Heavyweight’s Most Important Fight Since Lennox Lewis v. Mike Tyson…Should Not Disappoint!

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Boxing

Don’t look now, but there is actually a heavyweight championship fight taking place this weekend that matters, in fact, it’s probably the division’s most important fight since Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson back in 2002. Easily one of the sports’ critical match ups – I’m talking Wladimir Kiltschko vs. David Haye this Saturday in Hamburg, Germany.  

It’s a critical fight because you have the division’s biggest name defending his title against a challenger who has a belt of his own and is in his prime. Critical because of all the crazy noise Haye has been making, leading up to this fight…believe me, Haye has done his part in selling it – hence why I’m ranting about it “You are going to see the most brutal execution of a boxer. I will absolutely destroy him” and when asked why he won’t shake Kiltschko’s hand he says “I’ll do it when I visit him in the hospital after the fight” and that comes on the heels of him rocking a t-shirt where he is shown holding the severed heads of Kiltschko and his brother – at that point, Kiltschko had already had enough and told SI.com’s Chris Manic’s “Whose parents would love to see their son’s head cut off? There are certain things you can’t do, there are certain lines you can’t cross. I’m glad such a bastard like David Haye exist because he definitely did something stupid with that t-shirt and he knows that it was stupid”

Well I guess we’ll find out Saturday to see if it was – Haye is the younger, quicker, more athletic fighter and if anybody can beat Kiltschko, it’s Haye. But I think he won’t…Kiltshcko is bigger, stronger, more experienced and while his chin will always be a question, Haye’s gonna have to catch him with some clean shots – something that not many people have been able to do in years. Kiltschko is way too smart and despite seeing him and his brother’s domes locked off, he will not take any unnecessary chances and he will wear the smaller Haye down and win by stoppage late. Haye will dominate that fight outside of the ring, but he’s going to come up short inside of it.


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