I’ve Never Seen A Player Or A Person – Lebron James, That Set A Goal To Reach Something, Reaches It, And Is Miserable!

Posted: June 11, 2011 in NBA

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody that set a goal in life reaches the goal and yet is miserable. Lebron James my friends, is a miserable human being. Against the Celtics and Chicago – he was having the time of his life. The Wall Street Journal did an interesting story on Thursday, where they compared how many times Mavericks players high-fived and chest bumped and how many times Miami Heat players high fived and chest bumped. You know what they found? The Dallas players high five and chest bump more, so then I decided to do my own survey during Game 5. I watched Lebron James in the 4th quarter and in the press conference – I didn’t see a smile!

26 year old kid who just wants to play hoops, looks miserable! He didn’t in the Boston series and didn’t in the Chicago series…but does now. He’s a strong kid, but he can’t carry the weight of the world. Fatigue, pressure, hate, 6 days on the road…this dude needs a spa like it’s nobody’s business. He lives in a world with no perspective. Magic Johnson lost 4 times in the finals – was atrocious in 2 of them. Was given the nickname “Tragic Johnson”, but nobody wants to hear it. Every game and every series, it’s a comparison to Michael Jordan – a player that he doesn’t even play like.

I’ve never seen a player or a person, that set a goal to reach something and reaches it and is miserable! It is absolutely affecting the way he plays. Don’t get into the triple double – 4th quarter, that was a miserable dude! As somebody said “ he’s not even shooting…he’s just hoping now, hoping this puppy will end” He prefers it with a “W” but he wants this thing over with. He’s 26 years old – Magic, Bird and Jordan didn’t live in a world of sports talk radio, it barely existed, there were just specialty shows. They didn’t live in a world of venom, blogs, and mean-spiritedness….Lebron lives in it and he lives in it, everyday of his life and for the last 9 months, it’s been ratcheted up and to me, he’s folding!

Its Greg Norman, but a 26 year old kid – I haven’t seen a smile in the 4th quarter. My prediction – if you lay this series out, I think we have a predictable last few games. First of all, its been a strange series – Dallas couldn’t miss in the 1st half, you look up, they trail by 1 at the end of the 1st quarter. Late in the game, they were on fire again and led by 8, 90 seconds later it was 90-88. Then with 6 minutes left, Miami is up by 5 – total control, 1 minute later they trail again. I said before the series – Dallas will win a game they should lose and they’ll lose a game they should win. 5 games in and here is how I see the series:  Miami is a defensive-minded team, Dallas is an offensive-minded team. After 2 brutally intense Eastern Conference playoff series – Boston and Chicago, Miami wins games in this series when they get extra rest.

Essentially what all these games come down to is – can the Miami players chase the Dallas shooters all over the court? Every game has come down to the last 5 minutes. When rested, Miami has been able to chase them down and when not, they haven’t been able to – I’ll give you actual figure. What was the game that Miami looked the best defensively? Game 1 – 5 days rest after the Chicago series. Game 2 they fell apart late on one day’s rest and lost. Game 3 they got extra rest – great defense again and they won. Last 2 games, on brief rest, they lost. In all 3 losses, they’ve had less rest. Yet in the 2 games with extra rest, Dallas has shot 30% and 40%. In 2 of the games, when Miami can’t rest, Dallas has shot 48% and 56% – what does that tell me? Sunday, with rest, Miami probably wins Game 6. Tuesday, with little rest, Miami leads in the 4th by 4 and that – half way through his career, that will be the game (for the foreseeable off-season) that defines Lebron. Lebron played very well for 3 quarters in Game 5, basically had a triple double through 3 quarters – I mean, he’d done it all. But in the 4th it is undeniable, a 26 year old kid, with mounting pressure, looks like he’s caving! I feel bad for him, but that’s why you get paid the big bucks!

It is interesting though, that if you would’ve said 30 seconds after “The Decision” – if you would’ve said, Miami is going to be Boston, the Lakers won’t be in the finals, they’ll beat the Bulls, they’ll be in a Game 6 with both at home and a chance to win it all, I guarantee you that everybody in the world in Lebron’s camp would’ve taken it. I mean, let’s be honest here, they weren’t even sure they could get past Boston. Lebron went to a knee when they beat the Celtics in 5 – that felt like the NBA finals. But a minute after “The Decision” if you‘d given Lebron “two more games and you’re a champ, with both at home, against Dallas” he’d taken it! But I’m not sure today, he feels that way. My gut feeling is, Lebron wants this puppy to end. He wants to win it, but he wants it over because he looks like a young guy crumbling. As a friend of mine joked “I saw Lebron before the game and asked him for a dollar, he gave me 75 cents. I asked him, “Where’s the rest?” He replied, “I don’t have the 4th quarter.” LOL

  1. Derek Mayo says:

    I agree with you Andrew. I thought this was what he wanted. He got there and he hasn’t showed up. I am speechless.

  2. Mike Crack says:

    It’s weird. The energy and ferocity from the Chi series magically disappeared. It’s surprising because it’s not as if he hasn’t been to the finals before.

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