m getting 15 emails and none of them are from Mavs fans and their all saying the same thing….did Dallas get every single call in the last 4 minutes? They absolutely did!! There were two players colliding and there was a whistle and it was on Miami every time.

I got an email saying “aren’t you watching these games? And saying this is exactly why Lebron left Cleveland?” Dirk Nowitzki is doing everything he can – and he’s got no help. Jordan had 2 Hall of Famers – Pippen and Rodman. Magic had 2 Hall of Famers – Kareem and Worthy. Bird had 2 Hall of Famers – McHale and Perish. Lebron needed help, “hey Dirk, how’d it taste this morning?” This is a great point actually. When we went into the series, Dallas’ bench was considered a real advantage in this series. We knew Miami had more star power, we knew Miami was better defensively, but Dallas’ bench was an edge. Jason Terry in 2 of the 3 games hasn’t scored in the 4th quarter. He’s there big dude!! And he’s shooting 38% in the series. In Game 1, shot 30%, last night 38%…and by the way, he shot 59% against the Lakers and 49% against Portland and is 38% against Miami and there is a reason.

Miami’s strength and defense – defense takes very few nights off. Offense takes all sorts of nights off. Lebron can be hot, D-wade can be cold, D-wade was cold all throughout the Chicago series, he struggled mightly but Lebron didn’t. So J.J. Barea had 22 and 20 against the Lakers, 21 and 11 against the Thunder. In 3 games, 22% shooting 2, 5 and 6 points in this series against Miami is what he has. Aren’t you seeing now Dirk Nowitzki…aren’t you seeing now why Lebron left? “But he’s loyal” you might say…great! Knock yourself out with that altruism. If Dirk doesn’t win this series – and this is his last shot, that’s exactly why guys like Shaq left, Barkley left, Jordan – didn’t have to leave, and also why Lebron left.

I mean, Dirk is always going to get his points but what your really seeing in this series is that Miami’s bench has been more consistent that Dallas’ bench. Mario Chalmers – boy, he’s secured a spot on this roster for years to come. Udonis Haslem plays great defense every night. Mike Miller gives you rebounding and can knock down the 3 pointer. So, it’s interesting that in this series, it could easily be 3-0 Miami – even though the games have been really close, but I don’t think any reasonable person can watch this series, if you’re really honest and you don’t come in with a preconceived notion, it’s pretty obvious that if you watch this series that we all know that stars matter in the playoffs.

Watch the substitution patterns and it tells you everything. You can watch the Miami Heat and go “oh wait a minute, Lebron is not on the court…oh wait a minute, Bosh is not on the floor either” twice last night I look down and D-Wade wasn’t in the game, took me a while to figure it out. When Dirk is not in the game, Dallas is a different team – they just have no scorers!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, I agree, Dallas received some calls yesterday, including the missed travel call on JKidd. Miami caught one also, with the Chalmers’ buzzer beater. Overall though, it was clear that Dallas received benefits from the officials more often than Miami did. Maybe the NBA just wants a longer series and feels road win(s) by Miami would decrease the chance of a long series.

    Yeah, it’s been surprising that Miami’s bench has come out to play moreso than Dallas’. I guess the benches, on both sides, may be the key to victory in this series.

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