2011 NBA Draft Proves Prospects Are Scouted Just Like The Myth Creature Bigfoot – Grainy With Home Video Footage Filmed On The Run…Forgetful Draft At Best!

Posted: June 25, 2011 in NBA

Well Thursday nights’ NBA draft was a draft for basketball junkies – you can watch the NFL draft and by the 5th, 6th or 7th round, you’re still seeing a linebacker from Ohio State or Oklahoma or a quarterback from Iowa or Virginia Tech, somebody that you’ve seen. I mean, Thursday night was 2 or 3 guys we’d heard off, maybe 4 with Kemba Walker and a bunch of euro’s and then…let’s just see how bad the Knicks can screw up!

I thought it was interesting about Jimmer – picked by Milwaukee 10th then traded to Sacramento. Well congratulations kid, nice seeing you. But unless you buy a league pass, we’re done watching the Jimmer on a nightly basis. The Sacramento Kings must’ve been hiding out with that mobster Whitey Volger – because we haven’t seen either one of them in 15 years. You’re not going to see the Kings and you’re not going to see Jimmer because that organization is an absolute mess.

There is a reason why franchises like the Cincinnati Bengals, LA Clippers are a mess, and it’s because of mirrors! Look in them…you are to blame! Sacramento on Thursday night gets Jimmer and I’ll quote the franchise “People in Sacramento believe this pick was to generate ticket and sponsorship revenue and spearhead support for a new arena” Are you kidding me? For a bench players? That’s why the Kings are the Kings. This is why Seattle basically had Ken Griffey Jr. save the franchise, but he was arguably the most exciting and best pure talent in the sport for 12 – 15 years! Griffey was amazing and he very well may have saved baseball in Seattle… Jimmer has not shot at that!!

It feels like Jimmer was drafted to a franchise that needs him to sell tickets. I’m glad the Kings saw him as a future star…nobody else in the league did though. Even the people who liked him didn’t see him as a star. The Sacramento Kings, there’s a reason why they’re a mess…and the draft felt like to me, 3 teams who I shake my head at constantly, I shook my head at again Thursday night – Michael Jordan and Charlotte, the Knicks and the Kings. Michael Jordan trades away Stephen Jackson – their only elite true scorer but they get a forward from the Congo (big ups to Mak) with no offensive skills to speak off. Yet congratulations if he’s the next Ben Wallace, this is the NBA where you’ve gotta score over 68 points a night to win.

Kemba Walker, I’m crossing my fingers – love that kid. We all fell in love with that kid, maybe he is a star? Maybe Michael Jordan see’s something, but when you’re trading away your best scorer and your 1st pick is a guy from the Congo, I’m out on that…sorry! The Knicks had Kenneth Faried sitting there – if you watched Louisville against Head State in the NCAA tournament, he was the best player on the floor – he’s an NBA player. Tough, gritty, physical, defensive and rebounds – 4 things the Knicks are dying for. Instead, they get a guard who is not much of a shooter and who they say isn’t a great ball handler either…alrighty then! Sacramento re-acquires John Salmons – older and less of a player and got a worse contract and they draft Jimmer to sell tickets. Charlotte, the Knicks and Kings – there’s a reason you’ve been disappointing.

Yet conversely, the plucky little Utah Jazz – 24 times in 28 years, despite being in Salt Lake, not diverse, not attractive to free agents, they’ve made the playoffs in 24 outta 28 years or 4 of 5. At one point, starting in the 80’s, they made it to the playoffs 19 straight years…why? Because even though they’re not that much different of a market then Sacramento – neither Sacramento nor Utah is that attractive for free agents, small markets, slow revenue markets, the Utah Jazz almost always do the right thing. They came away with the best center and probably the best 2 guard in the draft. It’s not a great draft, neither one of those may be a star, but they make the MOST out of what they’re given in life. Jay Bilas agreed with me, I watched the draft at the Raptors Draft Party Thursday night, and I felt like if anybody nailed it – and I’m not sure anybody did, I thought it was Utah.

Says Jay “I thought Utah did a good job having the 3rd pick and the 12th pick to get Enes Kanter, who is a really good center prospect and at the 12th spot to get Alec Burks out of Colorado, who can put the ball on the floor, athletic, he’s got size to play the wing. I think to have 2 picks in the top 12, I thought Utah did a good job” So did I! You know, there is a reason the Bengals every year end up near the bottom of the NFL, probably 17 of the last 20 years the Bengals are closer to the bottom then they are to the top and there’s a reason usually end up near the top of the league – they should though, because you think “Ohio and Pennsylvania – financially, economically, climate, geography…all the same”. There’s no reason why the Steelers should be that much better and the Browns and the Bengals that much worse. It’s not like one’s a coastal city and the other is a tiny city, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Cincinnati are all relatively the same in size – yet the Steelers are always near the top because of the Rooney’s and the Bengals are always near the bottom because of Mike Brown.

Sacramento, Charlotte and the Knicks have struggled through the years – and I’m not saying there wasn’t anybody great for the Knicks, but God is there a team in the league that needs defense, grittiness and rebounding more than New York? Mike D’Antoni’s team is a bunch of shooters, they’re fun to watch and I like them – there better than they were a year ago, but Bismack Biyombo to Charlotte? Got an email “Andrew, who is Bismack Biyombo? I thought that was a dance club in North Dakota. I bet the Bobcat fans need a dose of Pepto-Bismack when they saw him get drafted. We now search for prospects the same way we search for Bigfoot, grainy with home video footage filmed on the run”

Question: What is sports Siberia? What franchise would you just never go to…and I think it’s still been the same for the last 15 years…the LA Clippers and the Cincinnati Bengals. It’s amazing that all these franchises like the Washington Nationals, they’re gonna have their 4th manager in 7 years now, but there is a reason why they have only been above .500 once in 5 or 6 years…they are the Nat’s! They’re D.C. baseball. If you look around, all these teams in pro sports – it’s not a coincidence, like the Colts and the Patriots, the Steelers and the Ravens are always near the top. It’s not a coincidence that the Lions and the Bengals and now the Raiders…are all near the bottom! I mean I’m sorry, Michael Jordan…a forward from the Congo with no offensive skills…really? That’s going to get you to the next level? You were dying for offenses and he let go of the only guy who could score!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, it all starts up front. Up in the front office. I don’t know too much about this year’s prospects, but I agree that drafting someone high just for tickets/hype is a bad idea. Winning (for the most part) will draw crowds; the novelty of Jimmer will wear out eventually, regardless of how exciting he may be.

    LOL at the North Dakota dance club line.

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