The Big 3 Failed, Err The King Failed! Lebron James Needs To See Sigmond Freud!!

Posted: June 14, 2011 in NBA

The Dallas Mavericks have earned an NBA championship last night, congratulations! But let’s quickly get to this Lebron fiasco. Suppose that if a giant spaceship had landed on my lawn last night and aliens popped out and threw a huge pool party – first off all, it would be really cool! But second of all, that would be less surprising and shocking than what I saw last night!

Lebron James was terrified and petrified of the moment, he wouldn’t turn his head to the basket, and he passed up maybe 6 or 8 shots. Dwayne Wade at one moment, in the 4th, Lebron by himself, 4 feet from the basket …Wade wouldn’t pass him the ball. It’s the most deceiving boxscore in the history of the NBA. Lebron played 40 minutes, shot 9 for 15 (60%) 2 of 5 on 3 pointers, good assist night, a steal, a block, 4 rebounds – yet Miami was better when Lebron was on the bench. You can’t even compare what I saw last night to the “quit game” Lebron played in Cleveland, because the very next game, Lebron was amazing! He was pouting, he had an agenda in that game and as silly and immature as that might have been, and he went out and played great the next night.

If Lebron played this morning, he’d still be terrified to shoot. There is something deep within his psyche I’ve only seen once before. He was afraid of the ball! I am a Lebron defender, but he deserves all the criticism he can get. There is something deep within him I’ve only seen – he’s the single best athlete in a sport – a rare combination of speed, size, strength and talent, he’s a 6’8 wilt. Given truck loads of DNA that the rest of the league – even the stars, would die for, and yet he’s terrified…he’s shrunk!

I was yelling at my laptop, would somebody please address this…Magic, Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy – guys I love, wouldn’t. But what it was is the most beautiful women in a room of five hundred beautiful women, she opens her mouth and you see roses of rotten teeth – it just doesn’t make any sense! The only thing I can compare it to in the history of my life is A-rod – much like Lebron, gifted with DNA, 2006 ALDS was dropped to 8th in the batting order because he was hitting 1 for 15. The most profoundly, prodigious gifted athlete, the looks, and the swing, the glove…terrified of the moment.

And Erik Spoelstra tries to defend Lebron James – good for him at every turn “Lebron has been a lightning rod for a lot of everything – criticism, and a lot of the noise that has been created outside, I think it’s really unfair, he made a tremendous sacrifice to come here and he’s been an ultimate team player” But Erik, you didn’t acquire him to be a team player!! You acquired him to be THE player!! Kobe, MJ – the comparison in basketball have always been inevitable.

But even Lebron James, after the game, made no sense “I’ve been in this league for 8 years, there is no distractions that can stop me from trying to chase an NBA championship – not you guys, not anything that goes on that is not focused on  my team and my teammates and what we out there are set to do.” Alright then, what was it? You just suddenly stink now?  Give me a break!! I didn’t know where my jaw was this morning. It hit the floor last night, at the end of the 2nd quarter and it rolled down the stairs and I couldn’t find it.

It’s fitting that the abbreviation for Miami is MIA, because it makes no sense – I don’t even think the word “choke” works here! Lebron drowned!!!! he didn’t choke. The word has to be a new word defined in sports. It’s a combination of “terrified, petrified, bizarre and using Lebron’s name” Maybe its “Bizbronafied” or “Petribronre” or “Lepetrizare”, but it’s not the word “choke” he is absolutely terrified of the moment. The late great baseball announcer Jack Buck once said “ I don’t believe what I just saw…I don’t believe what I just saw!!” Truer words never spoken.

I’ve always that the combinations and the comparisons of the MJ stuff, were never fitting because Lebron is a hybrid player anyways. 30% of Magic Johnson, 20% Jordan, 9% Pippen, 14% Larry Johnson, 18% Wilt Chamberlain –he’s a hybrid player, he’s never been MJ. But what I saw last night, it wasn’t “quitting” it was more “terrified, inexplicable, unexplainable” the only thing I can compare it to is A-rod. The best DNA in the sport, which even Jeter would die for, which all the other great players are jealous off – Kobe doesn’t have the best DNA, MJ came into the league skinny!! Wilt did stuff like this…never had the killer instinct of his contemporaries

It was definitely jaw-dropping – here’s another word for you “Lebronophoia” defined as “fear of the sports moment”hahaha! I mean, I’ve never seen anything like it! I like to spend my time analyzing and research sports and observing what I find out via my rants and giving you my thoughts on things. I’m utterly speechless. A buddy of mine was texting me saying “he’s tightening…you can see it!” I mean, Dirk Nowitzki didn’t play well last night, Kobe Bryant was horrible in Game 7 last year – but Kobe and Dirk, Dirk shot 15 times in the 2nd half, and he didn’t care!! He wasn’t terrified…he wanted to keep shooting!! I’ll tell you what Lebron needs, Sigmond Freud – in Lebrons’ upstairs, it is oatmeal, it is an absolute mess and disaster!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Haha at the MIA thing.

    Yeah, LeBron definitely didn’t rise to the occasion. He didn’t relish the moment for sure. I guess that’s his basketball personality and truly explains the whole Big 3 deal a lot more clearly now. Hopefully he can use this as a drive to be great.

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